The process of getting a windscreen replacement can be a laborious and complex one, with more puzzles springing up instead of viable answers.

In this article, I will resolve any and all queries you might have on the subject. Hopefully, along the way, you’ll also get a deeper insight into the backend processes that occur, from the windscreen’s initial construction to it arriving at your vehicle for a replacement.

Where should I go to get my windscreen replacement or repair done in the UK?

Shattered side window tempered car glass

If there’s one company you can always trust to bring your automobile for the best professional care regarding car glass repair and replacements, it’s UK Car Glass.

You’ll find any of our centres nationwide available through our free mobile service and easy-to-use website, where we will then arrange to come to you, instead of the other way round! 

Our mobile service is on offer all year round from 9 AM until 5 PM, and our specialists will drive to any area which we can reach on land or via a bridge. 

What are all the steps to getting my windscreen repaired/replaced?

The excellent news is that it’s a relatively simple process to replace a windscreen or other sections of car glass, and we pride ourselves on doing it at a fair price. 

The first step is admitting you have a problem; you realise you need a repair or replacement for your vehicle.

The second step? You go to our homepage and fill out all the essential details on our web form.

Our website will ask you to confer the following information:

  • Your licence plate number.
  • Which section of car glass you need repairing/replacing (Eg: your front windscreen/rear windscreen).
  • The make, model, style and year the car was produced.

We will also ask for the ideal destination to where you’d like us to send someone on a date in your calendar that suits you best. 

Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for us to fix the problem for you! 

Our car glass specialist will call you on the agreed-upon morning to confirm all is well to head over to you, and once more, half an hour before they arrive.

How much does a windscreen replacement generally cost?

Shiny new windscreen replacement

We will need some critical bits of information from your first before determining the total cost of your car glass repair or replacement and sending one of our glass technicians your way. 

When we calculate the value of your windscreen replacement, we have to consider several determinants.

Windscreen replacements can range anywhere from £150 to £1000 to complete. 

The three most important factors?

The car make, model, and year of production.

The Car Make 

The expression “make” arises from the phrase automaker, which informs us which company built that particular car—for example, Toyota, Ferrari or Audi. The more luxurious the company make, the higher the costs incurred will be due to the more expensive parts being required for the job.

The Car Model 

The car model is the word used by the vehicle manufacturers to differentiate their diverse ranges of cars.

For example, the BMW models’ name difference would be the BMW 1 Series and the BMW X 2. The same company made the two cars, but they are both a whole different breed of vehicle regarding features and designs. 

The Year Of Production

The year they assembled your car plays a key role in the total cost estimation. The Audi A6 manufactured in 1991 versus the Audi A6 in 2021 will have less complicated characteristics and features, making it more convenient and cheaper to replace. 

What is ADAS?

ADAS interacting with the windscreen and car glass

ADAS is another feature that is important in determining the total cost for a windscreen replacement or repair.

This stands for advanced driver-assistance systems. In other words, it was formed to boost vehicle security and offer greater convenience to the driver and passengers of the car.

How ADAS does this by notifying the driver of any potential dangers and – when needed and if feasible – launching safeguards that support you with the previously mentioned threatening situation. 

Features like aided braking and adaptive cruise handling as two quite common examples. ADAS that work within car glass and windscreens are typically a windscreen camera, electronically heated or soundproofed windscreens and a Heads-Up display, to name a few.

What windscreen features does my vehicle have?

With cars obtaining more impressive and showy gadgets over the years, it was only a matter of time before they started becoming one with your vehicle’s glass sections as well as all the other parts. There is quite a variety of ones your car could potentially own, and it’s quite vital that you’re aware of each one situated within your vehicle. For your daily benefit, but also as you need to let any car glass specialists know about them beforehand, so they can bring the correct glass type and tools along for the job. 

Rain Sensor

By employing light sensor technology to determine how much moisture is touching your windscreen rain sensors support in the war against driver’s distractions. 

It guarantees that your field of vision never becomes too distorted by rainfall without you noticing.

Once a set amount of precipitation (or any liquid really) gets into contact with your windscreen, a warning is sent to the windscreen wipers to alter their action respectively.

Acoustic Windscreens

By adding an extra additional layer of vinyl to your laminated windscreen, it will now gain valuable sound-dampening qualities and thus produce a refuge of silence inside of your car. The outer world’s noise levels will slip away into oblivion as you drive, along with all your earthly worries.

Windscreen Camera

This inventive little device records video data while you drive and assists you in growing more aware of the outside environment in order to react better and faster to possible threats. It’s also helpful for parking perfectly and effortlessly on the initial attempt. It also provides valuable footage towards those vexatious court situations where you have to prove the car accident mishap wasn’t “entirely your fault”.

Green Tint & Grey Sun Strip

You might be aware that certain vehicles’ car glass all have a slight greenish hue or that their windscreens have a grey piece bar near the top.

These both serve similar functions; eliminating the sun’s blinding glare and preserving your skin from its harmful UV rays. 

It’s a full day’s job (get it?); the times you’re most prone to be blinded are in the morning and sunset when the sun rises and sets, and the midday is when the sun’s rays have the highest potential to damage your skin.

Electrically Heated Windscreens

Electrically heated glass is produced when they triple-glaze the glass, letting them carry electronically-controlled warmth, thus offering your car heated luxury. It also supports against the driver’s eternal worry of erosion and visibility problems produced by frost crystallisation or blizzard-type damages.

Heads Up Display

What Head-Up Displays do is transmit a picture of the essential information you’d find highly beneficial when operating your car on the road. 

It’s beamed directly onto the windscreen before you. 

Most head-up displays will present essential stats like your driving speed and helpful directions.

What is my car glass made of?

cross section of a windscreen and its pieces of car glass

When you study cars and the numerous glass components that get installed within them, you’ll encounter two classes of glass, either laminated or tempered variants.

Front windscreens are always laminated, and every other type of car glass – like those placed in the rear windscreen and side-door windows – are the tempered type.


Although not exempt from the consequences of shattering, they designed this type of car glass to endure far higher levels of punishment than any other car glass sections.

Their reasoning for this? To prevent any life-threatening injuries occurring due to sharp shards of glass coming into perform during sudden accidents and favourably stop any vehicle’s occupants from going through the windscreen during the said collision. 

This glass standard is also more straightforward to repair in cases where it has minor damages so that you do not need to reinstate a whole new windscreen whenever it gets damaged, which saves you both on time and money.

You can create Laminated glass by connecting two glass sheets with a polyvinyl layer in between them. Once ordered together, these sheets are welded by high heat levels and then doused by cold water to form laminated glass.

Tempered Glass

This species of glass is created primarily in mind to break and disintegrate more readily than laminated windscreens. The glass shards from this breakage are minuscule and have rounded edges instead of sharp ones, which won’t harm anybody it comes into contact in the event of an accident.

The unfavourable side effect of this design is that if a crack does develop (maybe from a rock hurled from the road or a tree branch slung about in the breeze), you can’t just get it repaired; it requires a full replacement time whatever the levels of damage might be. 

Luckily this glass is more inexpensive and simpler to make than laminated glass.

What are the most likely causes for cracks to appear on my windscreen?

cracked windscreen

There are quite a few causes for cracks and dents to start appearing on your windscreen or other sections made from car glass. Some will result in only minor blemishes that can be easily repaired, while others could end up in a spreading network of fractures.

Impact Damage

This type is the most frequent and rational reason cracks or chips will arise on your car’s glass surface. Whenever you drive along a newly paved road or one filled with gravel and rocks, small road rubble can be shaken up from the ground and knock against your windscreen with enough determination to deliver adequate damage to the layers of glass.

Stress Fractures

Whenever your car’s windscreen is confronted with drastic shifts in temperature, like intense heat from a hot day’s worth of sunlight and cold from a blistery wind, it increases the risk of conceiving a stress fracture.

This event occurs when fluctuating temperatures prompt the glass layers to shift and adjust rapidly, which causes extensive damage. Gradual changes over time will gently deteriorate and rend your car’s glass. Still, an accelerated transition in temperatures (such as drenching boiling liquid over a frozen windscreen to de-thaw it) can cause it to shatter immediately.

Weather storms and similar type debris

Menacing hailstorms and freezing winds can threaten to undermine the status of our car glass. Wind blowing around tiny objects can hit our vehicle at the worst time in the worst way. Icy roads might lead to significant car accidents occurring, which could result in far-reaching levels of damage.

Collisions or car accidents

Every driver’s worst horror; a negligent driver, a critter suddenly running across the road, generally terrible timing- all situations that can incite car accidents which vary from a trivial fender-bender to an absolute write-off.

Badly-done car glass replacements

If you hire car glass technicians who don’t acknowledge the complexities of how a car’s glass cooperates with its complicated parts or if they use shoddy materials… in this case, you’ll find yourself requiring them again within an agonisingly short time. 

Shoddier options usually end up costing more.

What conditions need to be in place for a windscreen replacement?

Car glass makes up the most essential parts of your vehicle

Just a few notes you’ll need to make before we can send one of our pros your way for a windscreen repair or car glass replacement:

  • The area must be available to reach by land or through a bridge, so we can drive to your location.
  • There must be sufficient shelter from the elements. When it’s raining, or if there’s a powerful wind, we will need some cover to complete a car glass replacement.
  • After the windscreen replacement is complete, your car will need to stand stationary for at least thirty minutes, in order for it to settle properly into place.
  • You need to make sure you have given the accurate details to the car glass technician to ensure we don’t bring the wrong shape or type of windscreen, causing unnecessary delays.


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