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Frequently Asked Questions - Our FAQ

Everything you need to know about car glass and windscreen replacement. Please contact us if you have any questions.

questions about windscreen replacement faq

Windscreen troubles? Car glass concerns?

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At UK car glass, we respect your time and believe you should spend it on things you enjoy. That is why we are willing to come to your preferred location to replace your windscreen. We would only ask you to come to us in cases when there is calibration involved, which can not be done mobile at your location.

We ensure to refit all your standard equipment into your new windscreen, such as the rearview mirror. When you book with us, we offer a straightforward way to save time and money when replacing the windscreen.
Our mobile service is available all year round. We are ready to drive to any location on the mainland or where it is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Please note that in the event of rain, we must be able to work on the vehicle in dry conditions, as we do not install new car glass in wet conditions.
To ensure that we get the right glass for your vehicle, we always do parts check for every incoming order. The guidelines on our website help us showcase the correct price the first time.

If you have selected the wrong glass, we either need an extra payment, or we need to refund you if you have picked a costlier alternative.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us before placing an order if you are in doubt - we are here to help!
When you initiate the step-by-step ordering process, you begin by filling out the glass type, car’s brand, model and year of manufacturing. It’s easy to choose the car window you need as you progress through the form.

As a safeguard, we will also conduct a parts check for your vehicle to ensure you receive the correct car glass for your model.
Car glass has to be completely dry when being replaced. However, this does not mean all hope is lost if it’s raining. Most car glass replacements can happen if a covered area is available where the technician can perform the replacement.
We ask for a two-hour slot for your car glass replacement, although it usually doesn’t take us that long. Please fill in the form on the home page to select a date and time that suit you.

Our technicians will call you on the day of the replacement to confirm the time slot with you.
Our Mobile service replacement includes ALL car glass! Our technicians will come to your location to replace the door glass you need.
Yes! A windscreen is crucial to the driver’s visibility, so the MOT considers the state of your windscreen. Scratches and other damage to the windscreen can result in a failed MOT.

Having any windscreen cracks or chips repaired is vital before your MOT assessment.
A windscreen cannot have a chip larger than 1 cm in the driver’s line of sight to pass the MOT.

Regardless of the position, a chip or crack larger than 4 cm on the windscreen will almost certainly result in a failed MOT.
One of the causes of corrosion stems from an improperly installed windscreen - when it is not the first replacement of the screen. You can always see if the previous owner has replaced the windscreen when you can not see a logo of your car brand on the glass on either the left or right bottom corner.

Additionally, a stone chip around the windscreen frame that is left untreated can cause corrosion to spread into part of the areas that hold on to the windscreen.

Our technician will try to clean and prep the area to the best possible condition before fitting the new glass. For obvious reasons, our two-year warranty does not apply in this scenario, as a lasting result can not be guaranteed.

The technician will take the necessary documentation of the corrosion and inform the customer that the warranty will be voided.
Windscreen calibration is crucial to ensuring that the ADAS systems related to the windscreen work correctly after a replacement. We calibrate all types of equipment. Some ADAS functions need special conditions to be calibrated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Therefore, you might need to drive to the nearest workshop to ensure the correct alignment of the new windscreen in your car.
ADAS is an acronym for advanced driver-assistance systems. Various systems have been incorporated into the vehicle to enhance safety and offer greater comfort. These systems work by alerting the driver to potential dangers and, when necessary, activating safeguards or taking temporary control over the vehicle. ADAS include adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, road sign recognition, and many other.

How can I see if my car glass has a colour tone? Approximately 90% of all windscreens have a green colour tone. If your front windscreen has a colour tone, your side windows also have one.

Please do the following:

  • 1. Roll down the side window halfway
  • 2. Place a half-page of white paper behind the side window
  • 3. Look for a colour tone through the side window where the paper is.

If you notice the paper is green or blue, you will also have the same tone of colour on your front and rear windscreen.

There are instances where the car windscreen and the other car glass are not identical in colour tone; this is when the rear windscreen and door glass are equipped with privacy glass. The colour tone of privacy glass can be dark green or moderately black.

You can identify a solar-coated windscreen by the purple-like shade. Premium models from Audi, Mercedes or Tesla tend to have a solar-coated windscreen.

An alternative to solar coating is a coated windscreen. This type of screen consists of an extra layer of plastic with increased heat reflection properties.
Many modern cars are equipped with a rain sensor, which automatically activates the wipers when it detects water on the windscreen. If you are unsure if you have one, do not worry!

When you select the make and model on our website form, we'll ask you about a rain sensor if applicable to your windscreen. We'll also provide an illustrative guide that helps you determine if you are still unsure.
Generally, you can see thin orange wires for heating in the glass on the rear windscreens. In comparison, they are less visible on the windscreen. Still, in most cases, you should have a button on the instrument board to activate the heated windscreen.

When you go through our booking flow, you'll find a guide that will make it clear if your car model has a heated windscreen or not.
Usually, you can find your car’s brand (or make) by looking for the logo pasted to the front or back of the vehicle. Some brands also write out their name alongside the logo.
Our car glass comes from the same manufacturers who supply glass to the car factories. Therefore, our glass replacements meet all the original equipment (OE) requirements. The only difference to the glass we use is that it doesn’t bear the stamp of the car brand.

So with us, you get the same high-quality glass that you would at an authorised car repair shop. We can also install the original glass in your car; we just need 1-2 extra days to have it delivered from the dealership.
Our supplier sets the quality of our windscreens. They manufacture and buy car glass from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This means that the windscreens we use are often the same quality as OE windscreens; they just don’t have the car brand’s logo printed. For clarity purposes, we can install OE, OEM and OEE car glass to your vehicle.

Reach out to us in advance if you want original glass fitted to your car, as these are not selected as default.
Our technicians typically need one hour (or less) to complete the car glass replacement. For more complex replacement, the technician needs a longer time to, for instance, calibrate the ADAS systems.

Please note that the car MUST be left stationary for at least 30 minutes after the glass replacement. This "dry-up" period involves replacements where an adhesive has been used, which is the case for windscreens, back windows and fixed side windows.

We never leave the location until everything is fixed and ready.
Our replacements take place between 9 am and 5 pm. The technician will provide you with a 2-hour time slot on the day.
The windscreen repair process requires the technician to be extremely careful to obtain the best result. In most cases, you will only notice a chip repair if you look for it. However, a shade or matte stain can be visible after a repair, mainly because other materials, such as resin and a pit-filler, are injected into the glass. These plastic substances are not as blank in their property as windscreen glass.
Your card will only be charged after the replacement. Until then, the funds are temporarily reserved, usually for up to six days, before they are automatically deducted. This process is only relevant if you book more than a week in advance.
We offer a free-of-charge cancellation policy until the day before your appointment. If you choose to cancel last minute for any reason other than an error on our part, a £68 cancellation fee will be charged.
Remember that a windscreen repair is an emergency solution that can help prolong the replacement down the line. A windscreen chip or crack usually takes 15-20 minutes to repair. But it is not guaranteed that the crack will not occur or expand once again at a later point.
We offer a two-year warranty on all car glass replacements. Just let us know if anything hasn’t gone the way you wanted with the car glass installation, and we’ll come out to repair or replace it as soon as possible.
Do you have one or more stone chips in your windscreen? A repair is possible if the chip is smaller than a pound coin and at least 5 cm away from the edge of the windscreen. The process takes about 15-20 min, and remember that 1/10 times the windscreen repair can result in a crack.

If you're uncertain whether your car window is repairable, please send us an image on WhatsApp or email so we better can assess the damage.
No! That would be unfair; we aim to provide the correct replacement price the first time, as long as the correct attributes have been selected in the process. Requests for extra payments will only occur if you have booked a glass that is entirely different from what your vehicle is equipped with.
To process of replacing a damaged windscreen:

1) The entire old windscreen must be cut free
2) Old glue is removed from the car frame
3) Primer applied to the frame
4) The new adhesive is applied on the frame or windscreen
5) The windscreen is fitted correctly with high precision
6) Calibration of the ADAS systems

Not only do we provide a high quality product, but we also dispose of old windscreen responsibly.
Most of our customers book our mobile service, as this solution is time efficient. We replace your car glass at your location, such as the driveway, parking lot or garage. When entering your address, you will also be able to see if there is a garage near you for this type of replacement service.
Should it rain on the replacement day, we will coordinate with you to find a new time and date—unless you have a garage or sufficient cover where the replacement can take place in dry conditions.
It would be best if you had a replacement windscreen whenever your vision is reduced because of a crack, a large stone chip, or a scratched windscreen. If you are lucky, you can still "save" the windscreen when you have minor stone chips and cracks in the front windscreen.

Remember that a windscreen repair is a temporary solution and an alternative to a more expensive windscreen replacement here and now.
Temperature changes are the most common reason for windscreen cracks spreading. A contaminated windscreen crack or stone chip (one filled with liquid) will likely spread due to the temperature changes mentioned above.

Cracks can also spread from vibrations from car bumps along rough roads. Any pressure on the inside of the windscreen, especially near the damage, will also cause it to spread.

Always place a seethrough sticker or tape over the damaged area to keep the area dry and clean until you can get it repaired or replaced. Doing this will increase the probability of a successful windscreen repair.

Finally, If you have any damage to your windscreen, it’s important to get a windscreen repair as soon as possible.
We need just two things from you: a key (or access) to your car and a little space (1.5 m to both sides) around the vehicle , where our technician can do the glass replacement.
Yes, our technician will alert you 30 minutes before they are due to arrive. You’ll also get a phone call on the day of the glass replacement to confirm your time slot.
Save money on windscreen replacement at a location of your choice. We all wish to save money when possible, but it must not occur by compromising quality, safety and service.

Sometimes it is not the case of saving but as simple as a bad quality product. We deliver the same service and quality as any other authorised workshop. We guarantee that we are at least as good or better at installing your new windscreen.

Our biggest strength is that "windscreen replacement" is all we do day in and day out. Firstly the damaged windscreen will be removed and replaced with a shiny new windscreen at a favourable price compared to physical workshops. You will get an expert windscreen replacement technician at your address.
The windscreen replacement cost depends on different attributes of your current glass. Additional factors such as colour tone, heated glass, rain sensor, front camera, lane assist, and the heads-up display will ultimately increase the price.

Please fill out all the details and answer any additional questions related to your model to find the exact replacement price.
With UK Car Glass, you get one of the leading windscreen repair and replacement services in the United Kingdom. Our online auto glass system can showcase your online price in three easy steps. When we receive your booking, we immediately look for available expert technicians in your area.

Remember that we always aim to replace your car windscreen at a time and place of your choosing. Book our mobile service today for a prompt replacement glass installation.
In many cases, rear window replacement is covered by insurance. Submit your details, and we will investigate whether we can get the replacement approved by your insurance company.

Alternatively, you can book your replacement online, pay for the service yourself, and then claim the cost from your insurance company using our VAT invoice.

Do you provide a warranty for your rear windscreen replacement service?
If you book a time to your work address, but start work at 10 am. Or if you have a meeting in the middle of the day, then kindly include this in the "Notes" field once you enter the Billing Information.
Yes, we offer a warranty on our workmanship and the quality of materials.
When it’s raining, or there is a strong wind, we need some cover over the vehicle to responsibly complete a car glass replacement. If you need to change your appointment for any other reason, please let us know 24 hours before so we can reschedule the replacement.
It's imperative not to drive with a damaged rear window. We strongly advise getting it replaced at your earliest convenience.
Yes, we have mobile technicians who can come to your location for added convenience.
Contact us immediately, and we'll guide you through securing your vehicle and scheduling a replacement.
Yes, you can quickly obtain a quote on our website by providing basic information about your vehicle.
We offer both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) glass options, providing OEE glass when OEM is not available, thus allowing you to choose based on your preferences and the availability of materials.
Contact our customer support, and we'll address the issue promptly to ensure your satisfaction.
You’re welcome to bring your car to a UK Car Glass centre, but why not use our mobile service at no extra cost? We can come to your home or office – whenever/ wherever it suits you! All you need to do is to provide us with the keys, and we will take care of the rest!
Most insurance policies allow you to replace your windscreen and don't count this as an insurance claim; all you must pay is the excess. Just check the excess amount on your policy to confirm the exact price you will pay.
Sorry! We can't bill your insurance company directly on your behalf.

We are very happy to help you if you wish to book, pay and then claim it from your insurer.
Of course. You’ll have the option to choose the windscreen replacement you want after responding to the questions on the website. These questions help us to determine if you have anything like special electronics that we’ll need to remove and reinstall when we replace your windscreen.
We have three options for payment:

1. Insurance pay 2. You pay 3. Fleet conditions

Got insurance coverage on your windscreen? You must pay the replacement online and then claim the expense with your insurance company.

You pay
Cash is not accepted for our technician's safety; we only accept secure payment online during the order creation.

To become a fleet customer, you need a special agreement. Get in touch with us, so our support can help you out in the best possible way.
Yes! There are never any hidden or extra charges when you order a glass replacement from UK Car Glass. The quote you receive is what you’ll pay. Note that if there’s a price error on the website, we’ll call to inform you of this, and you can then choose to accept the new offer or cancel it; no fee attached.
Our expert technicians typically complete the replacement within an hour. However, the duration may vary based on your vehicle's make and model.
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