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Audi A3 Windscreen Replacement Advise

Written by Paul

Good day, readers! It’s a pleasure to write this blog post, and I sincerely hope that you find it valuable for your Audi A3. 

Blue coloured Audi A3 parked outside

Getting a New Windscreen for Your Audi A3: The Ultimate Guide

The Audi A3 is a sophisticated small car that has been revamped multiple times since it was introduced back in 1996. It’s a dream to drive, with its perky turbocharged engines and dynamic handling. Inside you’ll find the classic Audi luxury, with all the comforts and modern tech you’d expect.

One thing most owners find unexpected is sudden issues with the car glass. Have you recently found yourself in need of an Audi A3 windscreen replacement? Are you finding yourself a little lost in a sea of questions?

Why has this happened to my baby?

Could I have prevented it?

Where do I go from here?

This blog post teaches you everything you need to know about how to get the perfect windscreen replacement for your Audi A3. Let us get started with!


A Premium Driving Experience That’s Hard to Resist


You could classify the Audi A3 as a subcompact executive car, currently in the fourth generation of its well-renowned family – and a favourite among many.

With a framework that could only be described with the words, “sleek”, “muscular” and “sexy-as-hell”, its no wonder that the Audi A3 has heads and wheels turning wherever it drives.

Audi’s features and designs always evoke a sense of excitement, with three-dimensional rear lights, virtual cockpits, sharp contrasting lines, and integrated Apple CarPlay for an enhanced infotainment experience. This model is crafted to impress, offering the perfect balance of innovation and affordability, encapsulating the quintessential way to delve into the Audi family.


Understanding Windscreen Damage on Your Audi A3: What Causes Cracks and Dents?

Why-oh-why do bad things happen to good cars? The culprits to these heinous crimes are numerous, but most fall under the categories listed below.

Impact Damage from road debris

The most common and well-known reason that cracks and dents may appear on the windscreen of your Audi A3. Road rubble or debris such as small rocks and pebbles (most likely left there after a fresh road repair) can be churned up and fly towards your car’s glass.

And suddenly these flying object hits your windscreen at the wrong angle with just enough force to cause visible and unsightly damage.

Stress fractures from extreme shifts in temperature

The weather in the UK is not your friend. With your Audi A3 having to deal with the blistering cold and steaming hot at both ends of the spectrum, stress fractures will appear due to contractions within the glass of your vehicles windscreen.

Weather problems

Raging storms and howling blizzards may barely register as a blip on our radars anymore, but the fact of the matter is; these stormy events are doing more than just damaging our moods and adding to seasonal depression.

Tossed around tree branches and hail storms all contribute to the eternal erosion of our car’s glass. Lousy weather also distorts our field of vision, allowing for a greater chance of collisions and impacts.

Accidents / Collisions

Every driver’s (and passenger’s I suppose) nightmare. The dreaded collision, the battering of cars, the smashing of glass, the screaming, the crying, the invoices… an entirely hectic experience all around.

The result of these accidents is typically an entire windscreen replacement (repairs just won’t cut it, I’m afraid), and in severe cases – a total write-off.

What can happen when I drive around with a cracked windscreen on my Audi A3?


 So we’ve gone over the “why and how” part of cracks and dents appearing on the windscreen of your precious Audi A3, but what about the “What if?”.

What if I keep driving without managing these pesky problems, which appear to be only minor ones at this stage? 

The structural integrity of your Audi A3 could be weakened

Your windscreen is the main component of car glass that keeps your vehicle’s frame in place while you drive and whenever an accident occurs. With cracks and dents compromising this, you increase your chances of severe injury from shattered shards of glass or even death from being crushed if the car flips.

You could face charges with the police

Driving with cracks or dents is classified as reckless driving and endangerment to everyone on the road. The results could be a couple of penalty points on your license, a hefty fine, or even both. It all depends on the officer of the law’s judgement on how severe the damage could impact your driving.

Distorted view while driving

A small crack or dent may seem like a tiny problem that has no real impact on your driving. However, these are ticking time bombs just waiting to explode into a vast network of spreading cracks that can obscure your vision and compromise safety for yourself, all your passengers, and anyone on the road near you.

The windscreen of your Audi A3 is the most crucial section for viewing the outside world, and it is paramount that you keep it clean and clear at all times.

What can I do to prevent cracks from appearing on the windscreen of my Audi A3?


It may be late at this stage if you already have cracks and dents, but working towards the prevention of future damage is something we can all do together.

Keep a clean windscreen

This is easy. Grime and dirty water on the windscreen of your Audi A3 will result in erosion and tainting of any small cracks and dents, leading to a faster deterioration of your car glass. A regular car wash or just a glass wipe-down every few days will prevent any issues in this area.

Special note: never use scalding water to clear your windscreen after frost and snow have covered its surface. This is a fast and easy way to suddenly crack or shatter your windscreen.

Steady and safe driving on the road

The best method to avoid any road debris from hitting your car is to drive carefully and be mindful of other drivers or pedestrians at all times. Keep a safe distance and refrain from texting while driving, and you should be able to avoid churned-up stones from the car in front of you, as well as any collisions or car accidents.

Make sure to have sufficient shelter for your car

As discussed earlier, leaving your car exposed to the mercy of the elements is a slippery slope towards damaging its special car glass.

Try to arrange covered parking, especially when your Audi A3 will be there for long periods. This will prevent any stress fractures from taking place. The shelter will also help protect against sudden storm debris or hailstones from hitting your windscreen.

Get your windscreen examined and repaired by proper technicians

We suggest habitually examining your car glass every couple of weeks like clockwork. Small dents and cracks are often overlooked until they become a serious issue. And it’s much easier and cheaper to repair these minor fractures than to replace the entire windscreen.

And when you do have your windscreen replaced or repaired, ensure it’s done correctly by professionals who have a good idea of what they’re doing. Crudely fitted windscreens are a future burden just waiting to happen.

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A blue Audi A3 with a newly replaced windscreen

What is the Quote for an Audi A3 Windscreen Replacement?


While working out the final quote on what your Audi A3 windscreen replacement cost would come to, we have to consider several factors; the year, the style, the number of doors, and the features your Audi A3 has that can interact with any windscreen repairs and replacements.

The cost of an Audi A3’s windscreen replacement for a 1996 model without any features would amount to £294.65. In contrast, an Audi A3 2020 model without all the latest features would come to £386.83.

Below is a table to help you reference the costs of front and rear windscreens from the models of an Audi A3 from 2010 – 2020:

Cost of an Audi A3 windscreen replacement from 2010 – 2020

Year of the Audi A3 Cost of the front windscreen without features Cost of the rear windscreen without features Cost of the front windscreen with all features Cost of the rear windscreen with all features
2010 £448.11 £298.38 £521.86 £298.38
2011 £448.11 £298.38 £521.86 £456.79
2012 £448.11 £349.99 £521.86 £456.79
2013 £448.11 £349.99 £675.92 £349.99
2014 £448.11 £349.99 £675.92 £349.99
2015 £451.46 £349.99 £675.92 £349.99
2016 £502.01 £349.99 £502.01 £349.99
2017 £386.83 £349.99 £386.83 £349.99
2018 £386.83 £349.99 £386.83 £349.99
2019 £386.83 £349.99 £386.83 £349.99
2020 £386.83 £349.99 £386.83 £349.99

If you cannot find the total online quote on this table for your Audi A3 windscreen, please use our booking system to view the total costs.


What are some features of the Audi A3 that interact with the windscreen?


MMany of these features add to windscreen replacement costs because they directly interact with the windscreen.

Here are some of the features that your Audi A3 has that could cause your replacement costs to go up.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is located behind the windscreen and the rearview mirror. It activates itself when any rainfall or heavy amounts of liquid comes into contact with the windscreen. It will then adjust and start the windscreen wipers automatically, thus helping the driver with any distortions in their field of vision caused by the falling rain and giving the driver one less to think about while driving.

Built-in antenna

This antenna is built specifically for the Audi A3 and is placed and attached so that the radio and satellite frequencies pick up more quickly and keep sturdily.

Camera on windscreen

A camera situated on a windscreen aims to detect and analyse any potential dangers that can occur on the road, such as other vehicles, pedestrians, lane lines, and any other potential obstacles. This camera can also detect potential collision risks, allowing autonomous emergency braking systems to act where necessary. In essence, the camera offers a real-time solution to all possible threats on the road – allowing for a safer and more enjoyable ride for all.

Grey sun strip

This band of grey stripe, also called a Sun Strip (covers 10-15 cm from the top and goes across the screen), helps lower the light level and prevent its intensity from blaring into your eyes while driving. It is closely linked with the windscreen and often is replaced with it in some cases.

This is a handy device to have around sunrise and sunset when the angle of the sun means it is most likely to shine directly into your eyes and make it difficult to see what’s on the road.

You can see how these features (from being so closely linked to the windscreen) would need to be replaced or worked around alongside the windscreen replacement, costing more in parts and requiring more refined expertise. This is why an Audi A3 with these features might cost much more than one without them.

An Audi S3 with the windscreen removed from the frame

Why UK Car Glass is the best choice for an Audi A3 windscreen replacement


Do you have an Audi S3 model that needs a new windscreen? Do not worry – both models share the same screen, and we can help. We will always treat your Audi A3 or S3 with the utmost respect and professional care. Here are just a few reasons to try out our incredible customer service today:

We are mobile and offer nationwide coverage for your Audi A3

No longer will you have to drive your car with its damaged windscreen to the nearest car repair centre, which saves you time and reduces your risk on the road. And we travel everywhere within the UK, as long as it is accessible by land.

An easy-to-use online booking system

Our website is tried and tested to ensure a hassle-free and easy-going experience for any user. Book today at a time and date that works within your schedule, and have one of our accredited and professional technicians come over at your best convenience! 

Raving reviews from previous clients

Check out the previous clientele who have used our services, and you’ll see that we knock all our competitors out of the park with our reviews in terms of customer engagement, professional care, and high-quality service.


Date of Publication: May 11, 2023


Paul's journey with us, starting off in Sales and Operations, is a testament to dedication and growth. He has become an indispensable coordinator of our day-to-day operations through unwavering commitment and continuous self-improvement. His adaptability and sharp acumen have not only streamlined our processes but have also been vital in driving the expansion of our brand. Now, with the responsibility of growing and developing our branch in Germany, Paul is embracing new challenges, showcasing his versatility and deep-seated passion for excellence and German car makers. His growth story serves as an inspiration, underlining his pivotal role in our continued success.

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