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With UK Car Glass you get one of the leading windscreen repair and replacement services in the United Kingdom. We will replace your windscreen at a time and place of your choice.

Cost effective Windscreen replacement

Save on windscreen replacement at a location of your choice. We all wish to save money when possible but it must not compromise quality, safety and service. Sometimes it’s is not the case of saving but as simple as a bad quality product.

We deliver the same service and quality as any other authorized workshops and we guarantee that we are at least as good better at installing your new windscreen. Our biggest strength is that “windscreen replacement” is all we do and focus on.

You will therefore get a expert windscreen replacement technician at your address that removes your damaged windscreen and replace it with a shiny new windscreen at a price advantage compared to physical workshops.

When to replace a windscreen?

Is your windscreen cracked, hit by stone or is it scratched and your vision is reduced? Then you should have a new windscreen. But chip´s and some cracks in the windscreen can be repaired.

Avoid wasting time on workshops

Only in very rare cases would we ask you to was time to come to us. Driving back and forth to a workshop is not exactly a something anyone enjoys. We will like to end this for you. At UK car glass we respect your time and believe you should spend it on thing you enjoy.

That is why we will make sure to come to your preferred location when replacing your new windscreen. We make sure to refit all your standard equipment such as the rear view mirror into your new windscreen. Easy and Simple way to save time and money when it is time to replace the windscreen.

How to replace a windscreen?

Is your luck is out and you need a Windscreen replacement?
Here's an explanation of how easy it is to replace a windscreen a fair price:
1. Define your vehicle
2. Answer if any questions
3. Enter your location
4. Enter your preferred date
5. Sit back and enjoy the magic.

The technician will call you in the morning with a 2 hour slot and again half an hour before arrival.

What we need from you in order to replace the car glass

1. Key or access to the car
2. Space in front and around to the car

All the what if's we can not control

In case of rain we will need cover in order to deliver our service
In the case of strong wind we will need cover in order to deliver our service
In case of illness or wish to change the appointment we need to know in good time so we can assist you

What to do if ordered the wrong windscreen?

We always do a parts check, but follow the guidelines carefully.