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Volkswagen Polo – Windscreen Replacement

Written by Melvin Brown

Apr 27, 2022

April 27, 2022

Volkswagen Polo – Windscreen Replacement

Volkswagen Polo – Windscreen Replacement

Are you desperately in need of a decent Volkswagen Polo windscreen replacement? Are you filled with other questions such as:

Why did this happen?

What else could happen?

Where do I go from here now?

How much is this going to cost me?

For all the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading!

Is the Volkswagen Polo a good car?

Ranking among one of the top 10 most popular cars in the UK, the Volkswagen Polo is a good and reliable car for many reasons. For a car that happens to be on the smaller side, its interior is still incredibly comfortable and practical, while still managing an upmarket sensation all at once. This means that parking and comfort are issues that you won’t find with this vehicle, which on its own is a rarity.

The lines and shapes of its frame are more complicated than its predecessors, and its colourful trims and sharp cabin cuts mean that heads and steering wheels from all over turn when this model drives down any street.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Why do cracks appear on the windscreen of my Volkswagen Polo?

There are quite a few common and uncommon reasons that cracks and dents will start appearing on your windscreen or sections of car glass. Some will result in only minor little imperfections, while others could lead to a network of cracks or even shattering glass.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Impact Damage

This is the most common and likely reason that cracks or dents will form on your car glass surface. When you drive along a freshly paved road or one with plenty of gravel and rocks, small road debris (usually pebbles) is churned up from the ground and might hit your windscreen with enough force to inflict enough damage to the layers of glass.

Stress Fractures

When the windscreen of your Volkswagen Polo is faced with extreme shifts in temperature, such as heat from a hot days sunlight and cold from a wintery wind, it runs the risk of developing a stress fracture. This is when the changing temperatures cause the glass layers to expand and contract at too fast a pace, which can cause immense damage. Gradual changes will slowly wear and tear at your car’s glass, but a rapid shift (such as pouring boiling water on a frozen-over windscreen) can cause it to shatter.

Weather patterns and debris

Hailstorms and icy winds threaten to damage the integrity of our windscreens and car glass. Winds blowing around small objects (tree branches, for example) can hit our Volkswagen Polo at the worst possible time. Icy roads might lead to minor or major car accidents resulting in massive amounts of damage.

Collisions or car accidents

Every driver’s worst nightmare. Bad drivers not paying attention, an animal running across the road, terrible timing… all things that can lead to car accidents that can range from a minor fender-bender to a complete write-off for your vehicle.

Badly-completed car glass replacements

If you hire car glass technicians who don’t understand the intricacies of how a Volkswagen Polo’s car glass interacts with its various parts or they make use of shoddy materials, you’ll find yourself in need of those type of services sooner than you need to. Cheaper options might end up costing more long-term.

What happens when I drive with cracks on the windscreen of my Volkswagen Polo?

There are multiple serious and avoidable consequences from operating a vehicle with cracks or dents on your windscreen. Some might be minor mishaps, while others could be life-threatening.

Obstructed vision while driving

Small cracks might not even appear as a blip on your radar at first, and will not impact your ability to drive at all. But these hold the potential to become a network of cracks that could distort your view of the outside world enough that you miss a crucial detail and end up in a collision or car accident.

The structural integrity of your Volkswagen Polo could be compromised

It may surprise you to know that the function of your windscreen and other sections of car glass is not only to allow you to view the outside world within the safe confines of your automobile. It also helps towards keeping your car’s frame securely in place during the event of a car accident or whenever your vehicle might roll over. With any car glass that has cracks or dents, it’s more likely to shatter and remove all support towards the structure. This could result in the car’s frame folding in, leading to more severe injuries for any occupants.

Problems with the law

In the UK, if you are caught driving with an identifiable crack on your windscreen, you are charged with “Reckless Driving” and may be subject to a large fine and gaining three penalty points on your car. The severeness of the charge depends on how badly your screen is cracked and the officer’s judgment.

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How can I prevent cracks from appearing on my windscreen?

If you’re looking to reduce the odds of cracks appearing, or at least prolong the natural wear-and-tear your car glass will go through, then follow these steps.

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Keep your Volkswagen Polo sheltered at all times

To prevent stress fractures and weather debris from making serious impacts of your car’s glass, make sure that you park your Volkswagen Polo under sufficient shelter throughout the day. This way, it won’t be exposed to fluctuating temperatures or random projectiles (frisbees, balls, hailstones).

Do not use boiling water on frozen windscreens

This de-thawing system is a sure-fire way to shatter your windscreen instantly.

Make sure your Volkswagen Polo windscreen cracks aren’t tainted

If a crack does appear despite your best efforts, make sure to keep all dirt and water out of it. These elements erode the glass layers faster and hasten the shattering process. Apply clear tape over the offending crack or dent (after cleaning and drying it) to give yourself some time.

Drive carefully on the road

Leave a generous amount of space between yourself and the other cars, and never ever text while driving. Paying attention while you drive could be the split second between avoiding a vehicle or pedestrian, or having an accident that could haunt you the rest of your life. Obstacles will seem to jump out of nowhere if you don’t have all your eyes and attention on the road!

Inspect your windscreen

A quick glance won’t always cut it. Take time out of your busy schedule every week or so to strictly inspect your windscreen and car glass for any signs of damage. A problem caught early means fewer headaches and costs in the future. Some cracks and dents can be easily repaired instead of replaced.

Go to a trustworthy car glass repair facility

Make sure to do your research thoroughly and locate a business that will treat your Volkswagen Polo right. Poor workmanship and cheap materials mean you’ll see them sooner than you would like!

What is the cost of replacing my Volkswagen Polo windscreen?

When we figure out an online quote for the expense of a windscreen replacement for your Volkswagen Polo, we need to have some vital information.

The position and intensity of the damage are necessary, but you always have to make sure the correct glass type is being used in the replacement.

And that’s why a proper car glass technician will need to know the year of the Volkswagen Polo, and which features it has that interact directly with the windscreen.

You must be aware of which features your Volkswagen Polo has, especially the ones that directly interact with your windscreen and other sections of car glass. These features also impact the cost of a windscreen replacement.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What features does a Volkswagen Polo windscreen have?

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is there to identify rainfall or heavy moisture that comes into contact with your windscreens. They use light sensor technology, and the wipers will automatically adapt their movement to compensate for the amount it detects.

You can usually locate a rain sensor in the car glass behind the windscreen and near the rearview mirror.

Noise reduction windscreen

A noise reduction windscreen has an extra sheet of vinyl in the glass layers that make up your Volkswagen Polo’s windscreen. This film has soundproofing properties that profoundly lower any outside noise levels, providing you with a car interior that holds quiet tranquillity.

Grey sun strip

If you look, you’ll find a grey strip on the top section of the windscreen of your Volkswagen Polo. This feature is there to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, which are most prominent during sunrise and sunset hours.

Heated windscreen

Electrically heated glass is created when they triple glaze the glass, which allows them to emit electronically-controlled radiant heat. It gives enhanced thermal interior luxury. At the same time, it aids with the structural predicaments of wear-and-tear and visibility linked to condensation or blizzards that could damage your Volkswagen Polo’s windscreen.

Not all Volkswagen Polos’ have every single one of these features. You’ll have to look for yourself, or get in touch with a car glass technician and send them various types of pictures so that they can determine this information for you.

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How does insurance work with windscreen repairs or replacements?

A good car insurance company will cover the extensive costs that can be incurred when repairing or replacing a section of car glass. Many plans might have a deductible expense amount of usually between £100 to £300 for each procedure. If you have a plan that has a deductible payment plan, then your insurance policy will cover these charges.

However, not all insurance companies are the same; it would be in your best interest to reach out to your insurance agent and discuss with them in details what is included by your plan, and what conditions need to be met for them to cover you.

When you schedule a windscreen or car glass replacement via our website, you can the “Insurance Case” method rather than displaying your card details. We will then gladly help you with any insurance-related questions.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

An interesting fact about the Volkswagen Polo!

Have you ever noticed that there are Volkswagens’ on the road with mi-matched and mixed up body panels? You aren’t going crazy!

Special edition “Harlequin” VW Polo’s were issued in the year 1995 all over Europe. One year later, they released the same Harlequin edition, but this time in countries such as the USA and Canada.

They are considered the rarest of limited edition Volkswagen vehicles. You might also notice that not all Harlequin-type VWs’ have equal colour sequences. That’s because the single-colour type cars were produced first, and the hybrid colour body panels were made afterwards.

So the next time you see someone trying to sell a Volkswagen Polo for a low price because it has mismatched colours; snatch it up! It’s a rare one!

Who should I use for car glass repairs and replacements?

There are not many cars that can hold themselves will in just about any situation – but the Volkswagen Polo is one of them. It is our honour to support the safety and security of your Volkswagen Polo with the choicest materials and most professional care feasible.

At UK Car Glass, that’s precisely what we aim to do.

But there are plenty of competitive car glass repair companies, so why choose us?

We offer nation-wide-coverage and will come to you

We travel anyplace within the UK, as as we can reach you via land or bridge. No more will you have to transport yourself somewhere with a dangerously compromised windscreen or section of car glass!

A simple and efficient website

Our website has your convenience implemented in its design. Book at a date and time that works best for your calendar, and have one of our trained professionals come over to your area. No more waiting for weeks or months, one of our technicians can be there in the next couple of days!

Pay through insurance

We accept most UK providers of automobile insurance policies.

Raving reviews from previous clients

Rather hear from others if you don’t want to take our word for it. View our reviews, and you’ll understand that our customer care, quality of business, and glass materials goes above and beyond any of our competitors!

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