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In this article, I’ll be going over the factors that go into windscreen repairing/replacement, such as the costs, who to trust, and how come those damn cracks started appearing in the first place!

Vauxhall Corsa driving past buildings with a replaced windscreen
Driving a Vauxhall Corsa can really bring everything into focus, you know?

Is the Vauxhall Corsa a reliable car?

A joy to drive, and well-equipped with some of the most advanced features of its generation. The Vauxhall Corsa is the upper-class cousin of its Corsa family. It offers a unique blend of performance, prosperity and pleasure. 

Created by a British Automobile manufacturer based in Chalton, Bedfordshire, England, you’ll find that Vauxhall’s vehicle lineup is identical to that of Opel, but the Vauxhall brand is exclusively used in the UK, giving it that genuine sense of patriotism. 

How to deal with a crack on your Vauxhall Corsa windscreen

What’s vital is that you get it repaired as soon as possible, even if the damage only appears very small. If not, you don’t just put yourself in danger, but everyone who is riding with you and any other cars on the road.

You need to have the cracks repaired or the windscreen replaced as soon as possible. Driving with even one small crack unattended could lead to more cracks appearing, compromising the safety of your vehicle. 

These are the situations that will require you to replace (and not just repair) your Vauxhall Corsa windscreen as soon as you can:

  • The windscreen chip is larger than a £2 coin.
  • If a crack on your windscreen is over 3cm away from the pane edge.
  • The crack is within the driver’s field of vision. However, this may still be repairable if the total diameter of the chip is smaller than 10mm.
  • There is a chip that has cracks extending across its diameter.

What causes cracks on my windscreen?

Vauxhall Corsa driving on an open road after having its windscreen replaced
Its just you and your Vauxhall Corsa on the open road.


There are a variety of reasons that your Vauxhall Corsa can develop cracks along its windscreen. 

Here are the primary reasons cracks tend to develop:

Impact – this is the most typical reason your windscreen gets damaged. An object (usually small stones on the road) strikes the glass and causes a break that can result in a minor or major crack. If it’s only a minor crack, it may be possible to block from spreading further by having a simple repair done. But this depends on the size and location of the crack itself.

Stress fracture – this can lead to a crack from extreme temperature changes, a structural problem within the car’s framework, or a defect in the glass from a previously badly-placed windscreen replacement. There is usually no point of impact on the windscreen glass in this case, and repairing is not considered a safe option. 

Dirty Windscreen – A crack that is filled with liquid (from rainfall for example) is more likely to spread faster, due to being tainted.

Where can I get a windscreen replacement for my Vauxhall Corsa?

We have a dedicated team of professionals on hand at all hours, to make sure your windscreen replacement is a pain-free and easy process. Our technicians are extensively trained in car glass repair, and making sure your cars safety features are optimised for the open road. 

We are rated one of the UK’s top windscreen repair facilities, and one of the only companies that can give you any windscreen replacement quote online and provide you with a booking system that allows for efficient workflow and minimal hassle.

Why UK Car Glass?

You can check our reviews from previous clients to judge for yourself our technical abilities and level of customer engagement.

Our prices are highly competitive within the market, and we ensure that all our staff are accredited and courteous at all times. 

What is the quote of a Vauxhall Corsa windscreen replacement? 

Interior shot of a Vauxhall Corsa

When we work out the final price of what the your windscreen replacement quote online would amount to, we have to take into account the full scope of the damage caused. This is where we see whether your windscreen will only need a minor repair, or a full replacement before it’s deemed roadworthy again. 

An average Vauxhall Corsa 2020 model’s windscreen cost between £456.74 – £874.75 with an average cost of £665.74. A Vauxhall Corsa side window replacement can cost around £251.23 for the latest model. 

The price of a Vauxhall Corsa windscreen replacement is highly subjected to the technology and characteristics which interact with the windscreen. Due to this, earlier models of the Vauxhall Corsa will tend to cost less to replace.

Below is a table spanning the average cost of a Vauxhall Corsa’s windscreen replacements from 2013 – 2020:

Vauxhall Corsa Model YearCost for Front WindscreenCost for Rear WindscreenCost for Front windscreen with all latest featuresCost for Rear windscreen with all latest features
2013£369.61£232.53£ 582.82£267.76

What does this cost cover?

  • You get to make use of our mobile service, designed with your comfort schedule in mind.
  • You are provided with expert technician services, who arrive at a time and place of your choosing. No more time-wasters such as driving to a mechanic shop or being forced to wait for hours when you have elsewhere to be. 
  • We work with only fresh and OE-Quality approved and E-approved windscreens, which are made from superior materials and crafted with expert care.
  • Everything will be sorted in terms of clean-up and windscreen disposals leftover from the replacement. 
  • We will transfer any necessary stickers and electronic parking devices over to the replaced windscreen.

How does my windscreen replacement insurance work?

Driving with a clean and clear windscreen
A clean and clear windscreen is essential for safe driving

Reliable car insurances cover the extensive and often expensive costs of repairing a windscreen, although some policies might include deductible expenses of between £100 to £300 for each replacement. If your plan has a deductible replacement fee, your car insurance should cover these charges for you.

However, not all car insurance includes the full range of cost from repairing or replacing the windscreen. To be safe, you should contact your car insurance company so that you are fully aware of what is included and what isn’t within your windscreen repair insurance deal.

At our checkout section, you can choose “Insurance Case” instead of entering your card details. Simply select your insurer and book your appointment with us. We’ll then help you through the process of applying to your insurance company for the cover.

Mobile Windscreen replacements

As one of the UK’s only mobile service providers for all things car glass and windscreen repair, there are several benefits to using our facilities.

Regardless of your location, as long as you’re within the UK we will drive to you.

You don’t need to drive your car anywhere, which saves you both time and keeps you from being on the road with a safety-compromised vehicle.

We make sure to plan with you regarding the best possible date and time for the technicians arrival.

After our technician is complete, they will dispose of the old windscreen. They will then make sure to transfer all vital stickers and documents over and make sure there’s no mess for you to sort out. Simple and pain-free!

What can I do to prevent cracks in my Vauxhall Corsa windscreen?


Avoid any extreme temperatures

When it’s very chilly, apply the defroster up gradually to stop the windscreen from cracking. If achievable, park your automobile out of the sun. Heat prompts the glass to swell, which can make a crack or chip more serious. Direct sunlight is never ideal for cars. The casing and the seal around the windscreen consume heat, which shifts to the glass. The heat alone likely won’t crack the windscreen, but it does increase the odds. As such, a small impact could cause a cracked windshield.

Keep your windscreen clean

If you have a crack or chip that hasn’t been repaired yet, you should guard it against any dirt or moisture, as this can taint the crack, causing it to break more easily, and thus make repairs more complex. Windscreen wiper fluid contains colourants, which can tarnish the area. So that even when the chip is filled and repaired, the result won’t be calm and clear.

Drive carefully

The typical reasons for cracks are rocks and debris that hit your car come from the cars infront of you. When you’re traveling on a gravel path, stay a safe distance away from other vehicles. You can even get gravel blows from freshly repaired roads. If you are spinning gravel into the air as you drive, rather slow down. Don’t follow construction vehicles too close. 

Hail may not be too common an occurrence, but during winter you may find yourself driving in it. Reducing speed during a hail storm can lessen the intensity of the impact on your windscreen and prevent worse damage. If the weather forecast calls for hail, park your car under any shelter available. 

Check your windshield

Small cracks might be hard to notice when you’re driving. It’s a good idea to schedule inspections of your windscreen regularly. Repairing smaller issues quickly and as early as possible will prevent them from transforming into larger problems later on. This also reduces the repairing time. We can repair most cracks and chips in 60 minutes or less, where as windscreen replacements take longer to perform.

What happens if I drive with cracks on the winscreen of my Vauxhall Corsa?

Vauxhall Corsa driving on a fresh road after a new windscreen replacement
Remember to stay safe out on the open road!

The risks involved in driving a car that has even a single crack or more in the windscreen are many, and all of them not worth it. It is within your best interest to keep these in mind when you consider driving on the road with a crack in the windscreen of your Vauxhall Corsa.

Your safety

It takes only a short amount of time before unrepaired windscreens and bad conditions align together to result in tiny cracks transforming your windscreen into a network of cracks, heavily compromising your vision and windscreen integrity. 

This is the section of the car you rely on the most for a full scope of vision in regards to the outside world; including other speeding cars and heavy objects that would cause serious bodily harm when coming into contact with.

Issues with the law

Driving in the UK with a visible crack on your windscreen is classified as dangerous driving, and can result in three penalty points added to your license, or a heavy fine. Replace your windscreen in time to save you future legal problems that will go on permanent records.

Ethics involved

At the end of the day, driving with a cracked windscreen is being a danger to yourself and everyone else. Accidents happen very easily with zero warning, and it is up to each of us to ensure we help improve the odds of everyone on the road by doing our best to have a car that is up to code in terms of safety. 

You need to provide the same level of respect and service that you would expect and deserve from everyone else. This way, everyone has much better odds of getting to their destination safely, which is what we all want right?


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