Removing an old car windscreen sticker is often only accomplished with a great deal of frustration; which often starts with those old stickers peeling off on their own accord. Forceful removal is also no help as they end up tearing off into ragged strips and pieces when removed this way.

Ranging from the logo of a football team one used to be crazy about, to melted residues from an archaic tax disk, this simple step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to effectively get rid of even the tiniest trace of that unwanted label, gifting you that precious windscreen space.

Windscreens should not look like this - very messy

Steps to take before removing windscreen stickers

It’s best to prepare the windscreen surface prior to the removal. This step entails the simple use of a towel and warm water. The towel is dampened using the warm water and then swept over the surface of the sticker and also over the surface surrounding it, creating a clean canvas to work on.

(Note; Do not through away the warm water after this use, keep reading to find out why)

It’s best to use your standard windscreen cleaner when you are trying to remove a tough mark on the windscreen. This step is necessary because working on a clean screen is much easier than working on a dirty one as the neatness will erase any sighting of leftover residues from labels.

How do you peel off that annoying car sticker label?

The next step starts with you gently removing as much of the washed sticker as you can with your fingers. This should be done slowly with a lot of caution; this will help prevent the sticker from ripping into pieces and hopefully leaving it intact. It will also make the removal of large pieces of the sticker more possible.

This step is often easier when trying to remove newer sticky labels, so there is absolutely no reason to freak out if your older sticker does happen to come off with many tiny rips at a time. Note; it’s not essential, but peeling off the majority of the sticky material at this stage and getting most of it off will ease the process of removing of the vinyl adhesive in the next step.

How do I remove the adhesive?

This step entails picking up a trusted adhesive removing material from a hardware store. I would recommend you get a product like WD-40 or Windex. Simple materials such as rubbing alcohol could also be effective for the task.

It is always advisable to carefully read the safety instruction on the material you get. Acetone-based adhesive removers may only do partial amounts of work in dissolving the sticker’s adhesive while some other materials may tamper with the car paint and so extreme care needs to be taken. One should also lay a towel down beneath the working area so that the sticker material falling off could be collected.

The next step is to apply the adhesive remover to the remaining parts of the windscreen sticker and also the part of the windscreen from which you have removed sticker materials, carefully allowing the adhesive remover to sink into the sticker’s bonding glue. Carefully ensure that the gum-like material doesn’t dry off from the windscreen surface before the next step. 

How can I scrape the windscreen sticker off?

The next step requires the use of a simple tool; a plastic scraper. 

Use the plastic scraper to pull off the remaining sticker along with the adhesive remover. The adhesive remover would have softened the adhesion between the sticker and the windscreen, causing it to come off with ease. More adhesive materials should be added and this step repeated if scraping of the sticker with the plastic scraper proves to not be enough for just one round.

A razor blade can be used in place of a plastic scraper. However, extra care has to be taken when using a razor blade to avoid scratches or damage on the screen.

The final clean

This final step follows the satisfactory removal of sticky labels.

Upon an acceptable removal of the sticker from the windscreen, pick up a towel and dip in the warm water.

(Aren’t we glad we didn’t throw that out earlier?)

Use the towel to wash the area that used to hold the sticker. This wash step helps to remove all leftover residues of the sticker giving a bright and clean sticker-free windscreen.

We all at UK Carglass are on hand to provide you with high-quality windscreen repairs. We also provide windscreen replacements to our customers all over the UK. For further details and advice on how to take proper care for your windscreen, simply get in touch today.


Emily · September 16, 2020 at 11:33 am

If I have a windscreen sticker I quite like, but I really need to replace my windscreen, is there any process towards swapping them over? espeically ones that are *required* to be on my windscreen……

    UK Car Glass · September 16, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    It should be possible to do if you do it carefully but hard for us to say as we do not know how old it is etc.

    You should get new ones off the required stickers though.

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