Looking for a Ford Mondeo windscreen replacement while also asking some of life’s deepest questions? Like:

Why did this happen? Could I have stopped it? Where do I go from here? 

Oh the Car-manity of it all!

Just keep reading on, and all these questions (and many others you might not have even thought to ask) will be answered.

Why do people love the Ford Mondeo?

Charcoal Ford Mondeo on the road with new windscreen replacement just done

The Ford Mondeo is a bloody fantastic vehicle to drive. It has all the benefits of a superior internal space offered by the bigger boy, but enough streamlining in its structure to provide its rider with very decent mileage. Currently, it offers around 850 miles on a 70-litre tank.

Its superb steering means smooth-riding regardless of any terrain thrown its way, and its 123bhp diesel-powered engine can offer powerful bursts in all the essential spots. Its an automobile with a plan, and ideal for large family or professionals on the go who need to get stuff done while looking good doing it.

How is the car glass in my Ford Mondeo made?

Brand new Ford Mondeo

The windscreen of your Ford Mondeo and the side passenger windows and rear windscreen are made from different car glass types.

The front windscreen is constructed from a sturdier type called laminated glass. The other sections are made from tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

This type of car glass is created to endure far more suffering than the other car glass sections will go through before shattering into pieces.

The reasoning behind this is to limit deadly cuts from shards of glass during the event of an accident and prevent any vehicle occupants from being flung through the windscreen during a collision. This glass is also simpler to repair so that you have the option to fix any scratches and cracks instead of needing to replace it every single time.

Laminated glass is two glass sheets joined together with a polyvinyl layer in between. Once set together, these sheets get welded by intense levels of heat.

Tempered Glass

This glass is explicitly devised in mind to fragment more easily than its laminated counterparts. These glass shards are more petite and have rounded edges instead of sharp lines, which won’t injure anybody they come into contact with.

The flaw is that if a crack does appear from any source damage, you can’t get it repaired- it requires a proper replacement each time.

Tempered car glass is created by rapidly heating and then sudden cooling a single glass layer.

Why do cracks appear the windscreen of my Ford Mondeo?

Silver Ford Mondeo parked on the road

Several factors contribute towards cracks and dents starting to appear on your Ford Modeo’s windscreen. Some will end with only minor blemishes that can be easily repaired, while others could end in an extensive network of cracks.

Force damage

Typically the most common reason you’ll run to problems that concern your windscreen would be from a plethora of impact sources such as small rocks, pebbles or roadside debris that can be flung with just the right amount of force towards your windscreen to crack one of the layers. These are usually small cracks and don’t require immediate attention, but should not be left unattended for too long.

Fluctuating temperatures

Expansions and contractions caused by changes in the temperatures your Ford Mondeo is exposed to daily can have gradual wear and tear effects. However, rapid changes might cause enough stress in a short amount of time could result in an instant shattering effect.

Case in point; pouring boiling hot water on your windscreen to clear it of any frost or ice from the night before. This is very bad, do not do this.

Weather storms and detritus

Force damage and fluctuating temperatures can come from the extremes that UK weather can sometimes inflict on its occupants. Sizzling sunlight and icy winds will play havoc with your car glass, and branches flung about by strong winds and falling hailstrom will work in unison to cause the most damage possible. It’s nefarious at times I tell you. 

Collisions or car accidents

The big daddy of “terrible things that can happen to your Ford Mondeo.”

Car accidents are the bane of every drivers existance, and the fear that keeps us up at night. Distracted drivers on their phones, children and pets running across the road at inopportune times, and a wide variety of factors outside our control can result in what we pray might only be a minor fender-bender, but could also be a complete write-off of a collision, with every piece of glass shattered and broken.

Badly-done car glass replacements

I know how the siren call of a “great deal” can be alluring when the purse-strings are tight. I really do. But using the services of a cheap car repair facility who employ technicians who have no understanding or proper training on the various car parts and how they interact with your Ford Mondeo’s car’s glass. By utilizing shoddy tools and lower-quality worksmanship, you run the risk of findg yourself in the exact some predicsment you were in before you contacted them for their services.

How much does a Ford Mondeo windscreen replacement cost?

Interior car shot

There are many factors that influnce the total cost what a windscreen replacement for your Ford Mondeo.

The Year

Ford Mondeo’s have been produced by the Ford Motors Company since 1993 up until 2020 and it looks like they have no intention of stopping yet. A Ford Mondeo 2020 model with all the latest windscreen features will £768.05. While a 1993 model with its many lesser features available will cost £454.81. 

However if we look at the median age group of 2012, a Ford Mondeo with all its windscreen features would cost £1067.01 to replace. This higher number is due to the specific materials used during its production, and the difficulty availing the necessary parts. It is therefore very important in the cost factoring what year your Ford Mondep was produced.

The Style

Later models of the Ford Mondeo come in three distinctive styles; Saloon, Hatchback and Estate. Each is resplendant in its own way but each does come with slightly differing costs.

A 2020 Saloon model with all its windscreen features will cost £677.92

A Hatchback: £768.05 (its has a number of windscreen features more available than the Saloon).

And a 2020 Estate will also cost £768.05 as it has the exact same features offered as the Hatchback.

Earlier models of the Ford Mondeo don’t come with these style options and will not be a factor in the final online quote of your windscreen replacement.

What windscreen features does a Ford Mondeo have?

Each model, year and style of your Ford Mondeo will have different features available that interact directly with its windscreen, contributing to the overall materials, parts and expertise required to properly perform the replacement.

Bellow are the possible features your Ford Mondeo might have.

Rain Sensor

Rain sensors use light point technology to determine exactly how much rainfall or moisture is coming into contact with your windscreen at any one time and send signals to your windscreen wipers  to adjust their movements accordingly. A useful tool to fight off driver-distractions.

Noise reduction

In addition to the glass layers used to construct laminated windscreen glass, some are created with an additional vinyl layer that containts sound-proofing qualites that can mute and dampen noises from the outside of your Ford Mondeo, providing a sanctuary of silence and tranqulity.

Electrical Heating

By placing an additional wire throughout the windscreen glass, an electrical current can be gently spread throughout the entire section of glass, heating it up- allowing you to easily melt any ice or fog from your line of sight, while also providing the occupants of the car with an extra element of comfort from the warmth.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings, like Armor Shield IX, can be applied to car paint, wheels, fiberglass, vinyl wraps, PPF, and your Ford Mondeo’s windscreen in order to provide it with that extra layer of strength and allow it to take even further levels of punishment before breaking.


A small camera located just behind the windscreen and rearview mirror can help you with parking assitance, complete rearview vision at all times, and helpful footage to help prove your innocence in the case of a car accident that wasn’t your fault by providing video evidence.

How can I prevent cracks and dents from appearing?

Preventing cracks and dents is simpler and cheaper than replacing them entirely.

Keep your Ford Modeo covered and protected 

Constant exposure to the elements will mean your Modeo is in danger of being hit by random projectiles ranging from small rocks to wind-flung branches and children-kicked toys/balls.

Make sure you over underground parking as much as possible to delay any stress fractures taking place over time and to prevent gradual erosion and general wear and tear.

Clean your windscreen often

A dirty windscreen is an unhappy piece of car glass. And unhappy ones tend to erode and shatter faster just out of principle- and also due to any tainting brought on by water and dirt mixing in with exisiting cracks and causing erosion decay to go into overdrive.

Drive carefully on the road

Driving while texting, or riding as close has humanely possible to the rear of the vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to always be paying attention while driving. A small child or runaway pet can either be a scary near-accident, or a moment that will haunt you for the rest of your life. So be careful.

Schedule regular examinations of your windscreen.

Tiny portions of damage will be invisible to a glance, but consistent inspections will allow you to snip future problems in the bud by arranging for repairs instead of entire replacements. This small decision on your part can save you many headaches and £££ in the future.

What happens if I drive around with cracks on my windscreen?

There are more than a few dire consequences to saying “damnit all” towards getting your windscreen repaired or replaced when there in a need to do so.

Car safety can be compromised

Apart from the obvious problem of not having a clear field of vision due to said cracks and dents, your Ford Mondeo’s structural integrity is at risk. When a car accident takes place, and there’s a rollover, it is the car glass sections that prevent the frame from crumpling in like a crushed pepsi can.

With cracks on your windscreen, its far more likely that your windscreen or driver and passenger side windows will shatter instead and be unable to provide their intended level of possibly-life-saving support.

You can feel the strong arm of the law

If a officer of the road finds you driving around with a sufficiently cracked screen, they can charge you with reckless driving, and under UK law, slap you with a hefty fine of up to £500 and/or three penalty points on your license.

Where should I go to get my Ford Mondeo’s windscreen replaced?

There’s a friendly neighborhood car glass technician company that has locations all over the UK, and offers only the best services, accredited profesionals and highest-quality materials. 

Its us. Its UK Car Glass.

But why us in particular?

We travel anywhere and provide nation-wide coverage

Be it land, or land accessible by a bridge within the UK, we are there and we will be prepared to help you in any terrain or situation where your Ford Mondeo needs repairing or replacing of car glass.

User-friendly website and straightforward booking system

We have refined and perfected our website and booking system to ensure you have a hassle-free time booking a time and date that works best for your schedule. Payment can be accepted via insurance and we don’t make you wait weeks or even months for a technician. Your time is important and we respect that.

We have 5 star reviews from our previous clients

You shouldn’t just take our word for it, trust others who have used our services before for glass repairs and replacements. You’ll see that we always ensure that each of our clients are treated with respect, in a punctual manner, and within the most polite and efficient manner possible.


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