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Toyota Yaris Windscreen Replacement and Car Glass Care

Written by Melvin Brown

Apr 7, 2022

April 7, 2022

Toyota Yaris Windscreen Replacement and Car Glass Care

Toyota Yaris Windscreen Replacement and Car Glass Care

Looking for a Toyota Yaris windscreen replacement whilst also asking yourself some of life’s most profound questions?

Why did this happen? 

Could I have stopped it? 

Where do I go from here? 

Just keep on reading, and I will answer all these questions (and many others you likely haven’t even thought to ask).

Why is the Toyota Yaris such a popular car?

Dependable and efficient, the ever subcompact Yaris is Toyota’s least expensive car. Its excellent fuel economy and robust sedan designs within the automatic transmission make it the ideal vehicle for singles and small families alike. In 2019 alone, it made over 224,000 sales in the USA alone, taking a big chunk of the 7.6 per cent share of the B-segment market.

It also helps that it’s a handsome machine.

The folded rear-end and the discretionary two-tone paint job (£1,180 in pearlescent design) means it’s iconically Toyota, and you’ll spend most of your time operating the wheel while looking at those sexy rear arches in your rear view wing mirrors.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Why did cracks appear on the windscreen of my Toyota Yaris?

WHY do disturbing things befall good cars? The sources of windscreen damage are infinite, but you’ll find most under the chief categories listed below.

Force Damage 

The most widespread and common reason that cracks and dents may develop on the windscreen of your Toyota Yaris. 

Road-rubble or rubbish such as small rocks and pebbles (which you’ll frequently find after a pothole street repair) can be churned up and flung towards your car’s fragile glass. These flying things can hit your windscreen at just the right angle with sufficient enough force to result in one of those offensive cracks appearing to scar the surface of your windscreen or side car windows.

Stress Fracture Damage

Shifting temperatures all around the UK are not your buddy. 

By forcing your Toyota Yaris to deal with the blistering cold and boiling hotness at both ends of the spectrum, stress fractures can and will arise due to multiple contractions and expansions from fluctuating temperatures occurring within the glass of your vehicles windscreen. This method is far less likely to happen than Impact Damage but can be more devastating overall.

Weather-related Damage

Screaming storms and frost-bitten blizzards may hardly register as a blip on your radar anymore since you live in the UK. 

However, these tumultuous events are doing more than just souring our daily moods and adding up our seasonal depression score.

Wind-flung tree branches and bundles of hailstones are all adding to the inevitable erosion of your Toyota Yaris’ car glass sheets. Poor weather also distorts our scope of vision, presenting a greater chance of accidents and adverse outcomes.

Cheap Car glass Facilities

Now and then, you’ll find one of those “incredible” deals online or on a pamphlet on the road, with costs that just “can’t be beat!” only to achieve the realisation that you’ll have the same car glass dilemma within a few months. 

Cheap installations operated by badly-trained car glass practitioners are no more profitable than leaving the problem alone and hoping for the best. When the car glass section is installed clumsily, the frame and car glass pieces can grind against each other in unhealthy and cruel ways. It’s always best to enlist approved professionals who use high-quality glass with OEM certification and industry level tools.

Car Collisions

Your worst freaking nightmare. The dreaded bang, the battering of car pieces, the shrieking of broken glass, the crying, the sorrow, the quotes to fix – an overall violent experience any side you look at it.

The consequences of these accidents are typically an entire windscreen replacement (repairs seldom cut it in these circumstances), and in drastic cases – a complete write-off of your baby.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

How much does a Toyota Yaris windscreen replacement cost?

A few factors are required to note down and inform your car glass technician. This will ensure the correct windscreen for your particular Toyota Yaris is brought along and will ultimately determine the total cost of your windscreen replacement.

When we calculate the entire expense of your windscreen replacement, we have to consider several factors. The three most important factors that determine this cost are the car make, model, and production year.


The phrase “make” arises from the term automaker, which notifies us which company produced that car. In this case, it’s Toyota. 


The car “model” is the term applied by the car companies to sell their different ranges of same make cars. For example, the Toyota models’ difference would be the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Prius +. Same make, yes. But a whole different variety regarding features, specs and styles. 


The year they produced your car plays an essential role in the total cost. The Toyota Yaris manufactured in 1999 versus the Toyota Yaris built in 2021 will have less advanced features and specs, making the parts more accessible and economical to replace. 

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What windscreen features does my Toyota Yaris have?

There are quite a few windscreen features you need to investigate to see whether your Toyota Yaris has installed, as these could profoundly influence the total windscreen replacement expense.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor in your car recognises any rainfall or moisture that makes contact with the windscreen, uses light sensor technology, and automatically sets its wiper movement accordingly.

The rain sensor assists in your ongoing battle against driver distraction. The rain sensor can be found attached to the car glass behind the windscreen and just behind the rearview mirror.


This convenient little instrument records data while you drive and supports you in becoming more conscious of the dangers of the external world and respond better and faster to them. It’s also quite helpful for parking without hitting and scratching your vehicle in the process. It provides invaluable footage in court cases where you are required to confirm the car accident wasn’t your bloody fault.

Noise Reduction windscreen

Look particularly for the words “Acoustic” or “SoundScreen” or depict an ear in one of the windscreen edges. If you notice it there, you got yourself some proper and excellent acoustic glass.

This windscreen model has been created with an additional layer of vinyl to provide sound-proofing qualities within your windscreen, thus granting you and the other passengers some fresh release from the droning noises of the outside environment. A haven of peace is yours to enjoy.

LiDar / Radar

Do you have a road assistant companion in your Toyota Yaris? 

The LiDAR machine emits speedy laser signals, often up to 150,000 pulses per second! These signals bounce back from any obstacles. The sensor located on this instrument then measures the amount of time it takes for each pulse to hop around. With this data, the tool can calculate the gap between itself and any such obstacle with exact precision. It can also distinguish the precise dimensions of the object. 

Through this, LiDAR is utilised to make high-resolution diagrams and maps to help you gain full awareness of your surroundings, even in spots you can’t see with the human eye.

Heated Windscreen Sensors

This tool is used to prevent moisture and frost from entering the sensor area and messing up the instruments your Toyota Yaris uses to assist you while driving.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What happens if I keep driving with cracks on the windscreen of my Toyota Yaris?

There are three striking outcomes with driving around with a cracked windscreen on your Toyota Yaris; Law problems, Safety problems, and Ethical problems.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Law Problems

Within UK law, any officer has the authority to fine you a pretty large fee or employ three penalty points to your license (or even both in some cases) if you have enough damage on the windscreen of your vehicle. The extent of the penalty depends upon the extensivity of the cracks and how distorted your vision is.

Safety Problems

The windscreen panes and other car glass sections complete several safety functions within your Toyota Yaris. It might seem like their only job is to support with clear vision while safeguarding you against outside elements, but if they’re broken or split, that indicates your car’s structural frame is compromised as well.

Car glass works to keep the structure securely in place in case your Toyota Yaris gets into an accident or rollover due to a collision. If cracks have already degraded the glass at this stage, it is far more inclined to shattering. In this case, the car glass will not stop the frame from collapsing inwards and pulverising the driver and passengers.

Moral Ethics

Suppose you choose to drive around with a cracked windscreen or any other segment of car glass and decide not to get it repaired promptly. 

In that case, you’re wilfully placing your life, the lives of your riders, and everyone near you on the road in unnecessary jeopardy. 

Attempting to save some money by neglecting your windscreen problems or lingering on getting repairs done due to the possible admin annoyances that come with fixing it is not worth a mark on your record or living with the crime of harming/terminating another person’s story.

How can I prevent cracks and chips from appearing on my Toyota Yaris’ windscreen?

Luckily, there are many techniques you can put in place to ensure that you prevent any chips from appearing on your windscreen’s beautiful surface. And blocking future damage is more loving, more flexible, and much cheaper than repairs or complete replacements.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Always provide good shelter 

When it’s freezing, use the defroster in your Toyota Yaris gradually to limit the windscreen from cracking due to rapidly fluctuating temperatures (Stress Fractures, remember?). 

If possible, always park your Toyota Yaris out of the sun. Heat forces the glass to expand, commencing the process of a crack or chip becoming more serious. Thus, constant direct sunlight is never fitting for any car. This shelter will also defend your car glass from force damage caused by any random flying missiles (such as golf balls or children’s toys) or weather-type weapons such as hailstones and wind-flung tree branches.

Clean your windscreen 

If you have a crack, you should protect it against coming into contact with any dirt or moisture, as this can taint the damage site. It will benefit you to put a clear piece of tape over it to shield it, as windscreen wiper fluids can include colourants in their ingredients, which then coat the area and lead to unsatisfactory results even after a successful repair.

Drive very carefully on the road

The usual reasons for cracks are road debris and missiles that smack against your car, churned up from the vehicles in front of you. 

When you’re moving on a stony path, delay a safe distance away from any other automobile.

By decreasing your speed during a hail storm, you can reduce the level of their impact against your windscreen and thus restrict the amount of damage.

Where should I go for windscreen replacements and other car glass care for my Toyota Yaris?

At UK Car Glass, we strive to offer the best attainable service at the most affordable and convenient prices on the market.

But there are plenty of competitors out there in terms of car glass repair enterprises, so why take our word over theirs?

We offer you Nation-wide-coverage

We can head to your location anywhere within the UK, as long as it’s possible to travel there through land or bridge. You’ll no longer need to transport yourself someplace within a severely compromised windscreen while harbouring other splintered sections of car glass! Yay!

An efficient website

Our website has your comfort in mind with its design. Schedule an installation at any day and time that operates most suitably for your calendar, and we’ll assign one of our qualified experts to head over at that slot.

Raving reviews from previous clients

Learn about us from others if you’d like.

By examining our past reviews, and you’ll recognise that our customer care, quality of work from our proficient technicians, and glass material merit surpasses that of any of our closest competitors!

Book with us today, and give your Toyota Yaris the service it deserves!


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