Cracks on your windscreen are no joke.

Depending on where you live,  driving around with a crack or a chip in your windscreen is different shades of illegal.

Another factor to take into consideration is the size and placement of the chip or crack. As you might recall from a previous post, if the crack is near the edge of the windscreen, there’s a very good chance that the structure of the windscreen itself is compromised. If that’s the case, it’s not safe to drive and you need to either repair or replace the car glass as soon as possible.

Broken windscreen with sky above

What are the consequences of driving with a crack in my windscreen?

The legal ramifications of being caught driving with a crack (even a minor one) on your windscreen by the law can be severe. In the UK, you stand to receive penalty points on your licence or even receive a fine.

The cracks on your windscreen could be considered significant enough to compromise the integrity  and put yourself and other drivers on the road physically in danger.

Hardly seems worth it.

When will I not need to repair my windscreen from a crack?

If the damage is relatively small, this means a crack or a chip that is barely visible and maybe toward the centre might not be too much of a cause for concern.

Some territories are more strict about this than others. But its always safe to say that if your windscreen is significantly cracked or damaged or the integrity of the structure of the windscreen is compromised, there’s a very good chance you will get in serious trouble if you don’t have the vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

How can I be sure of when to fix a crack?

If you’re at all unsure of what the law is in your area, you could always call a local official or the police department to make sure that you’re in the right before you take your vehicle back out on the road.

It really is better to be safe than sorry, not only for yourself and for your vehicle, but for the other drivers and vehicles on the road.

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