Beauty. Agility. Strength.

The Jaguar XJ’s assertive styling combines dignified, respectable front grilles with fine mesh detail, powerfully-full LED headlights and head-turning tail lights with a distinguishing pinstripe graphic. Its stalwart quality reflects well with its powerful stance and sensual, taut waistline.

But what happens when its image is ruined by cracks or dents appearing on the windscreen of your beauty? What then?

Why did it happen?

Could I have stopped it?

What can I do to prevent this from ever happening again?

Where do I go from here?

Read further on, and we will answer all these questions and more.

Why did cracks start appearing on the windscreen of my Jaguar XJ?

Midnight Blue Jaguar XJ on the street

The causes for cracks and chips appearing are often mysterious and almost always vexatious in every instance. 

Some are common causes, but a few unusual cases are highly dependant on the circumstances.

Impact/Force Damage Type

This cause is the most consistent and reasonable reason that any chips or dents will suddenly manifest on your windscreen or other parts of the Jaguar XJ’s car glass. When you journey along a freshly covered road or one usually loaded with pebbles and stones, these types of small road rubble can be tossed up from the street, and with just the right amount of momentum and energy to crack one of those three layers that make up your windscreen. With enough speed, these bothersome shots can produce adequate levels of injury to bring crack your windscreen or side windows.

Stress Fracture Type

Less usual to find but more damaging in the long run are extreme fluctuating changes in hot and cold temperatures that your Jaguar XJ might have to deal with.

When your Jaguar XJ’s windscreen deals with radical shifts in temperature (the sources which might be a hot day filled with sunlight or an arctic bite from an icy wind), it raises the potential of your car glass sections developing something called a stress fracture. 

This consequence occurs when these shifting temperatures cause the glass sheets to extend and settle in a swift manner. The resulting damage is the offender for these intense cracks to develop, often extensively enough that the windscreen will be in desperate need of a comprehensive windscreen replacement and not simply a trivial repair.

These changes over a prolonged period will slowly deteriorate and break down your car’s glass. However, a very sudden shift (i.e. pouring boiling liquid on a frozen-over Jaguar XJ windscreen) could prompt it to shatter immediately, so please never-ever do that.

Weather Pattern Damage Type

As if we didn’t have a wealth of horrible weather hassles to deal with in the UK, we also have to look ahead to future car damage issues. 

Snowstorms can cause our windscreens to freeze over, bring along hailstones and other debris that could easily break glass or start car accidents, and supply us with icy roads that are deadly slides waiting expectantly to ruin our day.

Car accidents

A car collision from swerving off the road or a distracted driver suddenly changing lanes without indicating or just plain unlucky timing can mean either a meagre fender-bender with only a simple repair required or a total replacement of every single section of car glass within your Jaguar XJ.

Shoddy car repair quality

If you pick a car glass repair store that doesn’t have authorised specialists who grasp how your Jaguar XJ’s glass unites with its various car parts, or if they use inadequate supplies to cut corners, then you’ll be seeking another repair department relatively soon.

What can I do to prevent further damage to the car glass of my Jaguar XJ?

Black Jaguar XJ after afresh windscreen replacement

You can work with some methods to prolong your Jaguar XJ’s windscreen’s lifespan for a pretty decent length of time. Wear-and-tear damage and erosion are natural and unfortunately unavoidable, but that doesn’t signify you can’t do anything from your side to buy yourself some time.

Find decent shelter for your Jaguar XJ

Scorching rays from a hot sun and freezing frost from ice storms can wreak devastation on the glass panels that make up your windscreen and car glass sections. Ensure your favourite child is always parked within decent shelter during both the days and nights – basically whenever it is parked for extended periods.

This shelter will also help defend from straying missiles that might head your car’s way and cause devasting contact damage. Even just setting up a basic canopy or tossing over a car guard wrap can do miracles to protect your Jaguar XJ from a chipped and cracked future.

Monitor your windscreen carefully

Small cracks are easily overlooked, but this stage is when they’re the most effortless to repair, which is a much easier venture than going through the quagmire of having an entire windscreen replaced. 

If you make it a practice of examining your windscreen closely every month or so, you could spare yourself a lot of wasted time, money and headaches in your future by nipping these predicaments in the bud.

Please keep it clean

When a crack does develop, it’s a break in the “armour” of your vehicle. If dirt and moisture get into this weak spot, it will decay and break down the armour faster. What helps is if you washed out any dirt, dried out any water and then placed a transparent piece of tape over the crack or chip to protect the area from other sources of potential erosion damage.

So the following time you go for that entertaining spin in the swamps or remark that you haven’t been to a proper car wash in a good while, take it in for a professional rinse or roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Your Jaguar XJ will thank you, and so will your bank balance in the long run.

What happens if I keep driving with cracks on the windscreen of my Jaguar XJ?

Red Jaguar XJ outside with repaired windscreen and replaced car glass

So, you’ve reached a stage where cracks have formed on your windscreen, and you’re wondering to yourself whether it really impacts your life- maybe you could just let this slide for a bit?

Let’s look at some of the consequences that stem from driving around with broken car glass or cracked windscreens.

Consequences with the Law

Under UK law, a police officer is allowed to punish you with a hefty fee or apply three penalty points to your license or even both; depending on whether you have a sufficient level of cracks, dents, or other damaged parts as well as the windscreen of your vehicle. The degree of the sentence is entirely up to their choice, depending on the context.

Consequences with Safety Problems

The windscreen and different car glass parts (such as the rear windscreen, side windows) all serve various safety purposes within your Jaguar XJ. They help you perceive the outside world while being shielded from the elements and any other dangerous items. So, if they’re cracked or damaged in any way, that means you don’t have the field of vision you should have to give yourself the best possible chance to avoid any accidents.

These car glass segments also serve to secure the frame firmly in place should your Jaguar XJ get into a severe collision or rollover for whatever reason. If the glass was fractured or degraded before, it is far more inclined to break, which will add shards of glass into the already deadly scene and not prevent the frame from crushing inwards and grinding the occupants up.

Consequences with Ethics 

By willingly deciding to drive around with a compromised windscreen or any other part of car glass and not getting it repaired promptly, you are choosing to put your life, the lives of your riders, and the lives of all those on the road near you at needless risk. 

By trying to save some money by ignoring it or delaying due to the admin hassles of fixing it is risky behaviour at best and not worth a mark on your record or living with the offence of hurting another innocent life.

Can I repair my Jaguar XJ’s windscreen myself?

Whether produced from stones being tossed up from the street or some other cause of damage, chips and fissures will grow worse with time; it’s just an unhappy fact. If they should grow too widespread, the entire windscreen may demand a complete replacement—however, a few cases may present themselves where the cracks are small enough to repair them yourself.

Follow these steps below for a simplistic DIY windscreen repair for your Jaguar XJ:

  1. Buy a windscreen repair case from a reliable store
  2. Wash the glass very thoroughly around the chips or cracks
  3. Put the adhesive piece on the area along with the plastic pedestal that comes with the case.
  4. Insert the cases’ epoxy resin with the syringe
  5. Leave it to cure/harden and then raise the pedestal from its spot
  6. Eliminate any excess epoxy resin and fully clean the glass again, making sure there is no mess lingering around that could mark the surface.

When is the crack just too large to repair?

Chips more comprehensive than a  £2 coin and cracks more prominent than 6 cm long can’t be repaired with a windscreen repair case and should be either repaired or replaced by a trained expert and accredited glass repair service provider. 

If any of these situations occur when a crack develops, you need to have your Jaguar XJ taken to a car glass professional:

  • The location is less than 3cm away from the Jaguar’s frame pane side.
  • If the chip or crack covers the driver’s vision.
  • The damage is on your Jaguar XJ’s windscreen’s interior, not on the outside like it usually is.

What is my Jaguar XJ’s car glass made from?

Interior shot with steering wheel and emblem

It’s a compelling subject and might end up satisfying a few questions you had about the Jaguar XJ’s windscreen capabilities.

It would help if you understood that the car glass that makes up your Jaguar XJ’s different divisions comes in two various forms; tempered and laminated.

But what is the difference? And why use two different types at all?


This category is the more brittle counterpart (which is still stronger than your standard glass). 

You can create tempered glass by subjecting a layer of glass to amazingly high heat levels within a sizeable oven-like structure, with those heat levels reaching over 500 degrees celsius!

After this, the glass then gets quenched, where you hose it down and rapidly cool with icy water. This method gives you a tempered glass from standard glass, which is more robust and also fractures into small and relatively harmless pieces if or when broken. 

Because of these properties, we favour tempered glass in environments where human safety might be a concern, such as side windows and rear windscreens in cars like your Jaguar XJ. 

The one downside is that this type of glass cannot be restored after being damaged and needs to be replaced in these cases.


Now, this type of glass is far more enduring than its tempered variant. 

You build it by melding two or more glass layers with one plastic panel in-between, generally a vinyl-type plastic. These couple of layers are pressed together with incredible strength and then flashed to extreme heat levels (just like tempered glass) to bond together well. This method creates the durable glass we utilise for windscreens since they can take ample amounts of energy before cracking or breaking. 

We create windscreens with laminated glass to counter any sharp shards from flying towards the car operator and any other occupants of the car if there is a sudden impact. 

We can also repair laminated glass if only a minor amount of damage has been applied to it, which is very useful and profitable – considering how expensive windscreen replacements can be!

Where can I go to repair or replace the car glass of my Jaguar XJ?

At UK Car Glass, we’ll always make sure to handle your Jaguar XJ with the highest honour and specialist care. Here are just a few reasons to put our incredible client service to the test:

We are mobile 

No longer will you have to start your car and drive with its cracked windscreen to the nearest car repair centre. We can save you time and lessen your risk on the road. We also travel wherever within the UK, as long as it is accessible by land or bridge.

We have a hassle-free online booking website

Our website has been examined and fixed to ensure both a pleasant and easy-going experience for any user, regardless of their technical abilities. Simply book at a time and date that operates within your schedule, and we’ll assign one of our certified and accredited technicians to come over at your convenience!

Raving reviews from previous customers

Verify our abilities from earlier customers who made use of our services, and you’ll recognise that we surpassed all our competitors with our reviews. We are pretty boastful of our services concerning client engagement, professional accountability, and quality-of-service.


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