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How Much does a Windscreen Replacement Cost?

Written by Paul

A significant question that car owners contemplate upon discovering windscreen damage.

With vehicles becoming more technologically advanced and the sheer variety of windscreens available, this query is more complex than it might seem.

Is your Windscreen Cracked or Chipped?
Mobile windscreen fitter installing new windscreen

This article aims to answer frequently asked questions about the cost of windscreen replacement. We will focus on the various factors that affect pricing.

The windscreen serves as the occupants’ primary defence against injuries caused by accidents, debris, and the elements. It also gives the driver an excellent view of the road and other vehicles.

Modern vehicle windscreens are increasingly essential for the advanced systems in more expensive models.

Unfortunately, a single small stone from a passing vehicle or a combination of extreme weather and poor car maintenance practices can damage your windscreen.

Sometimes, it may be possible to repair limited damage instead of replacing the entire windscreen.

We will discuss the considerations and hopefully help you make an informed decision.

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Windscreen Replacement: What You Might Expect to Pay

In the UK, the cost to replace a windscreen can vary widely, starting from two to three hundred pounds and potentially reaching thousands.

The final price is influenced by several factors:


The term make is abbreviated for an automaker and refers to a car manufacturer such as Audi, BMW, Ford, or Land Rover.

Usually, the replacement cost will increase for the premium brands.


Manufacturing companies market their products in ranges and models.

Each range (an example is BMW 3 Series) may consist of different models of essentially similar vehicles. The models differ regarding body, features — and price.


The built year or year model is a significant cost driver.

A 1980 Audi Coupe will have fewer features (thus cheaper) than a 2020 Audi Coupe (more expensive).

Extent of the damage

A minor small stone crack compared to a brick shattering the whole screen.

Limited damage might be repairable, but it becomes irrelevant once the damage exceeds specific criteria. It will then require complete replacement.

Where and who to for repairs

The company you choose for repairs or fitment will significantly affect the cost and service level.

To avoid financial damage, frustration and time-wasting, supporting a company with excellent car glass reviews make sense.

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What Factors Affect the Cost of Windscreen Replacement?


As discussed, numerous contributors such as manufacturing year and model play a role in the price but note the following which might heavily influence the cost.

  • Any customisation such as exotic glass (only available from a specific supplier).
  • Premium brands (e.g., Aston Martin) will have replacement costs similar to the price of a small car!
  • High-tech features (head-up display, programmable wipers, tinting, etc.)

If you’re wondering how to obtain an accurate quote for your car glass replacement, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve detailed the entire process in our blog post titled How to Get a Car Glass Quote Online: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Important Considerations Before Repairs are Possible:


  • The time frame — is it an emergency? Is the vehicle immediately available for repair?
  • The finances — your budget for the repairs. 
  • Your physical location and possible difficulties in the area. 
  • The vehicle’s age, make and model, a description of the extent of the damage, the number of windows affected, and any other information pertinent to facilitating the repair.
  • Request clarification on all the materials and parts needed — you might want to reconsider your decision later.
  • Accurate and detailed information will result in a more realistic and precise offer. The technician will also use your posting as a planning guideline for the repairs. A windscreen’s replacement cost can form a large percentage of your vehicles total value.

As mentioned before, windscreen replacement costs often vary depending on the extent of the damage, the type and model of your vehicle, the type of window frame and other factors.

Is there an Excess or Deductible amount on a new Windscreen


This depends on several factors.

It’s prudent to confirm your policy cover for windscreen replacement and car glass replacement with your insurance broker or agent. Usually, basic car insurance does not include glass replacement.

However, certain countries allow a waiver of insurance deductibles if you require a windscreen replacement or repair. Once again, please confirm with your broker.

Your broker will also be able to aid you in tailoring the insurance product to your needs.

Can I get my Windscreen Replaced for Free?

Not likely, but certain countries and insurance companies do allow for deductible waivers on car glass replacement. Your broker can explain the specifics surrounding your country’s laws and his company’s products.

How Much does it Cost to Replace a Windscreen?


Replacing the whole windscreen is the worst-case scenario — but sometimes it is the only way.

Usually, more extensive and deep chips will cause a windscreen crack across the entire windscreen. When it reaches the edge, a complete replacement is typically needed.

The cost of replacing the windscreen depends on many factors.

  • The year, make, type and model of the vehicle and the size of the windscreen
  • The extent of the damage, especially the window frame
  • Your insurance coverage

Current prices vary between £280 and £1,000.

Remember to talk to your broker for optimised coverage.

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Windscreen Replacement Price List


Ever wondered about the cost? Your answer is just a click away on our website.

We’re thrilled to present our extensive online guide, detailing prices for a total of +100 unique car models.

*under review March 2024



Windscreen Replacement Cost

*incl. Calibration when recommended
Alfa Romeo Giulietta from £381.19 to £473.23
Alfa Romeo MiTo from £323.82 to £523.73
Audi A3 from £282.70 to £1034.36
Audi A4 from £250.62 to £961.57
Audi A5 from £286.83 to £1339.91
Audi Q3 Windscreen Replacement from £404.06 to £1044.93
Audi Q5 Windscreen from £408.65 to £936.81
Audi Q7 from £275.39 to £1539.15
Audi TT from £377.21 to £746.74
BMW 1 Series from £336.94 to £954.55
BMW 3 Series from £312.13 to £912.66
BMW 5 Series from £353.43 to £1592.08
BMW X3 from £355.49 to £1193.29
BMW X5 Windscreen from £262.45 to £1393.93
Citroen Berlingo from £303.64 to £959.61
Citroen C1 from £258.76 to £636.95
Citroen C3 from £245.83 to £915.33
Citroen C4 Cactus Windscreen from £351.96 to £579.26
Citroen C5 Aircross from £754.82 to £822.28
Citroen Dispatch from £232.51 to £972.57
Citroen Relay from £249.21 to £761.91
Dacia Duster from £264.14 to £505.05
Dacia Logan from £251.74 to £409.73
Dacia Sandero Windscreen from £264.14 to £475.36
Fiat 500 from £256.64 to £892.25
Fiat Doblo from £279.86 to £429.76
Fiat Ducato from £258.76 to £1036.95
Fiat Panda Windscreen from £244.52 to £538.95
Ford C-Max from £248.79 to £1134.94
Ford Fiesta from £244.76 to £986.74
Ford Focus from £251.35 to £1035.49
Ford Ka from £262.09 to £1216.38
Ford Kuga from £271.99 to £1178.06
Ford Mondeo from £243.53 to £1388.84
Ford S Max Windscreen from £259.13 to £1383.56
Ford Transit from £245.46 to £1039.86
Honda Civic from £271.74 to £902.84
Honda CR-V Windscreen Replacement from £261.35 to £947.44
Honda Jazz from £269.47 to £1240.34
Hyundai i10 from £338.29 to £447.94
Hyundai i20 from £335.75 to £766.37
Hyundai IONIQ 5 from £437.40 to £1016.13
Hyundai Tucson Windscreen Replacement from £297.18 to £938.04
Jaguar E-Pace from £455.25 to £1542.24
Jaguar F-Pace from £425.35 to £1792.61
Jaguar F-Type Windscreen Replacement from £876.19 to £1411.67
Jaguar XF from £328.77 to £1530.90
Jaguar XJ from £556.10 to £1975.59
Jeep Compass from £277.12 to £1475.64
Jeep Grand Cherokee from £341.85 to £688.73
Jeep Wrangler Windscreen Replacement from £330.22 to £648.36
Kia Carens from £256.19 to £929.20
Kia Picanto from £264.27 to £575.87
KIA Sportage from £276.96 to £911.04
Land Rover Evoque from £426.92 to £1196.58
Land Rover Defender Windscreen Replacement from £282.76 to £1364.90
Land Rover Discovery from £285.14 to £1506.88
Land Rover Range Rover Windscreen from £266.95 to £1666.25
Mazda 2 Windscreen from £298.32 to £773.27
Mazda 3 Windscreen Replacement from £268.01 to £994.55
Mazda 6 from £349.60 to £1419.28
Mazda CX-5 from £440.35 to £1083.59
Mercedes A Class from £253.85 to £580.60
Mercedes C Class from £237.49 to £969.62
Mercedes CLA from £271.36 to £501.73
Mercedes E Class Windscreen Replacement from £249.52 to £959.20
Mercedes GLA from £297.62 to £753.41
Mercedes Sprinter from £265.95 to £1056.76
Mini Cooper from £263.00 to £1057.60
Mini Countryman from £272.78 to £867.38
Nissan Juke from £318.57 to £806.78
Nissan Micra from £290.40 to £704.55
Nissan Navara Windscreen Replacement from £313.62 to £426.18
Nissan Note from £297.25 to £448.20
Nissan Qashqai from £362.35 to £1048.11
Nissan X-Trail from £385.75 to £804.91
Peugeot 207 from £250.26 to £982.17
Peugeot 208 from £269.40 to £1061.60
Peugeot 308 from £370.02 to £729.84
Peugeot 5008 from £448.79 to £794.56
Peugeot Boxer from £371.13 to £504.13
Peugeot Expert from £382.35 to £904.40
Peugeot Partner Windscreen from £238.89 to £725.91
Renalut Captur from £382.09 to £867.27
Renault Clio Windscreen from £275.24 to £776.48
Renault Kadjar from £506.30 to £1150.20
Renault Kangoo from £312.95 to £514.64
Renault Megane from £307.10 to £893.51
Renault Trafic from £347.86 to £727.10
SEAT Ibiza from £251.74 to £590.02
SEAT Leon Windscreen from £256.91 to £714.81
SEAT Mii from £333.36 to £538.55
Skoda Octavia from £254.41 to £887.79
Skoda SuperB Windscreen from £377.69 to £1253.02
Suzuki Ignis from £334.42 to £503.25
Suzuki Swift from £315.62 to £728.43
Tesla Model 3 from £1719.75 to £2427.39
Toyota Aygo Windscreen from £294.09 to £934.51
Toyota Corolla Windscreen Replaceent from £299.60 to £1019.87
Toyota Hilux Windscreen from £319.74 to £1008.40
Vauxhall Astra from £290.61 to £707.94
Vauxhall Corsa from £299.60 to £703.86
Vauxhall Insignia from £315.48 to £1228.19
VW Golf from £281.72 to £1488.55
VW Polo from £262.01 to £550.29
VW Transporter Windscreen from £327.66 to £993.87
Volvo S40 from £318.51 to £456.19
Volvo V40 from £318.51 to £916.50
Volvo XC60 Windscreen from £459.89 to £1358.78
Volvo XC90 Windscreen Replacement from £378.69 to £1112.28


Mobile windscreen replacement service nationwide

All Your Questions Answered: Windscreen Replacement Cost FAQ


For a comprehensive FAQ overview covering every aspect of car glass and windscreen replacement, visit our website.

Our extensive FAQ section provides detailed answers to all your questions, ensuring you have all the information you need before making any decisions.

How does payment work?

Your card will only be charged after the replacement. Until then, the funds are temporarily reserved, usually for up to six days, before they are automatically deducted. This process is only relevant if you book more than a week in advance.

How do cancellations work?

We offer a free-of-charge cancellation policy until the day before your appointment. If you choose to cancel last minute for any reason other than an error on our part, a £68 cancellation fee will be charged.

Do you provide a warranty?

We offer a two-year warranty on all car glass replacements. Just let us know if anything hasn’t gone the way you wanted with the car glass installation, and we’ll come out to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Is there any extra cost?

No! That would be unfair; we aim to provide the correct replacement price the first time, as long as the correct attributes have been selected in the process. Requests for extra payments will only occur if you have booked a glass that is entirely different from what your vehicle is equipped with.




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Date of Publication: June 30, 2023

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