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Mini Windscreen Replacement

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Mini Mini Cooper 2015

Windscreen Replacement

16 Jun 2024


Mini Paceman 2010

Windscreen Replacement

21 Jun 2024


Mini Paceman 2012

Windscreen Replacement

13 Jun 2024


Mini Paceman 2013

Windscreen Replacement

5 Jul 2024


Mini Paceman 2011

Windscreen Replacement

19 May 2024


Mini Mini Cooper 2011

Windscreen Replacement

9 Jun 2024


Mini Clubman 2016

Windscreen Replacement

2 Jun 2024



Mini Countryman 2022

Windscreen Replacement

27 Jun 2024


Mini Countryman 2021

Windscreen Replacement

3 May 2024


Mini Mini Cooper 2011

Windscreen Replacement

28 Apr 2024



Mini Mini Cooper 2018

Windscreen Replacement

26 Jun 2024



Mini Clubman 2015

Windscreen Replacement

9 Jun 2024


Mini Countryman 2013

Windscreen Replacement

19 May 2024


Mini Clubman 2022

Windscreen Replacement

16 Jun 2024



Mini Cooper Coupe 2010

Windscreen Replacement

3 Jun 2024


Completed jobs

Review of a  Mini Cooper 2014 Windscreen Repair in Farnham


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2014 Windscreen


I was provided with a professional and friendly serivce. Great job by the fittter, wouldn't know I'…

Mini Cooper 2009 Windscreen Repair and Replacement


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2009 Windscreen Replacement


Great service. Whole process very easy. New windscreen fitted the following day.

Mini Cooper 2015 Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2015 Windscreen


Very friendly and professional. Came the next day, on time.

Mini Mini Cooper 2015 Front Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2015 Front Windscreen

Easy to use on line, reliable, good communication, pleasant staff, good job, well priced. 5 stars f…

Mini Mini Cooper 2015 Front Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2015 Front Windscreen Replacement


The service was quick and reliable. I would highly recommend it to others.

Mini Cooper Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper Windscreen Replacement

Next day service completed by friendly and professional technician.

Mini Countryman Windscreen Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Countryman Windscreen Replacement


The service provided was of excellent quality, it was convenient to resolve my problem and the tech…

Mini Clubman Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Clubman Windscreen


The new screen was fitted very professionally, on time and quickly.

Mini Cooper Windscreen Repair and Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Cooper 2009 Windscreen


Very pleased with the whole experience. Definitely recommended.

Mini Clubman Windscreen Review


out of 5 stars

Mini Clubman Windscreen


Very courteous and professional technician and happy with the windscreen installation.

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Welcome to UK Car Glass, your premier destination for reputable and reliable car glass replacement services, meticulously customised to meet your vehicle's unique requirements.

When you require a new windscreen for your Mini, our customer-focused approach and unwavering commitment to quality ensure that we deliver top-quality solutions that surpass your expectations.

Your Trusted Windscreen Replacement Experts

We recognise the significance of a clear and unimpaired windscreen in ensuring your safety on the road.

Our certified technicians are specialists in windscreen replacement for Mini and their various models.

Whether our customers drive a compact car, a luxury vehicle, or an SUV, we possess the skills and expertise to provide a convenient windscreen service.

Comprehensive Car Glass Solutions

Our steadfast commitment to excellence extends well beyond simply replacing your windscreen.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of car glass services meticulously tailored to cater to all unique windscreen requirements for your Mini model.

Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority, and we guarantee your vehicle's safety and performance with our specialised solutions.

Our cutting-edge equipment and premium materials deliver enduring results that meet and exceed industry standards.

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Our industry-leading auto glass company presents transparent pricing options, enabling you to accurately evaluate the Mini windscreen replacement cost for your specific model.

Do not compromise your safety with damaged car glass.

Contact us today for dependable replacement services – we are your trusted car glass experts in the UK, dedicated to delivering excellence, safety, and peace of mind with each replacement.

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Mini windscreen

About Mini

Mini is a car brand passed between six different owners in half a century and is still described rightfully as an icon. The ability to reinvent itself is rather impressive while the Mini brand is indeed ‘growing up’.

The original "Mini", which first came out in 1959, remained in production for over 40 years - an incredible success story in the relatively unsuccessful modern British car industry.

First Mini vehicles

Sir Alec Issigonis designed this distinctive two-door car for BMC. It has multiple variations in its design, including an estate car, a pickup truck, a van and the Mini Moke—a “jeep-like” buggy.

The Mini Coopers won the Monte Carlo Rally four times in a row, from 1964 to 1967, and other races and rallies worldwide.

In 1988, Rover, who then owned the Mini marque, brought back the Mini Cooper and new Mini Coopers, which led to increased sales of the famous Cooper. Keen buyers all quickly snapped them up. Everyone, from film and music stars, athletes, other celebrities and people who were well to do all wanted to have a Mini - and most preferably a Mini Cooper.

British Leyland

British Leyland had a disturbing history of internal competition, strikes and production centres working against each other. Leyland lost so much money in 1975 that the Government had to step in to avoid bankruptcy. Land Rover and Mini were among the few brands that survived the chaos. The downfall was inevitable even with the new Rover Group, established in 1986.

BMW and the Mini brand

The German car manufacturing giant BMW saw this as an opportunity and acquired the brands in 1994. The day was reported as "It will be remembered as the day when the sun finally set on the British motor industry". BMW quickly sold off the declining Rover brands but kept the Mini in production even with declining sales figures.

A new mini hatchback was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 1999, just a few days after the last classic mini production stopped. Today we all know the iconic space-saving, front-wheel drive hatchback and must admit it is rather special.

Mini Windscreen Replacement

Mini Windscreen Replacement

When specifying what the service cost of your Mini-Cooper would amount to, you should consider the damage's extent. We can determine whether you need a full glass replacement or a simple repair would suffice.

Find your instant quote and book online on UK Car Glass

Mini Cooper Windscreen Replacement

What does it cost?

The cost of a windscreen replacement for a Mini model ranges:

The price of a Mini windscreen replacement is highly subject to the technology and features which interact with the windscreen.

You can book windscreen replacements for your Mini-Cooper through our mobile and online services for your convenience.

Mini windscreen replacement FAQ

Everything you need to know for a successful Mini windscreen replacement simple and online booking

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