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Ford Kuga Windscreen Replacement Service

Written by Eric

Apr 13, 2022

April 13, 2022

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Ford Kuga Windscreen Replacement

Look I get it, organising a windscreen replacement for your Ford Kuga can be a panic-inducing and scary time, but you don’t need to worry – this article will go over any and all questions you might have regarding how this happened, why it happened and what to do next. So, let’s answer some questions, shall we?

Why would cracks appear on the windscreen of my Ford Kuga?

The reasons for cracks appearing are often perplexing and almost always annoying in every instance. Some are everyday causes, but there are a few exceptional cases that are highly dependant on the situation.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

Impact/Force damage

This reason is the most natural and rational reason that any cracks or dents will suddenly develop on your windscreen or other sections of car glass. When you ride along a freshly paved road or one naturally filled with pebbles and stones, these types of small road debris can be flung up from the street with just the right amount of speed and force to crack one of the three layers that make up your windscreen. With enough momentum, these annoying missiles can produce sufficient levels of damage to bring forth a crack or dent in your windscreen.

Stress Fractures

Less usual, but much more damaging, are fluctuating changes in hot and cold temperatures that your Ford Kuga might be exposed to.

When your Ford Kuga’s windscreen comes into contact with drastic shifts in temperature, sources of which might be a cooking day filled with sunlight or an arctic chill from an icy wind – it increases the potential of developing a stress fracture.

This effect occurs when these fluctuating temperatures cause the glass layers to expand and contract swiftly. The resulting damage is the culprit for intense cracks to form, often extensively enough that the windscreen will be in dire need of a complete windscreen replacement, and not just a minor repair.

These changes over a long period of time will slowly degenerate and break down your car’s glass. Still, a very sudden shift (i.e. pouring boiling water on a frozen-over Ford Kuga windscreen) could cause it to shatter instantly, so please never ever do that.

Weather patterns

As if we didn’t have an abundance of lousy weather hassles to deal with in the UK, we also have to look forward to car damage. Blizzards can cause our windscreens to frost over, bring along storms and hailstones that could easily break glass or start car accidents, and icy roads are just deadly little slides waiting eagerly to trip us up.

Car accidents

The worst result from negligent driving or bad luck; a car accident from swerving off the road, a distracted driver suddenly turning without indicating or terribly unlucky timing can mean either a small fender with only a minor repair required, or a complete replacement of every section of car glass within your Ford Kuga.

Shoddy car repair quality

If you choose a car glass repair shop that doesn’t have accredited professionals who grasp how your Ford Kuga’s glass merges with its various parts, or if they might use shoddy materials to cut costs, then you’ll be looking for another repair facility sooner than you’d like.

Can I fix my Ford Kuga’s windscreen myself?

It is possible for some minor damages to be fixed and to do the repairs yourself. There are several DIY fix-it windscreen repair cases you can purchase at any shop that sells home repairs and improvements in the UK.

The instructions will come along with how to repair the cracks and dents, however, if you are not confident in your ability to do so, you should instead consult a professional, as improving a crack or dent wrong could obscure your vision further, and require a full windscreen replacement to be done instead.

There are also a few cases where a repair will not be sufficient, and you will need to take it in for a professional repair or replacement service.

  • You cannot fix chips more extensive than a £2 coin and cracks more prominent than 6 cm long.
  • If the location of the crack is less than 3cm away from the Ford Kuga frame-pane side.
  • The crack or dent is within the field of the driver’s vision.
  • If any damage is found on the inside of your Ford Kuga’s windscreen, and not on the outside.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

How much does a Ford Kuga windscreen cost?

When we work out an online quote for a windscreen replacement cost for your Ford Kuga, we have to consider a few factors.

The damage’s location and extent are essential, but you always have to make sure the correct glass material is being used in the replacement. And that’s why a car glass technician will need to know the Ford Kuga’s year of production and its features that interact directly with the windscreen.

For example; A Ford Kuga 2008 without any windscreen features will cost around £490.45 while a 2021 model with all the latest windscreen features would cost about £811.45

So let’s take a look at some windscreen features your Ford Kuga might have.

What windscreen features does a Ford Kuga have?


Rain Sensor

A rain sensor in a Ford is there to identify rainfall or heavy moisture using light sensor technology. The water comes into contact with the windscreen, and the wipers will adjust their movement accordingly.

This is a useful tool against driver distraction on the road. To find it, you can locate your rain sensor just behind the windscreen and after the rearview mirror.

Electronically Heated windscreen

Your Ford has a windscreen option where it could contain electrical components embedded in the windscreen that allow you to warm up the very glass itself, removing any annoying frost and providing you and other passengers with a warm shelter from any outside elements of cold.

Blue/Green tint to the car glass

The green tint is typically one you’ll find in older Ford Kuga models, while the blue pigment is in later ones.

You’ll notice after some careful investigation that your Ford Kuga’s windscreen might be tinted slightly different colour than usual. If you look near the roof, there’s an even more noticeable bar of blue/green.

This feature is there to shield your eyes from the sun rays, primarily during sunrise and sunset, when the UV light would shine directly into the driver’s field of vision.


This tiny practical device registers data while you drive and supports you by helping you become more informed of the outside world and react faster to possible hazards. It also aids with parking in tight corners without scraping your car and storing valuable footage to be used in court cases showing that the car accident wasn’t your fault.

How can I prevent cracks appearing on the windscreen of my Ford Kuga?

Now that we’ve determined what causes cracks to appear and just how much a complete windscreen replacement would cost let’s discuss some methods we can manage that would prevent or at least slow down our windscreens’ gradual deterioration.

Proper shelter

This is a crucial factor and would assist immensely against most of the reasons that cracks would appear on our windscreens, and a relatively straightforward manner to produce; providing proper shelter for your car.

If you can find underground parking, organise a garage space, find overhead shelter or even buy an on the go car cover, it would go an incredibly long way towards protecting your Ford Kuga from fluctuating temperatures (stress fractures), random street and road debris such as stones from other cars or children’s frisbees and balls from managing to hit your car’s glass (impact/force damage) and any weather-related phenomenons from affecting your Ford’s windscreen layers.

Careful Driving

The proper shelter won’t help at all if you are not careful on the road when you’re getting from point A to B.

Distracted drivers on their phone or idle day-dreaming can result in any number of terrible accidents and collisions that will negatively affect the car glass within your Ford Kuga.

Always make sure there is a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you. This will give you more time to react if there is an emergency brake situation and will lessen the odds of any loose gravel being flung up and making contact with your windscreen (impact/force damage).

Using trustworthy windscreen/car glass professionals

Suppose you try to save yourself a few pounds by going to the cheapest repair facility you can find. In that case, you’ll be subjecting your Ford Kuga to poor quality workmanship, lesser materials and non OEM-complaint car glass that will grind in all the wrong ways when interacting with the more delicate parts of your Kuga.

This is damaging to your car, and honestly will cause you to have to pay out more in the long run. Don’t skimp on the quality of service your car needs. Find a respectable facility, like UK Car Glass, for instance.

What are some false facts about my Ford Kuga’s windscreen?

Over-time, you might have created a few ideas for yourself about windscreens that are in actual fact entirely false, and these misconceptions can be deadly at times. Here are a three false facts about the Ford Kuga windscreen replacement that you will need to remove from your head.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

All car glass is made from the same material

Front windscreens are made from entirely different materials than rear windscreens and side windows. Your Ford Kuga’s windscreen is made from laminated glass, also known as safety glass. Laminated glass will manage to hold itself together when it dealt with intense damage. However, the other car glass sections are manufactured with tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into many small harmless pieces when broken not to hurt the occupants of the car.

There is only one type of crack or chip

Most of you will, at some point, encounter a ‘chip’ on your windscreen. The most common cause of a chip developing is road debris hitting the windscreen when flung up by other cars passing by or travelling ahead of your Ford Kuga. However, not all chips are the same. There are several different varieties of cracks, each with their unique characteristics. Edge Crack, Bullseye, Half Moon, Star Break, Floater, Combination, Stress Crack, Chip, are just a few of the exotic names given to the wide variety of chips/cracks that a car glass technician might encounter.

A small crack doesn’t affect my field of vision

A small crack in your windscreen might not affect your vision for now, but once it exists, notwithstanding whether it’s tiny or not, it’s likely to develop and expand in size over time, finally forming into a real problem. Minor chips or dents always hold immense potential to cause severe damage to your windscreen.

Where should I go for a Ford Kuga windscreen replacement?


Your Ford Kuga is a sophisticated and timeless vehicle. We want to help you retain that vision, and that’s why it’s only our pleasure to render expert services at fair prices. We are UK Car Glass, and here are the reasons you should choose us over our competitors:

Mobile and offer nation-wide-coverage for your Ford Kuga

No more are the days where you’ll need to drive your car with its chipped / heavily cracked windscreen to the nearest car glass repair centre, which happens to also puts you at risk on the road. And we can travel to wherever you are within the UK, as long as it is accessible by land or bridge.

Easy-to-use online booking system

Our website is user-designed and an easy-going experience, created with your convenience in mind. Book at a time and date that works the most useful for your calendar, and have one of our authorised car glass technicians head over to your location.

Raving reviews from previous clients

If you don’t want to take our word for it, view what our happy clients who used our services said, and you’ll see that we knock our competition out of the water with our raving reviews in terms of customer dedication and expert-level care.

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windscreen rain sensor closeup


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