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Nissan Micra Windscreen Replacement & Car Glass Repair

Written by Melvin Brown

Apr 2, 2022

April 2, 2022

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Nissan Micra Windscreen Replacement & Car Glass Repair

Are you suffering in a sea of questions concerning Nissan Micra windscreen replacement and car glass repairs for your Nissan Micra?

Why did this befall me?

Could I have accomplished anything about it?

Why is this so unreasonably expensive?

How is this produced anyway?

For the comprehensive answers to all these topics and more, keep reading farther along, and we’ll answer these puzzles together.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Why is the Nissan Micra so liked?

The Nissan Micra has grown up and is more prolonged and broader than the previous models and now features more contemporary and sharper styling that aims to attract youthful customers. But it’s not entirely on the outside where the Nissan Micra makes a declaration. Its interior layout has a massive improvement with a premium appearance and sense that consumers in this industry will enjoy.

All Nissan Micra derivatives get powered with a Renault-sourced 0.9-litre, 3-cylinder turbo-petrol powerhouse offering 66 kW and 140 Nm of torque which mates with a 5-speed manual transmission. The transmission was found to be sophisticated and immediate regarding changing gears.

All in all, it’s a spicy little hatchback that is on top of its grade regarding class and proficiency.

How is the car glass in a Nissan Micra made?

We construct your Nissan Micra’s car glass from two varieties of glass; laminated and tempered.

Your forward windscreen is created with laminated glass, and every single other division of car glass (such as the side windows and rear windscreen) we forge using tempered glass. But why is this?

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Laminated Glass

This glass is a little hardier and more durable than its tempered equivalent. You create it by bonding two (or more) sheets of ordinary glass with one synthetic interlayer, usually a vinyl-type substitute. These layers are pressed unitedly with incredible strength and then exposed to intense heat levels to bond them together and create a durable type of glass that can take immense pressure levels before cracking.

We produce windscreens from this type of glass to limit the number of glass shards being made and from flying towards the driver and any riders if there is an unexpected impact. We can also repair laminated car glass if a minor amount of damage is concerned, which is very beneficial and cost-effective, considering how highly expensive windscreens are. 

Tempered Glass

This type is the more brittle counterpart (while still being more robust than your standard or “annealed” glass). You produce tempered glass by presenting a transparent sheet of glass to also incredibly high heat levels within a sizeable oven-like structure, to levels going over 600 degrees celsius! 

This glass sheet then experiences a cooling operation known as quenching, where it is pressured and cooled rather rapidly. This technique results in your tempered glass, which, unlike annealed glass, splits into small and comparatively safe pieces when destroyed. 

Due to this, we use tempered glass in situations where human protection is an issue, such as the side and rear windows in cars. We cannot repair this glass variant though, and we must replace it completely every time it is damaged.

Why do cracks and dents appear on the windscreen of my Nissan Micra?

The causes are infinite, and all of them head-ache-inducing. Cracks or dents might scar the lovely surface of your windscreen or make the other segments of your car glass shatter and need repairing. Let’s go over the main two core reasons this might happen:

Impact Type Damage

The most simple and most popular reason you’re hitting your steering wheel in disappointment; small missiles such as rocks being flung up from the freshly covered ground from the vehicle in front of you – or a wandering frisbee being launched by naive children – could discover its way towards striking your windscreen or car glass head-on, at the perfectly right angle and speed to make a crack between the multiple panes that form your windscreen or the singular glass layer that makes up all the rest.

Stress Fractures Type Damage

If your Nissan Micra gets bared to hot and cold temperatures everyday, it runs a more significant risk of stress fractures transpiring. This phenomenon is when the glass panels extend and compress too quickly in too short an amount of time and begin to crack under stress. 

This cause is not a typical reason, but if your Nissan Micra is exhibited for too long to these circumstances, then you’ll find a sudden system of rifts spring up very quickly. This cause is challenging to repair and often needs a complete windscreen replacement done instead of a more uncomplicated repair.

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How can I prevent these cracks and dents from forming on the windscreen of my Nissan Micra?

We can all acknowledge that prevention is more straightforward, cheaper, and more satisfying for everything in life than repairing or replacing. Here are some tips and methods towards getting your Nissan Micra’s windscreen cleared of all cracks for as lengthy a time as possible, baring standard erosion we cand entropy we can do nothing against.

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Have sufficient shelter for your Nissan Micra

Constantly make sure that you hold your Nissan Micra under some shielding safety during the day and at night, even if the best you can do is a fabric car cover to toss over it. This method will protect it from the sun’s harsh rays and the winter’s bite, thus preventing stress fractures from occurring within the layers that make up the windscreen glass.

Having it protected during the daytime can also block random projectiles, such as wind-flung branches and soccer balls, from getting into direct contact with your vehicle.

Don’t throw hot water onto a Nissan Micra’s frozen windscreen

The accelerated and unexpected difference in extreme temperatures could result in it shattering instantly. The last thing you want while getting ready in the morn for work!

Always drive carefully

Maintaining a safe distance betwixt yourself and the car in front of you, never text-and-drive, and constantly being on high alert while moving on the street could mean the distinction between a pleasant drive and a dirty collision. Drive like everyone else on the road is a nincompoop (because odds are; they could very well be).

Keep your Nissan Micra’s windscreen clean at all times

Earth, sand and liquid getting into even a minuscule crack can erode and chip away at the structure within, causing the contaminated gap to degenerate at an extra rapid pace. Clear and drain any cracks up, and cover them with a clear tape to shield them from other damage sources.

What happens if I keep driving around with cracks on the windscreen of my Nissan Micra?

With every decision in life, there are results to be obtained. This reasoning is doubled when you prefer to ignore a safety concern while operating a giant metal machine weighing over a ton and able to reach dangerously high speeds at a thought.

The two main consequences:

You could get in a dispute with the law

Police and authority enforcement deputies don’t take too generously to “Reckless Driving”, which under UK law applies to anybody operating a car with an adequately cracked windscreen to obscure their vision.

This little hindrance of safety can result in three penalty points being connected to your licence or getting fined with a hefty amount of between 250 – 500 pounds sterling.

Your Nissan Micra’s safety could be compromised

Apart from the apparent safety problems concerning not being able to see out of your vehicle with a damaged windscreen and thus placing yourself and other occupants of your car in danger that way, your Nissan Micra’s structural integrity is also jeopardised.

If your Nissan should get into a mishap and end up rolling over, it’s the windscreens and side windows that will help keep its structure in place and block the frame from crumpling in like a discarded crisps packet; crushing all the occupants within. 

Not a cheerful thought, hey?

windscreen rain sensor closeup

How much does a windscreen replacement for a Nissan Micra cost?

We have to consider quite a few determinants when working out your Nissan Micra windscreen replacement’s total cost. Let’s detail what those parts might be and which ones are of the highest importance you know about your prized car before the experts can even come in.

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The Year Of Production

There is a large discrepancy between a 1983 Nissan Micra and one produced this year in 2021.

1983 Nissan Micra model with all the windscreen features possible: £314.36

2021 Nissan Micra model with all windscreen features possible: £480.52

Typically, the later designs have more powerful tech connected into their windscreens, requiring more components and expertise when replacing. 

But the year’s costs may also vary due to the availability of these parts and where they might need to be imported from geographically.

The style of your Nissan Micra

Typically your two doors Nissan Micra come with two style choices; Hatchback and Convertible (ever since 1992 anyway). The old Hatchbacks had more windscreen features but were still less costly to substitute than a Convertible. In later years of creation, the Convertibles started catching up and had more characteristics while still maintaining their higher total costs.

Hatchback: a 1992 Hatchback replacement with all the windscreen pieces costs £314.36

While a 2021 Hatchback windscreen replacement with all the most advanced in windscreen tech will come to a result of £480.52

Convertible: a 1992 Convertible replacement with all the windscreen pieces costs £480.52

While a 2021 Convertible windscreen replacement with all the most advanced in windscreen tech will come to a result of £506.71

Finally, one of the most significant determinants of your windscreen replacement fee will be what windscreen features it has placed:

What windscreen features does a Nissan Micra have installed?

There are only a couple of windscreen features you need to check to see whether your Nissan Micra has installed that could profoundly influence the total windscreen replacement expense.

VIN notch

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN indent is usually positioned at the base of the windscreen’s passenger side, making it possible to see the VIN from outside of the vehicle. This VIN will have to be recorded and placed adequately onto the next windscreen that is being used as the replacement.

Sound-Proof windscreen

Some front windscreens are produced with an extra layer added to the original amount of layers in its production phase. This additional is a viny type layer with sound-dampening qualities that leave your Nissan with a quiet and cosy interior, a true retreat from unwanted sounds.

Green or Blue tint coloured car glass

This feature is mainly found in much older models and can protect your passenger and driver from the harsh effects of the sun’s UV rays and its harsh glare on your eyes during the times of sunrise and sunset.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Where can I go for car glass repairs or replacements for my Nissan Micra?

Fortunately for you, there’s one business that:

  • Offers national and always mobile coverage at all times (as long as it’s accessible by land or bridge)
  • Offers fair and market-competitive rates
  • Utilises only approved and licensed car glass technicians who employ the best quality glass and use the market’s finest tools.
  • Has raving reviews from all its previous clients
  • Operates a well-designed and easy website

HINT: It’s us!

UK Car Glass. Just schedule with the button below now to ensure that your Nissan Micra receives the care it always deserved!

Some interesting Nissan Facts!

With an automotive story that dates back to 1933, Nissan is a business that has several interesting facts behind the brand name:

  • The Nissan headquarters are located in Nishi-Ku, Yokohoma, Japan.
  • The ‘Datsun’ brand name was initially known as Nissan. Later they changed it to Nissan.
  • Nissan is part of a thriving automotive partnership with the French car company Renault. This means that they distribute automotive technology, design, and production support to provide innovative yet cost-effective new vehicle models.


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