Replacing or repairing the windscreen and other sections of car glass that make up your Audi TT may, at first, seem like a daunting and migraine-inducing task. But once you discover all the reasons these cracks appeared, how one should take care to prevent them, and where to go to make sure your vehicle is appropriately taken care of, the subject becomes a more straightforward and bearable event.

Keep reading on to find the answers to all your burning Audi TT windscreen problems in this in-depth article.

Is an Audi TT a good car?

Black Audi TT outside after new windscreen replacement

The Audi TT is worth your consideration, especially if you’re seeking an everyday sports car that won’t break the bank. It’s far more cost-effective than other class competitors like the BMW or the Porsche Cayman. The TT also arrives with an all-wheel drive, making it a functional unit in good and bad weather/conditions alike.

Beyond that, there’s its fantastic styling. It’s grille designs, wheel and colour options become slightly sleeker and refined with every new model. It’s a tautly produced, punchy and concise car that looks pleasingly pure regardless of whatever colour scheme you choose to go with.

What are the steps towards getting a windscreen replacement for an Audi TT?

Black Audi TT on the road after new windscreen replacement

The good news is that it’s relatively simple to redeem a windscreen or other car glass sections, and UK Car Class always does it at a reasonable price. 

The First step; you realise you need a repair or replacement for your vehicle.

The Second step: You’ll have to go to our homepage and complete the web report.

Our online form will ask you to give the resulting info:

  • Your licence plate number.
  • What kind of car glass you need repairing/replacing (Eg: your front or rear windscreen).
  • The year and style of your Audi TT

We’ll ask you to give the address to where you’d like us to come, on a day that suits you most beneficially. Then all you need to do is lay back and enjoy the painless process!

 Our technician will call you on the glass replacement day to authenticate the pre-approved two-hour time opening with you. They will bell you once more, half-an-hour before they are set to arrive.

Can I replace my windscreen using insurance?

Most fairly average UK Insurance Policies will include car glass repairs and replacements in their coverage, provided that the context of the damage befalls within their rules. It is always firmly recommended to go over your policy wholly with your insurance policy company to ensure you are fully conscious of when you are and aren’t covered over.

Right now, we can’t charge your insurance partnership directly for you. However, we would be happy to help you if you wish to book, pay and then claim it later from your insurer. We have knowledge regarding most UK insurance systems.

Why did cracks appear on the windscreen of my Audi TT?

interior shot with steering wheel

We’ve all been there, aimlessly riding down the street, enjoying the virtue of the beautiful day outside when suddenly-


You spot it – that tricky tiny chip or crack that is suddenly distorting your previously perfect range of vision. 

And now you’re bothered with enigmas like:

Where did that come from? 

Why is it here on my windscreen? 

Who can I blame for this?

Well, here are some agents you can aim the guilty finger at:

Small pebbles, rocks and other roadside debris 

You’ve presumably heard or even physically felt this happening before, especially when you’re driving along any roads that have been freshly paved or had a pothole repaired recently. 

Or when you’ve been a naughty driver and actually didn’t leave enough distance separating yourself and the car ahead, even though you know you’re supposed to…

The force from these little and annoying parts of rubble can develop a crack in your windscreen if it flys in from an awkward angle and with enough force. 

This occurrence is a relatively minor problem, and usually the most common cause of windscreen cracks. Usually, a simple repair is all that is required.

When it gets too hot and too cold in too short a time

It is such an utter joy to encounter both sides of the spectrum regarding weather patterns, right? With blustery winds and hot sunlight working in tandem, giving off intense heat and chills, our poor Audi TT is ever so slightly contracting and expanding its framework every day due to the thermal shifts in temperature. 

This sensation produces something called a “stress fracture”, which rings very accurate since it feels like both the windscreen and the driver are about to crack under pressure. 

So whenever you have what seems like a random crack appears suddenly for no reason at all – it’s merely all the fluctuating temperatures your Audi TT has been going through. This kind of problem usually is devastating enough that an entire windscreen replacement will be needed.

The weather patterns and debris

As mentioned above, hot and cold temperatures stemming from the climate around us can begin to form cracks. The primary sources are ice arriving on a windscreen or having the sun beat down on your car’s framework all day. 

Storm-related debris – such as hailstones or wind-flung tree branches – are also criminals who keenly contribute damages to your car. 

Badly done Car Glass repairs or replacements

Whenever you loan your Audi TT to a poorly-trained car glass mechanic who uses low-quality tools and non-safety-complaint materials, you’re sure to obtain additional problems not too far down the line. 

Parts can crunch against each other, causing stress fractures from the structure not meshing well with the windscreen parts. It’s a bloody ticking time-bomb!


This predicament is the top anxiety factor of every operator on the road; a collision with another car. 

Best case, it’s a small fender-bender that needs an insurance information exchange. 

Worst case? A complete write-off of your Audi TT.

Even a “regular” level car crash can replace entire car glass sections and all the necessary parts that operate with them.

Can I drive my Audi TT with a crack on the windscreen?

Burned Orange Audi TT outside after new windscreen replacement

There are various severe and highly avoidable results from operating your Audi TT with cracks or chips on the windscreen. Some of these results might be minor consequences, while others are life-threatening in their nature.

Compromised vision while driving

Small cracks might not register as a blip on your radar at first and will probably not affect your ability to drive. But these tiny ticking time-bombs from hell all include the potential to burst forth into a system of cracks that could warp your view of the outside world just enough that you fumble out on a vital detail and end up in a terrible accident.

Your Audi TT’s structural integrity is weakened

Most don’t know that the goal of your windscreen and other car glass sections is too not only to allow you to observe the outside world within the secure confines of your car but to also keep your vehicle’s frame in place during the event of a car accident or whenever your Audi TT might roll over onto its roof. 

If your car glass sections have any cracks or dents, it’s also more prone to shattering and thus removing all support it can provide. This loss of aid could result in the car’s frame collapsing inwards, leading to more critical injuries for the vehicle’s driver and occupants.

The long arm of the law getting you

Suppose you are discovered driving with a large enough crack on your windscreen within the UK. In that case, you can be charged with “Reckless Driving” and may be subordinated to a sizable fine and also obtain three penalty points on your licence. The degree of the charge depends on how seriously your screen is damaged.

How can I prevent these cracks from appearing on my Audi TT’s windscreen?

If you’re looking to suppress the risks of cracks developing, or at least keep off the natural wear-and-tear your Audi’s car glass segments will go through, then follow these essential steps.

Provide your Audi TT with proper shelter

To counter any stress fractures or weather debris from making drastic impacts on your car’s glass structure, ensure that you park your Audi TT under adequate shelter during the night and during the day. 

This way, it won’t be exposed to alternating and damaging temperatures or stray projectiles (frisbees, hailstones, soccer balls).

Do not EVER use boiling water to clear up frozen windscreens

This approach is a definite way to fragment your windscreen in an instant.

I’m not kidding – please do not do this; it is terrible for the windscreen, and apart from taking a hammer to your windscreen, this is the most surefire way to shatter with one hit. 

Make sure your Audi TT windscreen’s cracks are kept clean

If a crack does rise up despite all your best attempts, make sure to keep any dirt and moisture out of it. These particles can decay the inner glass layers quickly and thus accelerate the shattering process. 

Place a clear piece of tape over the crack or dent – after washing and drying it first – to give yourself some time before you can take it away to be properly repaired or replaced.

Drive very carefully on the road

Leave a generous amount of area space between yourself and all other cars. Never-ever-EVER text while driving. Giving your full attention while you go could give you that necessary split-second advantage to react in time to a vehicle or pedestrian doing something they aren’t supposed to – or result in you having a disaster that could haunt you forever.

Inspect your windscreen regularly

A quick look won’t always be enough. Take time out of your frantic program every few days or every week to closely examine your windscreen and other car glass sections for any signs of corruption. 

A problem caught very early-on means fewer pains and costs for your tomorrow. We can quickly repair more minor cracks and dents instead of being entirely replaced if you come to us early enough.

Go to proper car glass technicians

Make sure you do some research completely and find yourself a company that will handle your Audi TT right. Cheap workmanship and below-par materials mean that you’ll have to return to them pretty soon.

Where can I go to get a windscreen replacement for my Audi TT?

Not many cars can operate themselves well in just about any situation, but the Audi TT is inherently one of them. It is an exaltation of ours to promote your Audi TT’s safety and security with the most excellent materials and accredited professional care.

But there are lots of opposing car glass repair businesses, so why trust us above them?

We offer nation-wide-coverage

UK Car Glass technicians travel everywhere within the UK borders, so as long as we can join you through land or via a bridge, you won’t have to drive yourself somewhere else while using a seriously dangerous windscreen!

We offer user-friendly-designed websites

Our website has your comfort executed in every section of its design. Schedule at a date and time that works best towards your calendar, and we’ll have one of our qualified technicians come over to your house—and no more waiting for weeks or months.

 One of our specialists can be at yours within the next couple of days!

Raving reviews from previous clients

Trust previous clients of ours if you don’t want to take our word alone. 
View these windscreen replacement reviews, and you’ll understand that our customer commitment, business responsibility, and quality of materials goes above and beyond the standard industry level.


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