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FAQ on Car Glass Repairs/Replacements

Written by Melvin Brown

Apr 19, 2022

April 19, 2022

windscreen rain sensor closeup

FAQ on Car Glass Repairs/Replacements

Often when dealing with the myriad of problems surrounding car glass and windscreen repairs/replacements, it’s expected to feel like you’re drowning in questions and running dry on essential answers. So for the sake of your sanity (and education) I’ve compiled the answers to the most likely Frequently Asked Questions you’ll find yourself running into when organising windscreen replacements and car glass repairs for your vehicle.

Where can I go to get my car glass repaired or replaced?

There’s one place you can always trust to bring your car for professional car glass repair and replacements. When you use UK Car Glass, any of our centres nationwide are available through our free mobile service, where we will then come to you!

Our mobile service is on offer all year round, and our professionals can drive to any location on the mainland or one connected by a bridge.

What are the steps to getting a windscreen repaired/replaced?

The excellent news is that it’s simple to replace a windscreen or other car glass sections, and we’ll do it at a fair price.

First step; you realise you need a repair or replacement for your vehicle.

Second step: You go to our homepage and fill out the webform.

Our website form will ask you to present the following info:

  • Your licence plate.
  • Which type of car glass you need repairing/replacing (Eg: your front windscreen).
  • The make, model, style and year of production for the car.

You’ll also be asked to give the destination to where you’d like us to come, on a date that suits you best. Then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the magic! Our technician will call you on the glass replacement morning to confirm the pre-approved two-hour time slot with you. They will call once more, half an hour before they are due to arrive.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

Can I replace my windscreen using insurance?

The total cost of a windscreen depends on your vehicles make, year of production and any equipment or features that directly interact with your car’s glass. It is essential that you know all these details about your vehicle when you contact us so that our technicians can bring along the correct glass type and calibration tools.

How long do car glass replacements take?

If you use our mobile service, we’ll visit the location you give us between 8 AM and 5 PM on the agreed-upon date.

You’ll receive a phone-call thirty minutes before we are due to arrive. Our professionals typically need an hour (usually less) to perform the windscreen replacement.

Please note; the car must be left motionless for at least half an hour after the glass replacement is complete in order for the parts to settle correctly.

If you drive your car to a UK Car Glass centre, we should ideally manage to complete the glass replacement on that same day. We’ll then call you to come and receive the car when it’s ready – at latest around 5 PM, but likely before then.

Does UK Car Glass use OEM-grade glass in their car glass replacements?

All of our glass materials come from the related manufacturers who supply glass to the automobile factories. Hence, our glass replacements meet all the original equipment (OE) conditions. The only distinction with the glass we use is that it doesn’t bear the car brand’s stamp. You get the same high-quality glass that you would at an accredited car repair workshop with us.

It is important to note; non-OEM materials handled by technicians who are not fully versed in how these parts operate or how to install them effectively will struggle to get them to fit your vehicle correctly and will likely cause future damage that you will have t sort out again, leading to more costs and admin-headaches.

Is OEM-grade car glass better than aftermarket?

Our supplier sets the quality of our windscreens. Our supplier produces and acquires windscreens made by original equipment manufacturers (OEM), but that same glass is used on the aftermarket.

This means that the windscreens we use are often of the identical degree of quality as OEM windscreens; they don’t have the car brand’s logo printed on them.

windscreen rain sensor closeup
windscreen rain sensor closeup

Can a windscreen chip/crack/dent be repaired?

A chip can be repaired if it’s less than a pound sterling coin and at least 5 cm away from the side of the windscreen. If you’re unsure about whether your window can be restored, please visit one of our branches, where we’ll administer a free evaluation of your windscreen. Or you can send us an image on WhatsApp (direct link on our homepage) or via email.

Please note that we cannot do a simple repair if any of the following situations occur:

  • We cannot repair chips more extensive than a £2 coin and cracks more prominent than 6 cm long.
  • If the location of the damage is less than 5cm away from the frame-pane side.
  • The chip or dent is within the field of the driver’s field of vision.
  • If any damage is found on the inside of your vehicle’s windscreen.

In these cases, we will have to do a complete windscreen replacement instead of a repair.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What causes cracks to spread in windscreens?

The most typical reason for a growing crack is a temperature change. If you damage your windscreen, it’s essential to get it repaired as soon as possible, as time is a factor in fixing it.

Cracks also spread faster concerning their position and worsen with any exposure to jarring or bumping the car along rough roads. Any pressure on the interior of the windscreen, especially near the damage site, will cause it to develop further and faster.

A contaminated crack (one filled with liquid or dirt) is liable to spread. Clean it up, and then place a clear sticker or tape over the scratch to keep it waterproof and clear until it can be repaired or replaced.

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for advanced driver-assistance systems. ADAS has been developed to both heighten vehicle safety and provide greater comfort.

How it does this is by alerting the driver to potential hazards and – when necessary and if possible – activating safeguards that assist you with the dangerous situation.

ADAS include features like assisted braking, adaptive cruise control and road sign identification. The car glass ADAS features usually include a windscreen camera, electronically heated/soundproofed windscreens and Heads-Up displays.

What is MOT, and why is it important?

The MOT test (it stands for Ministry of Transport but is usually called MOT) is an annual analysis of vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emission levels, which is required in the UK for most vehicles over three years old. Your car must pass this test for you to use it safely on the road – and the MOT test checks your windscreen quite closely.

According to the MOT test, a windscreen cannot have a chip more prominent than 1 cm within the driver’s line of sight. A chip/crack/dent larger than 4 cm anyplace on the windscreen will undoubtedly result in a failed MOT.

Is there any extra car glass cost?

We are quite proud to announce that we never hide extra glass repair or replacement costs within our final quotes. What you receive is what you will pay, no hidden fees or additional charges after we send you the excerpt for your car glass repair or replacement.

Our prices are market-fair, and we use only accredited car glass professionals with years of experience under their belt.

What is ADAS windscreen calibration?

The calibration process services and analyses all the cameras and sensors on the windscreen to guarantee they are still working correctly after a replacement. Without calibration, the car’s ADAS may not function properly, which could likely lead to an accident.

We can calibrate all types of equipment. Some devices need special conditions to calibrate; therefore, it might be necessary to drive to the nearest UK Car Glass workshop to get your windscreen appropriately adjusted. We will let you know in advance if this is the case.

How much time do you need for my windscreen replacement?

We only ask for a two-hour time slot for your car glass replacement; although it regularly doesn’t take us nearly that long, we want to be safe just in case. Our specialists would call you on the day of the windscreen replacement to approve your time slot if you had any last-minute problems come up. Please fill in the form at the top of the home page to obtain a day and time that accommodate you best.

windscreen rain sensor closeup

What happens if I drive with a cracked windscreen?

You could get into severe trouble with the law, resulting in a 500 pound fine, three penalty points on your license, or even both – depending on the judgement of the law enforcer, and how extensive the damage could be regarding your windscreen and how much of your vision is obscured.

You are also putting yourself and everyone near you on the road in needless danger. Your vision – and the structural integrity of your car – is compromised and reduces your odds of being able to get from point A to B safely and without loss of limb or life.

If your windscreen gets cracked in any way, it is your duty to get it repaired as soon as possible or face the moral, ethical and UK law consequences to your choices and actions.

Why should I use UK Car Glass?

There are many choices within the UK on where to go and with whom to trust concerning car glass servicing and windscreen replacements. And you don’t want to visit the incorrect place if you find somewhere that utilises shoddy craftsmanship and cheap materials. To do so means that you’ll be in severe need of those similar services, but more critical than before – if possible.

So, here are the chief reasons you should rest a bit more comfortable knowing that your car is in qualified and reliable hands.

We travel and provide nation-wide coverage

As mentioned before, as long as we can reach your location by either land or bridge, we can grant you our premium services anywhere within the UK limits.

You will no longer be required to operate your car with a cracked windscreen as you race to the handiest car glass repair facility. This bonus will save you time and decrease the chances of you meeting hazards on the street with a compromised range of vision.

We have a handy website and booking system

We designed our website to guarantee you a hassle-free and untroubled experience, despite even the worst cases of technological inability. Book now at a time and date that fits well within your calendar, and we’ll send over one of our licensed and expert technicians at your best convenience!

We know life is in a perpetual state of turbulence and disorder, and it’s only our desire to bring some semblance of order to yours.

We have raving reviews

If you don’t want to take out word for it, check out our past customers. They have employed our services and had only fabulous things to say in our reviews concerning customer engagement, punctuality, and employee competence.


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