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How a Windscreen Replacement is Done

Written by Thomas

Navigate the straightforward path of windscreen replacement with our expert insights, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your vehicle.

How a Windscreen Replacement is Done

The process of getting a windscreen replacement can be an arduous and confusing one, with more questions being sprung up instead of answers.

Rest assured, when it comes to windscreen replacements, you don’t need to be an expert – because we are. With years of experience and a deep understanding of every aspect of windscreen technology, from its manufacturing to the intricacies of installation, we’ve got you covered. 

Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle every query and challenge that might arise. This means you can relax and trust us to manage the entire process seamlessly, ensuring your vehicle receives the best possible care and attention.

This article will explain clearly and factually all queries you have on the subject, and hopefully give you a deep insight into the various processes that take place from a windscreens construction, to it being delivered to your car for a full replacement.




Windscreen replacement is a necessary part of ensuring that your car remains safe. It’s essential to the driving experience and should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, many people need to figure out what to look out for when it comes to windscreens and how they can tell if their vehicle needs replacing. That being said, understanding the basics of windscreen replacement could save you money in the long run.

A front windscreen is made from laminated glass, which helps protect drivers from flying debris on the road or other objects like rocks thrown up by passing cars. This makes your windscreen vulnerable to stone chips and cracks, resulting in visibility limitations for yourself and those around you on the roads. Let’s look at why you may need to replace your windscreen in the first place. 

Another factor contributing to needing a new windscreen installed is extreme weather conditions such as hail storms or strong winds which can also cause fractures within the glass surface. Additionally, if your car has been involved in an accident, there will likely be some damage caused, requiring repair work, including getting a brand-new windscreen fitted.

Having looked into why we might need one replaced, it’s important to consider how you can identify signs that suggest your windscreen requires attention…

Signs That You Need Windscreen Replacement


It’s important to familiarise yourself with the signs that suggest your car needs a windscreen replacement to keep you and those around you safe.

The most apparent sign is visible cracks or chips on the glass surface, although these can be quite small at first and difficult to spot. However, if left unchecked, they can quickly grow larger, making them more dangerous for drivers and passengers alike. Another indicator of potential damage is if the windshield appears cloudy or hazy. This suggests that the protective layer has been compromised from some form of impact, causing fogging or distortion in vision. Similar effects may also appear due to ageing and exposure over time, which weakens the glass creating an unsafe environment while driving.

If you suspect any new damage, it’s best not to take any chances – have a professional inspect your windscreen immediately. A professional will be able to assess the extent of damage, advise whether repair work can be done instead (such as filling the crack with resin) or recommend getting an entirely new windscreen fitted, depending on how severe it is. You are always welcome to send us a picture of the damage.

TIP: If you notice any visual signs of wear and tear on your windscreen, don’t hesitate to get it checked out by a qualified auto glass specialist immediately!

Don’t risk endangering yourself and others; knowing why we need windscreen replacement is vital to staying safe on roads today!


When do I need to repair or replace the damage on my windscreen?


As a rule of thumb, you may be able to repair the damage if it meets the following conditions:

  • The windscreen chip is smaller than a £2 coin.
  • If the windscreen chip is at least 3cm away from the pane edge.
  • The windscreen chip is not in the driver’s line of sight. 
    – h
    owever, the chip/crack may be repaired in this instance if the diameter is smaller than 10mm.

*The windscreen glass will need a complete replacement if the damage is located on the windscreen’s internal side or if it obstructs the driver’s vision. It is important to consider that new chips or cracks in the windscreen glass can quickly compromise the overall strength of the windscreen and impair the driver’s line of sight.

Learn more about the topic: Windscreen Repair versus Replacement: Know the difference 

Why Do You Need Windscreen Replacement?

    We must understand why windscreen replacement is necessary to keep you and those around you safe. In most cases, a windscreen can be fixed or repaired instead of replaced if the damage isn’t too severe – but there are times when it needs to be removed entirely and replaced with a new one.

    Let’s look at some of the reasons why this might be the case: firstly, if the glass has been damaged beyond repair, it will have lost its structural integrity, making it unsafe for use in any vehicle. Similarly, if cracks have spread across an area larger than your handspan, they can affect visibility while driving, putting everyone on the road at risk. Finally, older models may not meet modern safety standards due to their inability to withstand impacts from stones or other debris like newer ones, so replacements must occur for your own security.

    Now let’s move on to understanding more about the actual process of replacing a windscreen – something that should only be attempted with professional guidance as even small mistakes could put lives in danger…

    windscreen rain sensor closeup

    Windscreen Replacement Process

    Nowadays, a windscreen replacement is no longer an arduous process. With the right professionals and modern tools, it can be completed with relative ease – but that doesn’t mean you should go about doing it yourself! 

    1. Quality check

    Before our car glass technician begins the replacement process, they will always conduct a thorough quality check on the new windscreen and the windscreen frame of the car. This quality check is conducted to ensure that the job can be done properly and safely. 

    2. Removing the trim, wipers and extra features

    Once this has been done, and all safety requirements are met, then they will begin to remove the wipers and the trim around the exterior of the current windscreen so that a new one can take its place.

     3. Cutting out the old windscreen

    The old windscreen is carefully cut out using precision tools like an Easy Wire, or it can be done by hand if two technicians are on the job.

     4) Clean, activate and prime

    The next step of the process is removing any remnants from the old window before fitting the new one into position. This is essential as even small pieces of debris left behind could compromise structural integrity leading to dangerous consequences during driving conditions. Tools such as vacuum cleaners and sealant applicators are used to ensure everything is perfect before installation begins. 

    5. New sealant applied

    Then, after applying the primer, a quality adhesive is applied. Some technicians prefer to apply the adhesive on the frame (around the edges), while others apply it directly on the windscreen.

    6. New windscreen fitted

    Technicians use specialist equipment such as pneumatic pressing devices to correctly attach new glasses onto frames without damaging either piece in the process. 

    7. Calibration

    Windscreen calibration does not apply to older car models as calibration relates to the camera placed at the front windscreen’s top. As our cars get more modern, most are subject to a calibration process after the windscreen replacement – either a static or dynamic calibration.

    Learn more about the topic: 10 Things you Need to Know About Windscreen Calibration 

    It sounds simple enough – yet without professional experience, there’s always risk involved when taking on these kinds of jobs by yourself. That’s why finding experienced experts with up-to-date knowledge of industry standards is crucial; ensuring your peace of mind comes first every single time!

    windscreen rain sensor closeup

    How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

    A few factors are essential to note down and inform the glass technician of, as this will ensure the correct windscreen is brought along and will determine the total cost of your windscreen replacement.

    When we calculate out the entire expense of your windscreen replacement, we have to consider several factors.


    The phrase “make” originates from the term automaker, which informs us which company built that car. An example of this would be Volkswagen, BMW or Ferrari. The more ornate the make, the more formidable the costs will be, due to the more valuable parts being required.


    The car model is the phrase applied by the vehicle businesses to sell their different ranges of similar cars—the systems used by them to classify their product span over other models alternate between different manufacturers. For example, the Ferrari models’ difference would be the Ferrari F8 Tributo and the Ferrari Roma. Same make yes, but a whole different breed regarding appearances, specs and characteristics.


    The year your car was produced plays an integral role in the total cost. The Mercedes A-class manufactured in 2003 versus the Mercedes A-class made in 2020 will have less advanced features and specs, making it more manageable and economical to replace.

    What are the features that could impact the total windscreen replacement cost?

    Aside from all the cars details, some windscreen features that your automobile might have in place can add to the total cost.

    These are beneficial features to have while driving, since they are designed in mind for our safety and comfort while driving, but they are extra parts that require delicate interactions and will cost more because of this.

    windscreen rain sensor closeup

    These features may include:

    A Heads Up Display

    The Head-Up Display beam a floating image of all the important information you’d find highly advantageous when operating your car. It’s projected directly onto of the windscreen in front of you.

    Most head-up displays will showcase everything from your speed level to helpful directions, along with statistics.

    Rain Sensors

    Utilising light sensor technology to ascertain how much moisture affects your windscreen, a rain sensor was invented in mind to fight driver distraction. It guarantees that your scope of vision never becomes too distorted by rainfall.

    Once rainfall touches with your windscreen, a command is sent to the windscreen wipers to alter their movement respectively.

    A Camera on Windscreen

    This ingenious little device records video information while driving and supports you in becoming more aware of the outside world and react more reliably to possible perils. It’s also handy for parking correctly on the first try, and to supply footage for those bothersome court cases where you have to prove your innocence in car accident cases.

    Green Tints / Grey Sun Strips

    You might notice particular car glass types have a slight green tint or that their windscreens utilise a grey strip bar near the ceiling. These both serve the same kind of function; eliminating the blinding sparkle of the sun, and defending your skin from its harmful UV rays.

    It’s a full-time job; the time periods your eyeballs are most likely to be scorched are in the morning and evening when apollo rises and sets with his chariot, and mid-afternoon is when he has the highest potential to damage your skin.

    An Electrically Heated Windscreen

    Electrically heated glass is built when one triple-glazes the laminated glass, permitting them to carry electronically-controlled radiating heat, and in the process creating an on-demand tropical paradise. It also supports with visibility problems caused by frosting over, due to cold weather or blizzards.

    An Acoustic Windscreen

    By merely joining an extra layer of vinyl to your windscreen layers, you will gift it sound-dampening properties and produce a sanctuary of quiet tranquillity for yourself.

    How does insurance work with windscreen replacements?

    Any auto insurance firm worth its name will cover the comprehensive costs that can sometimes go into car glass repair or windscreen replacements. Most policies might have a deductible payment amount of between £100 to £300 for each replacement.

    However, not all insurance businesses are identical. In would be in your best concern to talk to your insurance agent, discuss with them in detail what is included by your plan, and what conditions need to be met for them to cover you.

    At UK Car Glass, We allow a two-year warranty on all windscreen replacements. We also give a guarantee on the installation of the car glass. Just let us know if anything has gone wrong, and we’ll come out to repair or replace it, ASAP.

    windscreen rain sensor closeup

    What is OEM, and why is it important?

    Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM determines that the car glass components used to restore the defective glass in question came from the actual vehicle’s maker.

    Why does the OEM-grade matter?

    Companies out there use car glass willy-nilly from multiple sources because they got a great deal, or they still want to work a job despite not having the OEM-Material in stock.

    When the car production company that produced your car designed and built the glass for your windscreen and side windows, they outlined that glass type and make specifically with your vehicle in mind. They considered all the ways it would fit into that frame and interact with other car parts.

    Non-OEM materials might be handled by technicians who are not fully proficient in how these parts work, or how to install them effectively. And even accredited and professional ones will struggle to get them to fit your vehicle correctly.

    Save yourself many hours of admin headaches. Instead, employ technicians who always use OEM grade glass.

    Why should I trust UK Car Glass for a windscreen replacement?

    Great reviews

    Trust our past and happy clients who have given us exceptional reviews on glass repair and windscreen replacement.

    Easy website

    Our website is user-friendly-designed and hassle-free. It has been designed with your convenience in mind and allows quick bookings and quicker solutions to any FAQ you may have.

    Mobile Service

    Our mobile service offers fair and extensive coverage over the entire UK. Just book online, and we’re there at a time and date that suits you best!


    Published on April 15, 2022


    Thomas is a seasoned car glass expert with a passion that shines through his 16 years of dedicated experience. As an accomplished auto glass technician, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise, making him a respected voice in the industry. Throughout his illustrious career, Thomas has always been at the forefront of the latest techniques and innovations, ensuring vehicle owners get the best advice and service. His deep understanding of car glass intricacies ensures readers receive information and insights from years on the job.

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