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10 Things you Need to Know About Windscreen Calibration

Written by Thomas

Apr 7, 2022

April 7, 2022


10 Things you Need to Know About Windscreen Calibration

Car windscreens are no longer just a piece of glass protecting you from the elements. With added sensors and cameras, modern car technology places them at the centre of your driving experience.

This leap in the motoring industry keeps the roads safer, but it makes windscreen replacements more intricate. One critical factor to consider is windscreen calibration.

Here’s what you need to know about windscreen calibration

1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increase safety on the roads by alerting you to potential hazards. Some of these systems work through sensors and a professionally fitted camera on the vehicle’s windscreen. This extra eye on the road relays information about the car’s surroundings to the ADAS. The system responds and activates automated safety measures when necessary.

2. ADAS technology includes collision warnings, traffic sign recognition, lane-drift warnings, park assist, and pedestrian detection.

3. Some major auto manufacturers have branded versions of ADAS. These include Subaru Eyesight, Kia DRIVEWISE, Honda Sensing, Toyota Safety Sense, and Ford Co-Pilot 360.

4. “Smart windshields” have particular tinted and un-tinted areas on the glass, which allows the camera to “see” the road. The windscreen essentially forms part of the camera lens.

5. Research estimates that ADAS integration in passenger vehicles potentially prevents up to 40% of accidents. Should a crash still occur, it is usually less severe and results in 37% fewer injuries and 29% fewer deaths.

6. ADAS monitors blindspots, pedestrians and animals crossing the road, as well as proximity to objects (such as barriers). For optimal surveillance, you need an accurately calibrated windscreen camera.

7. You will need to recalibrate the windscreen camera if you replace a windscreen, change the suspension or wheel alignment, if the dashboard shows a fault code, or if the camera disconnects.

8. Windscreen calibration adjusts the camera lens to capture an accurate and reliable image of the road and the vehicle. If misaligned by even a few millimetres, it can compromise the technology and result in dangerous driving.

9. There are two types of ADAS calibration: mobile and fixed. Both take approximately one to two hours to complete.

Mobile calibration involves dynamic ADAS

  • The technician uses a hand-held device to calibrate the windscreen. Usually, the technician drives the vehicle at a specific speed, over a certain distance and in ideal weather conditions. It allows the system to get used to certain road features.
  • Different vehicle manufacturers will stipulate specific parameters for dynamic ADAS calibration on their cars.

Fixed calibration uses static ADAS

Calibrations takes place in a specialised workshop. Technicians use manufacturer-supplied equipment to calibrate the camera and sensors.

10. An inaccurate ADAS calibration may fail to provide alerts and can cause the driver to react to false information.

As an example, some ADAS technology triggers emergency braking if an object suddenly appears. If your windscreen has a poorly calibrated camera, the system could bring your car to a sudden unwanted stop.

For safety reasons, it’s essential that a trained professional calibrates your windscreen.

UK Car Glass technicians have decades of combined experience. Our expertise and experience put you and your car in excellent hands. We have state-of-the-art equipment to replace your windscreen and recalibrate the sensors and cameras. Your safety is our top concern.


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