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BMW X3 Windscreen repair & Car Glass Replacement

Written by Melvin Brown

Apr 30, 2022

April 30, 2022

BMW X3 windsreen replacement

BMW X3 Windscreen repair & Car Glass Replacement

Getting a BMW X3 series windscreen replacement done is like planning a road trip with a car full of tigers; You don’t know what you’re doing, you aren’t sure how the situation got this bad, more problems keep popping up with no one giving you a frank answer, and you’re concerned you’re going to make a deadly mistake with long-term consequences.

Fortunately, you stumbled across this article before that, right? I’m going to help solve any questions you will have, and united, we will sort out this problem, with as few scratches as possible.

Is the BMW X3 a popular car?

The latest 2021 BMW X3 model ranks among the height of the luxury compact SUV classes due to its spacious interior, user-friendly features, strong engine performance, stylish handling, and it’s good old predicted trustworthiness.

It also removed some of the somewhat oddball layout flourishes of the previous X3s. It uses all of BMW’s latest surface designs – such as lines that seem to be rising from behind a thick skin – and wears them very pleasantly.

The new X3 model reclines on a modified version of BMW’s latest longitudinal-engine elements collection. The latest mechanicals and construction methods shave away any excess mass and give the X3 buyer entrance to some very high-level electronics systems.
It’s a car designed for singles and family units alike, making it all the more devastating when harm comes its way.

BMW X3 emblem

How is the car glass for the BMW X3 made?

A sharp question, and one that answers many car glass-related questions you may have had before.

We assemble your BMW X3’s car glass from two categories of glass; laminated and tempered.

Your front windscreen is formed with laminated glass, and each other member of car glass (Eg. the side windows and rear windscreen) were forged using tempered glass.

But why is this? Why not the other way round?

I’ll tell you why.

Laminated Glass – Front Windscreen

This glass is a little more complex and thus more durable than its tempered type equivalent. You can create it by fusing two (or more in some cases) sheets of normal glass with one synthetic interlayer in between, usually a vinyl-type agent. These panels are pressed together machines using incredible strength levels and then subjected to intense heat levels in order to bond them together and thus create a durable type of glass that can resist massive pressure levels before finally cracking.
We produce front windscreens from this type of glass to prevent any kinds of glass shards from flying towards the driver and occupants of the car if there is an unexpected collision. We can also fix laminated glass if there is only a minor amount of damage that has taken place to its surface, which is highly beneficial towards our wallets, considering how incredibly expensive windscreens replacements can be.

Tempered Glass – Back Windscreen & Side Windows

This species of glass is more brittle than laminated but is still more robust than your standard version of glass, also known as “annealed glass”.

You create tempered glass by introducing a regular sheet of glass to amazingly high heat levels within a sizable oven-like structure, with these levels raising up to well over 600 degrees celsius!

This superheated glass then goes through a rapid cooling system known as quenching, where we pressurise and cool it down very rapidly. This procedure results in your beloved tempered glass, which, unlike annealed glass, splits into smaller and relatively safer pieces when destroyed due to a collision or sudden contact.

Due to these properties, we always tempered glass in circumstances where human health and safety might be a cause for concern, such as the side and rear windows in cars during a car accident. We cannot repair this variant of glass, though, and so we must replace it completely every time it is damaged, which isn’t too bad since it’s much cheaper to make and replace than laminated glass.

BMW X3 interior windscreen view

Why do chips and cracks appear on the windscreen of my BMW X3?

The reasons are endless, and all of them head-ache-inducing in one way or another. Cracks or dents are horrid little impurities that might hurt the lovely surface of your windscreen or cause the other parts of your car glass to shatter and need repairing.

To save you time, we’ll only go over the two main core reasons this might happen, as most other reasons usually originate from this.

Force/Impact Type

The most common and most prevalent reason you’re tapping your steering wheel in frustration; small missiles such as stones being flung up from the freshly surfaced ground from the car in front of yours – or a wandering cricket ball being launched by innocent kids. These projectiles could discover their way towards striking your windscreen or car glass head-on at the flawless kind of angle and speed needed to make a crack appear on your windscreen or side windows of your BMW X3.

Stress Fracture Type

If your BMW X3 has to deal with alternating hot and cold temperatures every day, it runs a very likely chance of stress fractures happening. This marvel takes place when the glass panels expand and contract too fast in too short a period of time and thus begin cracking from all this stress (much like its owner when they see cracks appearing and extending across the windscreen of their beloved baby).

This cause is not too typical, but if your BMW X3 is exposed for too long to these kinds of circumstances, then you’ll find a sudden system of cracks springing up very quickly and quite horrifically, I might add.

This kind of damage is highly challenging to repair and will often need a complete windscreen replacement performed instead of a more uncomplicated repair.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

How can I prevent cracks and dents from appearing on the windscreen of my BMW X3?

We can all recognise that prevention is easier, more affordable, and more satisfying for everything in our lives than having to take our car in for repairing or replacing.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use towards getting your BMW X3’s windscreen removed from all cracks for as lengthy a time as possible, notwithstanding any erosion and entropy we can do literally nothing against.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Provide sufficient shelter for your BMW X3

Always make sure that you hold your BMW X3 under some suitable old shielding safety types during the day and at night, even if only the best you can do is utilise a fabric car cover to toss over it whenever you leave it outside for extended periods.

This plan will shield it from the sun’s unrelenting rays and the winter’s frosty bite, thus limiting stress fractures from occurring within the layers that make up your windscreen glass.

Having it guarded and under shelter during the day can prevent random projectiles, like wind-flung branches and soccer balls, from coming into direct contact with your car.

Don’t throw hot water onto a BMW X3’s frozen windscreen

This. Will. Kill. The. Windscreen.

The furiously accelerated and sudden difference in such extreme temperatures from frost to hot could result in it shattering instantly. The very last thing you want while preparing to leave in the morning for work!

Always drive carefully

It goes without saying, but be careful on the road!

Keeping a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you, never texting and driving, and constantly being on high alert while moving on the street could mean the difference between a relaxing drive out and a PTSD-laden car accident.

Just drive like everyone else on the road is actively trying to kill you, and you should survive the trip from point A to point B.

Keep your BMW X3’s windscreen clean and clear at all times

Dirt and moisture getting into even the most minuscule of a crack can erode and chip away at the composition within, causing the tainted crack to degenerate at an extra speedy pace. Clear up and dry any cracks up, and cover them over with a clear tape to protect them from other damage sources until you can get them repaired ASAP.

Can I fix these chips and cracks myself?

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where the crack is tiny, and it’s a case where you are perfectly capable of fixing it yourself. Your nearest hardware store should have various kits, products and guides to DIY repairs.

But there are a few facts you need to be informed about.

 If there are characteristics of the damage that fall under the categories below, you will need to get the damage fixed ASAP and by a car glass professional technician. 

  • Any chip or dent on the windscreen of your BMW X3 is larger than the circumference of a £2 coin.
  • If the crack or chips position is less than 3cm away from the edge of the pane.
  • Whenever the windscreen chip is within the driver’s line of sight regarding the road, obscuring their vision in any meaningful way.
  • If the crack is on the inside of your BMW X3’s windscreen and not on the outside.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

How much does a BMW X3 windscreen replacement cost?

There is no exact quote for every replacement of the car glass of a BMW X3. Many circumstances will need to be analysed, such as the model’s age, the position and variety of the damage, and any car features that interact directly with the windscreen in question.

On average, though, a BMW X3 windscreen replacement for a 2013 model with all the windscreen features would cost around £460.31. And a 2021 model with all the latest features and its exciting ADAS would come to £835.68

Quite the price difference, hey? It’s those windscreen features. They impact the cost heavily. So let’s look into them more closely.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What features does the windscreen of a BMW X3 have?

There are features that your BMW X3 could own that would affect the expense of a front windscreen replacement quite dramatically.

This reason is that when you require the windscreen replacement, it suddenly isn’t as simple as just replacing the glass itself anymore.

You need to have a suitably trained glass specialist who knows how a BMW’s structure works concerning its windscreen placement to either replace the equipment in question and work around it without damaging the car’s features in the process.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Green Tint or Grey sun strip

You might possibly notice a green tint to your BMW X3 vehicle’s glass if it’s an older model and/or a grey sun strip near the top if it’s newer than most.

This feature was designed in mind to protect your eyes from harmful sun exposure. This feature is predominantly used for sunrise and sunset times when the sun’s angle is at its most distracting (and dangerous) level.

Windscreen Camera

This helpful little tool records information while you drive and supports you in becoming more aware of the dangers of the outside world and react better and faster to them. It’s also quite handy for parking without bumping and scratching your baby in the process and to provide invaluable footage in court cases where you need to prove the car accident wasn’t your bloody fault.

Rain Sensor

You can find a rain sensor behind your windscreen and around the rearview mirror of your BMW X3.

It uses light sensor technology to define the amount of moisture or rainfall levels coming into contact with your windscreen. It will send an accordant message to your wipers to adjust themselves automatically.

Windscreen with Noise reduction

Look carefully for the words “Acoustic” or “SoundScreen” or a picture of an ear in one of the windscreen corners. If you find it there, you got yourself some proper and good acoustic glass.

This windscreen type has been created with an extra layer of vinyl to accommodate sound-proofing qualities within your windscreen, thus allowing you and the other passengers some sweet respite from the droning sounds of the external environment. A sanctuary of peace is yours to enjoy (unless you made the mistake of bringing children onboard).

Heads-up Display

A Head-up Display will beam an animated picture of the essential information you’d find highly beneficial when driving your BMW X3.

Head-Up Displays will display everything from speed rates and speed limits to cruise command settings.


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