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Ford Fiesta Windscreen Replacement Service

Written by Eric

windscreen rain sensor closeup

The Ford GT40 won the Le Mans 24-hour four times in the Sixties and is still the only American car to have won this race outright. It might not be your reason for owning a Ford Fiesta.

However, I’m sure your son might consider this sporting achievement (and the Ford vs Ferrari movie) as valid reasons for supporting the iconic blue-oval company.

I guess all those F150 Truck owners across the Atlantic can’t be wrong either (the F150 is the bestselling vehicle overall in the USA and Canada).

Before I give insight into the repair or replacement of a Ford Fiesta’s car glass, background on the popular Fiesta’s attributes might be in order.


Why is the Ford Fiesta such an excellent selling car?

The fact is, the Fiesta is the top-selling car in the UK and most people younger than have had some form of interaction with this supermini.

Released in 1976 and now in its seventh generation, the Fiesta is the all-time best-selling Ford after the Escort and the F Series truck.

With rivals such as VW’s Polo and Seat’s Ibiza in the C-segment, Ford needs to evolve their formula for this model constantly.

The latest version is no exception, and the car is keeping its competitive edge.

The Fiesta sells in six trim levels with names like Trend, ST-Line, VignaleTitanium, the semi-rough Active and baby rocket ST.

Even entry-level Fiestas feature electric heated wing mirrors, QuickClear heated windscreens, LED projector headlights, 8-inch touchscreen infotainment systems and lane keep-assist.

The Titanium models have rear privacy glass, keyless start, cruise control and rear parking sensors.

The current engine options are:

  • A naturally-aspirated 1.1-litre petrol.
  • A 1.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost (99bhp) with a six-speed gearbox.
  • 123bhp and 153bhp models with hybrid help for improved efficiency.
  • The exciting ST with a feisty 1.5-litre engine (197bhp).

The Ford Fiesta caters for all tastes and executes its mandate beautifully.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

The reason for cracks and chips on the windscreen of my Ford Fiesta

We’ve all been there – enjoying the day and a drive when suddenly – wham!

A tiny crack or chip that is suddenly marring the perfect view.

Here are a few possible reasons.

Road debris

Driving along (or close to) newly paved roads can put the windscreen in harm’s way. Contractors build road surfaces with a mixture of asphalt and broken rock. They assess the stone for hardness, and it is hazardous to a windscreen — especially if you or the other driver are speeding.

The impact of these small pieces of roadside debris can create a chip and eventual crack in the windscreen. The angle and speed at which the rock hits the glass play a significant role.

This kind of damage is often repairable and typically the most common cause of all windscreen-related problems.

Stress fractures

The UK’s weather is not harsh, but seasonal change can cause temperature spikes. Temperature extremes due to icy winds and direct sunlight may cause a Fiesta windscreen and its components (including the window frame and car glass) to contract and expand.

Although these tolerances are small, they may produce a stress fracture — a good name because both the windscreen and driver may suffer from the resulting stress.

To recap, a sudden car glass crack in your Fiesta’s windscreen might be due to fluctuating temperatures.

Weather patterns

Besides possibly causing stress fractures due to hot and cold temperature fluctuations, stormy weather also goes together with airborne debris. Hailstones and flying tree branches are but some of the damage a windscreen must endure.

Sub-standard installations, materials and repairs

Poorly trained car glass technicians, worn-out equipment and non-OEM compliant materials can result in quality problems down the line.

Car glass panes and window frames that do not match ideally will generate friction, form stress fractures, and cause a windscreen to shatter suddenly.


A collision is everyone’s worst nightmare — may be a slight fender-bender and some interaction with an insurance provider, or worst of all, the Fiesta’s total write-off.

Even a minor collision can require the complete replacement of various glass panels, including all the necessary connecting parts.

Replacement Price

At UK Car Glass, the average cost of replacing a Ford Fiesta windscreen ranges from £244.76 to £986.74. 

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What can I do to prevent my windscreen from cracking?

We’ve written an entire blog post about how you can prevent your windscreen from cracking.


Date of Publication: April 30, 2022


Eric is the driving force behind the Sales and Operations team at UK Car Glass. His role there is not merely a job but an extension of his passion. He's ardently dedicated to ensuring customers receive top-tier service while also remaining on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry. So, Eric's your go-to guy, whether you're a fellow car nerd looking to discuss the subtle differences between American produced car models or someone needing expert guidance on car glass solutions.

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