Windscreen Replacement in the UK

Windscreen Replacement in the UK

Is your windscreen cracked or damaged, then you should see an expert and get it replaced as soon as possible. One of the top places to get this service done is UK Car Glass. The company offers Windscreen replacements and repairs.


But how do Windscreens crack?

There are many different reasons that can lead to a damage in the windscreen but these are probably the most common ones.

  • Extreme Cold

Temperature changes can expand and contract your windscreen, so much that cracks can become visible on the glass. Another reason could be that the windscreen is icy and you use hot water to defrost it. If there are high changes in the temperature it is not unusual that windscreens crack.

  • Sunlight

Another very common cause of windscreen cracks is direct sunlight. Due to the intense heat the shape of the glass of windscreens can get distorted. It is recommended that you park your car in the shade and not directly under the sun to avoid damages in your windscreen.

  • Stones can hit the windscreen

When roads are under construction or there are loose stones on any other street it can happen that your windscreen gets hit by them and the windscreen gets damaged and cracks.

To avoid getting hit by stones you should reduce your speed if you see that there are stones on the street and you should keep a distance to the vehicle in front of you.

Of course, there are many more reasons why your windscreen can crack. For example, hurricanes or thunderstorms can damage your windscreen. It could also crack due structural weakness or bad quality of the glass. When you get into an accident the windscreen will most likely crack or get shattered as a result too.

Why is it so important to replace a windscreen when it is damaged?

A cracked or chipped windscreen does not just affect your sight but can be a major safety issue. It can risk your life and the lives of drivers next to you.

A broken windscreen can pop out any time during a collision. The windscreen supports the whole structure of the car, which means the roof of the car could collapse if the windscreen is not properly installed.

Even if the windscreen only has a very small crack, it is unable to withstand much more impact and is not able to protect the driver and passengers as it is supposed to.

Small chips can easily be fixed by repairs but larger ones most likely will need to have a replacement of the whole windscreen.

Windscreen replacement

It is important to let your windscreen get fixed by professional experts. UK car glass makes the repair and replacements easy and safe. Don’t risk driving with a damaged windscreen and put your passengers and drivers around you in danger. Even if it is only a small crack, get it fixed and be safe!

For cost estimates, you can contact the company directly on their website

Windscreen Replacement in the UK
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Windscreen Replacement in the UK
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