Are you traversing the internet looking for solutions to your Peugeot 207 windscreen replacement problems? You aren’t the only one. 

In this article, I’ll be covering all the necessary and burning questions like:

Why did these horrid cracks appear?

How could I have stopped them?

What now?

Why are windscreens so damn expensive?

Along with many other questions you may or not have.

But first, let’s have a look at the Peugeot 207 itself.

Why do people like the Peugeot 207?

Grey Peugeot 207 after a  Windscreen Replacement

Thanks to its winning combo of stylish looks and economical engines, the Peugeot 207 continues to be a trendy car for many, and for a good reason.

Despite being known as a smaller supermini among cars, it holds plenty of space potential and gets you safely from Point A to B with excellent fuel usage and steady driving mechanics in place. It can easily handle itself on the road with the bigger boys and has been shown multiple times to be an incredibly safe automobile in the event of an actual accident.

It has received a fantastic reception across multiple European racing channels and championships, and if that doesn’t convince you its great for you and your loved ones on the average road (along with its sharp looks), then I don’t know what will.

Interesting Fact about the Peugeot 207!

Black sporty Peugeot 207 after a  Windscreen Replacement outside

Two things that stood out as fascinating to me about the Peugeot brand was that A) The very first Peugeots had three wheels, and B) They produced and manufactured Military cars during the first World War!

That’s quite a leap, hey? 

In 1886, Peugeot came out with their first line of cars designed by a Mr Leon Serpollet; steam-powered and bearing three wheels. Due to the heaviness and long warming-up process, this design was dropped in favour of the four-wheel one we so love today, although it took four years to do so.

And then that pesky War came along, and productions for civilians cars were dropped in favour of military-level creations. They were one of the foremost producers of arms, military tanks, bicycles, and shells. Once World War I was finished and sorted, they got right back into manufacturing cars.

I don’t know about you, but if it’s good enough for the army and good enough for almost 150 years of production, it’s good enough for me!

Why do cracks appear on the windscreen of my Peugeot 207?

Interior shot with man looking in rear view mirror of a Grey Peugeot 207

There are two major reasons that cracks might suddenly or slowly develop over time on your Peugeot 207’s windscreen; either from Impact Damage or Stress Fractures.

Impact Damage

The common reason; something hit your windscreen, probably quite hard. Small stones being flung up from the ground, a wind-flung tree branch, hailstones from a sudden storm, or an errant child’s frisbee soaring towards your Peugeot’s windscreen at just the right velocity and angle to cause cracks or dents to appear; these are all quick-fire reasons for us to bang our heads on the steering wheel in frustration. 

Depending on the point of impact, and the force it hit the windscreen with, this might be cause for either a simple repair (cheap and quick to fix) or in the worst-case scenario, a complete windscreen replacement (less affordable, longer time to fix).

Stress Fractures

This cause is less common and much more subtle on the eye than Impact Damage. If your Peugeot 207 is continuously exposed to fluctuating temperatures (hot sunny days and freezing cold nights), then the glass layers that make up your windscreen will expand and contract, putting a strain on them.

Stress Fractures can erode the structural integrity over a long time or cause it to happen very suddenly; for example, if you pour boiling water on an iced-over windscreen, it can shatter instantly (so, make sure never ever to do that).

What happens if I drive around with cracks on the windscreen of my Peugeot 207?

There are three major consequences towards driving around with cracks on your Peugeot 207’s windscreen; law problems, safety problems and ethical problems.

Law Problems

Under UK safety law, an officer is allowed to fine you a hefty fee or apply three penalty points or both, if you have a sufficient level of cracks, dents or other parts of damage to the windscreen of your car. The degree of the punishment is entirely up to their discretion.

Safety Problems

The windscreen and other car glass sections (rear windscreen, side windows) all serve multiple safety functions within your Peugeot 207. They help you see clearly the outside world while being protected from the elements and any hazardous items. If they’re cracked or damaged, that means you don’t have the scope of vision you should give yourself the best chance to avoid any accidents.

This car glass also serves to hold the frame securely in place should your Peugeot 207 get into a severe accident or rollover. If the glass was cracked or damaged before, it is far more likely to shatter, which will introduce shards of glass into the scene, and not be able to prevent the frame from crumpling inwards and crushing the occupants.

Ethics Problems

By choosing to drive around with a damaged windscreen or any other section of car glass, and not getting it repaired immediately, you are wilfully putting your life, the lives of your passengers, and the lives of everyone near you on the road at unnecessary risk. 

Trying to save some money by ignoring it, or procrastinating due to the admin hassles of fixing it is negligible, and not worth a mark on your permanent record or living with the guilt of harming another life.

Get your windscreen fixed as soon as possible.

How can I prevent cracks from appearing on my Peugeot 207’s windscreen?

There are a few methods you can work with to prolong the lifespan of your Peugeot 207’s windscreen for a pretty decent length. Wear-and-tear erosion is natural and unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking for car glass replacement centres before your car’s time!

Find decent shelter for your Peugeot 207

Blistering rays from the sun and freezing ice from cold weather can wreak havoc on the glass layers that make up your windscreen and car glass. Ensure your precious baby is always within decent shelter during the days and nights, and whenever parked for extended periods of time.

The shelter will also help protect from errant missiles that might head its way and cause devasting impact damage. Even just setting up a canopy or throwing over a car guard wrap can do wonders to protect your Peugeot 207 from a cracked fate.

Monitor your windscreen 

Small cracks are easily missed, but this is when they’re the easiest to repair, which is a much easier deal than going through the slog of having a whole windscreen replaced. If you make a habit of checking your windscreen closely every week or so, you could save yourself a lot of time, money and headaches in the future by nipping problems in the bud.

Keep it clean

When a crack does appear, its a break in the “armour” of your car. If dirt and water get into this area, it will erode and break down faster. It would help if you washed out any dirt, dry out any water and then place a clear piece of tape over it to protect the area from further damage.

So the next time you go for that fun spin in the marshes or notice that you haven’t been to a car wash in a while, take it in for a wash or do it yourself. Your Peugeot will thank you, and so will your wallet.

How much does a Peugeot 207 windscreen replacement cost in the UK?

There are two main factors that determine the total cost of a windscreen replacement for a Peugeot 207. The first is the production year, and the second is the number of windscreen features it has.

The Year

There is a large discrepancy between a 2006 Peugeot 207 and one produced this year in 2021. 

2006 Peugeot model along with windscreen features: £454.43

2021 Peugeot model along with windscreen features: £602.55

There’s just an example for you. Typically the later the year the production, the more expensive the materials used were. And there are typically more windscreen features.

Windscreen feature of the Peugeot 207

Only one windscreen feature that your Peugeot 207 might have could influence the total cost of a windscreen replacement. The Rain Sensor.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is a device that uses lightwave technology to determine how much moisture or water (rainfall) is coming into contact with the windscreen at any time. Suppose the car is driving, and an amount deemed dangerous to the driver’s visibility is sensed. 

In that case, a signal is sent to the windscreen wipers to adjust their movement accordingly and stop when the levels have slowed down to a safer level.

Built-in Antenna

A built-in antenna has bee shown to have more durability and power receiving abilities than its more loosely placed cousins. It needs to be replaced each time with the windscreen, which can be a hassle and cost more, but the clearer quality and larger radius of radio wave reach more than make up for it.

Green tinted Glass

This can be a tricky one to find as its only slighted tinted, but having specially green-tinted Glass means that the sun’s UV rays effects on your eyes and skin are muted and should cause less damage and provide fewer distractions to the driver while they operate the Peugeot 207.

This is far more evident during the time of sunrise and sunset, which is the two times the sun shines the most in vehicle-owners eyes.

Where should I go to have a Peugeot 207 windscreen replacement in the UK?

You need a location that provides proper coverage, accredited professionals and verified ideal customer service when dealing with Peugeot 207 windscreen replacements. This is a proper car, and you shouldn’t take it for car glass repairs or replacements to any old centre. 

We are UK Car Glass, and here are just a couple of reasons you should entrust us with car glass repairs and windscreen replacements for your Peugeot 207:

We offer nation-wide-coverage 

We move anywhere inside the UK, as long as it is available by land or bridge. You’ll never be obliged to drive your car with its chipped or cracked windscreen to the most adjacent mechanic, which happens to put you at risk on the road, along with everyone near you. 

An easy booking system

Our website is planned with your satisfaction in mind. Book at a time and date that operates best for your calendar, and have one of our adept specialists come over to your area. No more waiting for weeks, or even months for a timeslot.

Fair prices and good quality

We are market price friendly and offer some fairest deals to those looking for a Peugeot 207 windscreen repair or replacement. We use only OEM-materials of the highest grade. You won’t need our services for a long time after utilising us!

Raving reviews from previous clients

Nothing speaks better or louder than our previous clientele. Check out our reviews and notice that our customer care, level of work, and service engagement go above and beyond any of our competitors! And thats the UK Car Glass guarantee.


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