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Peugeot 208 Windscreen Replacement Service

Written by Melvin

Apr 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Peugeot 208 Windscreen Replacement

Have you found yourself freshly in need of a windscreen replacement for your Peugeot 208? You wouldn’t be alone if you found yourself asking: Why has this happened? Could I have stopped it? Where do I go from hither? Keep on reading to discover all the answers to these topics and more on today’s article; finding a windscreen replacement for my Peugeot 208.

Why is the Peugeot 208 such a popular car?

The latest Peugeot 208 is yet another handsome French supermini from a terrific production line at building excellent small cars. Besides, there isn’t just a new Peugeot 208. There’s additionally a new Peugeot e-208. An all-electric drive, but similar looks, which means no trade-offs in the aesthetics department. No un-original grilles, unsightly nosecones or rougher-around-the-edges paint.No hoopla, no contrivances, just a superb electric choice. If the demand reaches the hype, this could rewrite supermini history as we know it. The Peugeot 208’s new sculpted hood, three-clawed LED light patterns, extensive chrome-flecked grille and notable rear ebony-black trim give it an even more unique expression than its ancestor, as well its viable alternatives. Interior-wise, things have levelled up too, with Peugeot’s familiar i-Cockpit dashboard scheme profiting from a significant step-up in class.

How is the car glass for a Peugeot 208 made?

It’s an interesting question, and might end up answering a few others you had about the Peugeot 208’s windscreen capabilities.

First, lets discuss the car glass which makes up the various segments of your Peugeot 208, comes in two different forms; tempered and laminated.

Tempered (Rear windscreen + side windows)

This variety is the more breakable type (which is still much more robust than your standard glass – “annealed” glass).

You produce tempered glass by baring a sheet of glass to incredibly high heat levels inside a large oven-like structure.

The glass then gets quenched by hosing it with freezing cold water quite rapidly. This method provides you with tempered glass, which fractures into miniature and comparatively harmless pieces when broken.

Because of this property, we tend to utilise tempered glass in settings where human safety might be a concern, such as rear windscreens and side windows in your car.

The one downside is that this glass cannot be restored if damaged in any way and will need to be entirely replaced every time.

Laminated (Front windscreen)

This glass is far more enduring than the tempered equivalent. You build laminated glass by merging two or more glass layers with one plastic layer in-between, generally a vinyl-type synthetic. These layers are bound together with ridiculous pressure levels and then exposed to extreme heat levels to bond. This method produces the strong glass we use for windscreens to take substantial amounts of energy before it starts cracking.

We construct windscreens with laminated glass to stop sharp shards from rushing towards the driver and any passengers if there is an abrupt collision.

We can also fix laminated glass if a trivial amount of damage appears, which helps save money – considering how expensive windscreens can be!

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Why do cracks and chips appear on the cover of my Peugeot 208’s windscreen?

Why-oh-why do terrible things befall good cars? The causes of windscreen damage are numerous, but most can be found under the main categories listed below.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

Impact Damage

The most traditional and familiar reason that chips and dents may appear on the windscreen of your Peugeot 208. Road-rubble or detritus such as small rocks and pebbles (which can mostly be found after a pothole road repair) can be stirred up and rush towards your car’s glass. These flying objects hit your windscreen at the wrong angle with just enough force to cause obvious and repulsive damage.

Stress Fractures

The temperature conditions within the UK are not your friend. With your Peugeot 208 being forced to deal with the blistering chill and boiling heat at both ends of the scale, stress fractures will arise due to contractions and expansions from fluctuating temperatures taking place within the glass of your vehicles windscreen. Less likely to happen than Impact Damage, but more devastating overall.

Weather problems

Blazing storms and moaning blizzards may hardly register as a blip on your radar anymore. Still, the fact of the matter is that these stormy events are doing more than just souring our moods and adding to seasonal depression.

Tossed-around tree branches and hailstones are all contributing to the inevitable erosion of your Peugeot 208’s car glass. Miserable weather also twists our field of vision, providing a greater chance of collisions and consequences.

Poor installations and inadequate quality of glass

Every now and then, you’ll find an “incredible” deal online or on a leaflet on the road, with prices that just “Can’t be beaten!” only to realise that you have the same dilemma within a few weeks.

Inexpensive installations performed by badly-trained technicians are no more beneficial than leaving the problem alone and allowing it to disintegrate further. When the glass is arranged clumsily, the frame and car glass can grate against each other in harmful and unnatural ways. It’s always best to contract the use of authorised technicians who use high-quality glass with OEM-certification.

Accidents / Collisions

Everyone on the road’s nightmare. The dreaded crash, the battering of vehicles, the smashing of glass, the shrieking, the crying, the bills… an entirely tumultuous experience all around.

The consequences of these accidents are usually an entire windscreen replacement (repairs rarely cut it in these cases), and in severe cases – a complete write-off.

What happens when I drive around with a cracked windscreen?

So we’ve gone over the “why-and-how” part of cracks, dents and chips appearing on the windscreen of your precious Peugeot 208, but how about the “What-if?” What happens if I keep driving without handling these troublesome problems, which appear to be only insignificant at this stage?

Compromised structural integrity

Your windscreen is the central component of the various car glass sections that keep your Peugeot 208’s frame in place while you drive and if an accident should occur. With chips and dents compromising this, you enhance your severe injury chances due to sharp shards of glass or even mortal injury from being crushed if the car flips onto its roof.

Police problems

Driving with cracks or dents is categorised as reckless driving and endangerment to everyone else on the street. The consequences could be three penalty points on your license, a hefty fine, or perhaps both. It all depends on the police officer’s judgement regarding how severe the damage could impact your driving and lead to possible accidents.

Distorted view while driving

A small crack or dent may seem like minor problems that have no real influence on your driving at all. But, these are ticking time-bombs that are just anticipating to erupt into a vast network of growing cracks that can cloud your vision and lead to jeopardised safety for yourself, all the passengers in your Peugeot 208, and anyone on the road near you.

The windscreen of your Peugeot 208 is the most important segment for surveying the outside world and its various dangerous elements, and it’s of extreme importance that you keep it neat and transparent at all times.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

How much does a Peugeot 208 windscreen replacement cost?

Regrettably, this question does not have a simple response. Many conditions have to be analysed before the final cost for your windscreen replacement can be quoted. We first have the very basics—the year of production and the style.
windscreen rain sensor closeup

The Year

There is a significant difference between obtaining a windscreen to replace a 2012 Peugeot 208 model and one produced in 2021.

2012 Peugeot 208 SUV model with all the windscreen features available at the time: £334.65

2021 Peugeot 208 SUV with all the latest windscreen features available: £678.54

As we can see by the almost doubled difference in pricing between the two, the later models usually have more advanced tech installed into their windscreens, requiring more parts and expertise when replacing them.

The Style of the Peugeot 208

Since its initial production in 2012, you’ll find there always two options of style to choose from for your Peugeot 208. Each one is beautiful in its way, and each does come with unique features and visual appeals.

SUV: Sleeker and more sporty than its Hatchback relation, the SUV is the more visually appealing and popular model. It encapsulates the sexy side that makes Peugeot 2008s’ so attractive.

The average cost for an SUV style with all windscreen features: £678.54

Hatchback: This style is better suited towards families with extra space and more significant safety features and comfort innovations. It has more windscreen features for around the same price.

The average cost for a Hatchback Style with all windscreen features: also £678.54

The windscreen features of a Peugeot 208

The final price can also be determined by which features your Peugeot 208 has installed. These features are essential for you to know whether you have.

Rain Sensor

Do the windscreen wipers come on and automatically alter their activity depending on much it’s raining? A rain sensor is found by the car glass areas located behind the windscreen and behind the rearview mirror. It initiates itself when any rainfall or copious amounts of liquid comes into contact with the windscreen. It will then adjust and start the windscreen wipers automatically, assisting the driver with any distortions in their field of vision.


You might notice one or two triangular shapes in the black patch near the rearview mirror if you have a camera. A camera on your windscreen is there to help aid the driver with issues like parking and supplying essential rearview vision. It can also provide footage if a car accident occurs and confirm that you, the driver, was not responsible for the offending collision.

Windscreen Noise Reduction

Look for the words “Acoustic” or “SoundScreen” or even any images of ears in one of the four corners. Certain front windscreens have been created with an extra vinyl layer within their creation phase. The additional layer has sound-dampening qualities that leave your Peugeot 208 with a quiet and cosy interior, an ideal sanctuary from annoying outside sounds.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Where can I go to get a windscreen replacement for my Peugeot 208?

At UK Car Glass, we’ll always make sure to handle your Peugeot 208 with the utmost honour and expert care. Here are just a couple of reasons to put our incredible customer service to the test:

We are mobile and can offer nation-wide coverage for your Peugeot 208

No more will you have to drive your car with its cracked windscreen to the most proximate car repair centre, which will save you time and lessens your gamble on the road. And since we travel everywhere within the UK, as long as it is accessible by land, you needn’t worry we’ll leave you in the lurch.

We have a hassle-free online booking website

Our website has been tried and tested to ensure both a comfortable and easy-going experience for any user, no matter their technical or online abilities. Book at a time and date that works inside your schedule, and we’ll send one of our certified and licensed technicians to come over at your preference!

Raving reviews

Check out our earlier customers who made use of our services, and you’ll see that we beat all our competitors out of the ballpark with our reviews. We are proud of our services regarding client engagement, professional responsibility, and quality of service.

Interesting Fact about the Peugeot 208!

An Electric Peugeot Was Founded in 1941!

The Peugeot company first launched the small electric vehicle, identified as the VLV, in 1941 – to help solve possible fuel restrictions. But the production of these cars stopped due to World War II. A couple of years after the war, the Peugeot 203 came to be on the market, establishing new sales records. In the 1960s, the last of these electric vehicles were produced.

And now, coming full circle, these Peugeot 208 are coming back in electric options! They were true innovators of their time!

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