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Ford Focus Windscreen Replacement Advice

Written by Eric

Apr 21, 2022

April 21, 2022

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Ford Focus Windscreen Replacement

Are you looking for the expert’s advice on navigating through getting a Ford Focus windscreen replacement done?

Do you have burning questions about how and why and what caused cracks and dents to appear on your precious baby’s car glass? As well as what the next steps are?

Read further to discover the answers to these questions and more!

Is the Ford Focus a good car?

As one of the top 5 most bought cars in the UK, it is clear to see why the Ford Focus is turning heads and wheels everywhere, it goes. With a shiny and sleek exterior that still offers a robust build, and souped-up tech just covering every inch of the interior, its a popular choice for families, couples and singles on the prowl.

Roadside, it has excellent handling, and its steady frame means that even the bumpiest roads won’t stand in your way. The newer models come in lighter designs and sleeker shapes, but even a decade-old-make can hold its own among the desirables of the automobile world.

Its interior layout is ergonomically designed for comfort and easy-use, and ain’t so hard on the eyes’ either. All the buttons and aptly labelled and soft-touch ready, ensuring that your ride is as smooth as 100-year old scotch (not to encourage drinking and driving please).

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What can happen if I drive with cracks on my windscreen?

Actions have consequences, and some of those are direr than others. Driving with cracks and dents on the windscreen of your Ford Focus (even small ones) is a one-way ticket to regretville.


Safety problems with a cracked windscreen

That particular piece of car glass is often the final guard between you and bodily harm for the car’s occupants. The glass is designed to protect your from outside elements while also providing you with clear vision. Cracks and dents can warp that vision, and weaken the structural integrity. This increases the odds of your small problem evolving into a spreading network of worse problems.

Windscreens and other sections of car glass also keep the structural shape of your car’s frame intact. If you got into an accident and the vehicle rolled, that car’s glass is vital in preventing the roof from caving in and crushing its occupants. With damaged glass, it’s highly likely the whole section will shatter instead of holding.

Penalties from the law due to cracked windscreens

If you still think you’re safe driving on that road, then you might have to contend with others who disagree and who are in positions of power to punish you. Under UK law, any car driving on the road with multiple cracks or dents of a particular size, or any that obscure the driver’s vision- are subject to a heavy fine and two penalty points on their license.

The seriousness of the punishment does depend on the extent of the windscreen’s status and the officer’s judgment.

How fast does a windscreen crack spread?

There is no definite timeframe that the cracks on the windscreen will follow. There are a few factors that can speed the process along though:


Think of your windscreen like glass sandwich, as in there’s two pieces of glass with a layer of plastic in between. This structure means there’s space for water to get inside, which weakens the windscreen structure. If the temperature drops enough, that moisture could also freeze over, which results in even more cracks.


If your windscreen is cracked, then its more susceptible to damage caused by hot and cold temperatures. Which cause the glass to expand and contract. This is known as stress fracturing.


Dirt gets inside the glass sandwich, which can weaken and cause erosion damage to your windscreen. A temporary solution (until you find a suitable glass technician) is placing transparent tape over the offending crack until yours is fixed or replaced correctly. This method means your view isn’t obstructed, while also keeping dirt and water out of the crack.

Wear and tear from bumpy road trips

With a cracked windscreen, you’ll find that it is much more likely to break from constant bumps from the road. The more your Ford Focus hots potholes and uneven bits of road, the more likely the cracks are to spread and worsen.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Can I repair the cracks on my Ford Focus windscreen?

Sometimes you’ll find that you are perfectly capable of fixing minor cracks and dents yourself. Your local hardware store might have various tools, products and guides to DIY repairs.

But there are a few cases you need to be aware of. If the nature of the damage falls under any of the categories below, you’ll need to get the damage fixed as soon as possible, and likely by a professional.

The chip or dent on the windscreen of your Ford Focus is greater than the size of a £2 coin.
If the position of the crack or dent is less than 3cm away from the edge of the pane.
When the windscreen chip is directly within the driver’s line of sight, obscuring it in any way.
If the crack is on the interior side of your Ford Focus, and not from external damage.

What causes cracks to appear on the windscreen of my Ford Focus?

There are numerous reasons that your Ford Focus can acquire cracks on its windscreen.

The three most prominent reasons are:

Impact damage – this is the most common reason your windscreen gets cracks or dents. An object (usually small stones on the road) hits the glass and causes a fracture that can result in a minor or significant break. If it’s only a little crack, it may be possible to block from spreading further by having a simple repair done. But this depends on the size and location of the damage itself.

Stress fracture – this results from extreme temperature changes, a structural deficit within the car’s framework, a defect in the making of the glass, or from an earlier badly-done windscreen replacement. There is usually no point of impact on the windscreen glass in this case, and a simple repair is not considered a safe option, as the factors that caused the break may still be there. A replacement and investigation of the structure will be required to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Dirty Windscreen – A crack filled with liquid (from rainfall for example) is more likely to spread faster, due to being tainted. Along with any dirt that makes its way inside.

How can I prevent cracks or dents from appearing?

Prevention is easier and cheaper than a replacement. There are a few methods and strategies that you can incorporate into your life to make the chances of cracks or dents appearing much less likely.

Keep your Ford Focus sheltered

Outside elements (rocks, balls, frisbees) and contrasting temperatures (extreme hot or cold), are the main reasons you’ll have windscreen problems, so always find sufficient shelter.

This will reduce the chances of stress fractures and any debris impacting your car. And not just at-home-shelter; make sure that whenever you drive to work or the shops, you find decent coverage for your Ford Focus.

Do not use boiling water to remove ice from your windscreen

This de-thawing system is a quick way to crack or even shatter your windscreen in one go.

Clean up your Ford Focus windscreen cracks

If a crack does appear, make sure to clean it thoroughly and keep all dirt and water out of it. Tainted cracks can erode faster and hasten the shattering process. Apply a transparent piece of tape over the cleaned crack or dent to buy yourself some time and prevent further damage.

Drive carefully on the road

A lot of the time accidents occur because one of the drivers wasn’t paying sufficient attention. Never text-and-drive on the road and make sure you always leave a decent amount of space between yourself and any other vehicles.

And make sure to take note whether you’re parking underneath a precarious item or trees filled with objects that could fall onto your Ford Focus.

Frequently do checks on your car’s glass

Take time every week or so to closely inspect your windscreen and other sections of car glass for signs of deterioration. An early caught problem means fewer complications to fix. Cracks and dents caught early are problems that can be nipped in the bud.

Make use of a trusted car glass facility

Make sure to always go to a trusted dealer or repair facility. Do your research on the various companies that offer windscreen replacements and car glass repairs. Check out their reviews and how people rated their service and quality of materials.

How much does a Ford Focus windscreen replacement cost?

The main factors that go into quoting the cost of a windscreen (front or rear) are the year of the model and the style in which it was created (Hatchback or Estate). The number of features your Ford Focus has that interact with the car’s glass will also influence the cost, as these require more delicate handling and often replacing the equipment as well. A windscreen from 2013 with no elements that interact with the car’s glass will cost far less than a 2020 model with all the latest high tech.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

Below are the features that can influence the total cost of your Ford Focus windscreen replacement:

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor uses light sensors to detect how much rainfall is hitting your car, and adjusting the windscreen wipers accordingly. It is a handy tool to help with automatically clearing your view while driving.


The camera on your windscreen is there to assist with parking and to provide better rearview sight. It can also provide important footage for accidents and fender-benders, that may help prove your innocence with video evidence.

Electrically Heated Glass

Electrically heated glass is when they double or triple glaze the glass emitting electronically-controlled radiant heat. It allows for enhanced visual and thermal interior comfort. At the same time, it helps with the structural problems of maintenance and visibility linked to condensation or snow that could damage your Ford Focus windscreen.

Noise Reduction windscreen

A windscreen with noise reduction qualities contains an extra layer of vinyl amid the glass panes that make up your Ford Focus’ windscreen. This layer has soundproofing characteristics that hamper the outside noise levels, which provides you with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Interesting Fact about the Ford Focus!

It very nearly wasn’t called the Focus!

When the Focus came into the Ford game, it replaced the venerable Escort. But it was also almost named the Escort. The Focus was introduced in Europe in 1998 to succeed the Escort. Still, it was initially going to be just another new Escort model, since Ford management was enthusiastic about keeping the iconic name alive.

First known as the Fusion (a name the Ford company would use on later models), Ford had a change of heart decided to go with Focus.

Except that almost wasn’t allowed – The German publisher magazine Herbert Burda Media tried to stop Ford using the Focus name within Germany because they were publishing a magazine under that name. Their attempts failed, and we have the name Focus today.

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Who are the best car glass technicians in the UK?

With its two body styles—hatchback and sedan—offering a broad appeal everywhere, it’s obvious to see why the Ford Focus caught your eye. We want to uphold that sense of pride by providing you with the best technicians, for the fairest prices, at the most effortless convenience.

We are UK Car Glass, and here are just a few reasons you should trust us with car glass repairs and windscreen replacements for your Ford Focus:

We are on the go and offer nation-wide-coverage

We travel anywhere within the UK, as long as it is accessible by land or bridge. You’ll never need to drive your car with its chipped or cracked windscreen to the nearest mechanic, which puts you at risk on the road.

An easy-to-use online booking system

Our website is designed with your convenience in mind. Book today at a time and date that works best for your schedule, and have one of our professional technicians come over to your neighbourhood. No waiting for weeks, or within a “window” period that takes up the most of your day!

Pay through insurance

We accept many UK providers of vehicle insurance. At the checkout on our website, you can select “Insurance Case” instead of entering your payment details. We will then support you through appealing to your insurance company.

Raving reviews from previous clients

Nothing speaks better than our previous clientele. Check out our reviews and see that our care, quality of work, and customer engagement goes above and beyond any of our competitors!

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