Repairing or replacing the windscreen among the other car glass segments of your Vauxhall Insignia may initially seem an overwhelming and headache-summoning responsibility. 

Still, once you find out why cracks appeared, how to care for and prevent them from popping up again, and where to go to ensure your baby is sufficiently taken care of, the matter becomes a more straightforward and more endurable event.

Browse on to find the answer, among many others, to all your burning Vauxhall Insignia windscreen queries.

What makes the Vauxhall Insignia a great car?

Midnight Blue Vauxhall Insignia with new windscreen replacement driving on the road

An excellent car all around, the Vauxhall Insignia is pretty nippy for a diesel type and handles precisely. Most Vauxhall Insignia are trouble-free regarding their handling, and in practical terms, the car can carry a lot without affecting handling. 

There is a handy false bottom in the boot, which is excellent for storing all the small and occasionally used motoring items without rattling about – and additionally provides a completely flat cargo area. This car also has an extra set of rear lights inside the boot – which is very useful when operating this car in the dark. 

The vehicle lights are switched on automatically. Satnav comprises a large touchscreen, which is wonderfully easy to use and gives beautifully precise directions. The sports seating at the front is very soft, even on a lengthy journey. Rather than look like a semi-commercial automobile, The aesthetics of the Insignia are very pleasing to the eyes.

Why did cracks appear on the windscreen of my Vauxhall Insignia?

Sky Blue Vauxhall Insignia with passenger windows replaced and windscreen repaired

The causes for cracks developing are infinite and annoying in every case. Some are simple everyday reasons, and a few are rare cases that are highly situational.

Force damage

The most common and rational reason cracks or chips will arrive on your windscreen or other car glass covers. When you travel along a recently gravelled path or one filled with stones and pebbles, small road-type debris can be stirred up from the area and pitched towards your windscreen. With sufficient speed, these projectiles can deliver enough levels of damage to the sheets of glass that make up your windscreen.

Stress Fractures 

Less common but more destructive would be fluctuating changes in hot and freezing temperatures that your Vauxhall Insignia might be subjected to, either extended periods of time or within a short time frame.

When your vehicle’s windscreen comes into touch with radical shifts in temperature, such as a hot day filled with sunlight or a blistery chill from icy winds, it increases the threat of stress fractures. This outcome occurs when shifting temperatures stimulate the glass layers to expand and contract swiftly, causing significant stress to the framework of your Vauxhall Insignia.

Continuous changes will gradually degenerate and erode your car’s glass over time, but a sudden change (such as pouring boiling liquid on glaciated windscreens) can induce it to shatter instantly.

Weather patterns

Like we didn’t have bad weather problems to deal with every day for ourselves! Now we need to look out for our cars as well! Snowstorms can frost our windscreens over, bring along storms and hail rains that could break glass or cause terrible car accidents, and icy roads may become the place for severe accidents to occur.

Car accidents

The worst outcome imaginable from driving; a car swerving off the street, an inattentive driver turning suddenly without indicating, or regular terrible timing can end in either a small fender with only minor repairs being needed or a complete shattering of every single bit of glass in your Vauxhall Insignia.

Shoddy car repair quality

If you choose a car glass restoration facility that doesn’t understand the complexities of how a car’s glass blends with its various part’s or if they favour low-quality materials, then you’ll be requiring their services sooner than you would like.

What happens if I continue to drive with a cracked Vauxhall Insignia windscreen?

Red Vauxhall Insignia on the road after fresh car glass replacements

There are far too numerous adverse outcomes and certainly no benefits to help balance them when you drive around with chips or cracks on the windscreen of your Vauxhall Insignia.

Safety Concerns

Fissures and scratches compromise your safety while operating your car. With them peppering the outside of your windscreen, your eyesight is compromised as well as the essential integrity of the frame of your vehicle. If you get into a car collision, the windscreen and all other car glass parts can sometimes be the only thing preventing the framework from folding in on itself and grinding all the occupants of the car into a fine paste.

Not worth your life and the lives of those in your car, right?

Ethics Concerns

When you operate a car with less than stellar optics, you increase the odds of getting into a car crash/collision with anyone else on the street, as well as any pedestrians going about the day and trying to get from point A to point B safely. You don’t want that balancing on your shame for the rest of your life, simply because your Vauxhall Insignia wasn’t up to its basic security code.

Not worth the lives of those around your car.

Law Concerns

When you roll around within the UK with noticeable cracks and chips on your windscreen, you are subject to be burdened with reckless and dangerous driving, depending on the damage levels at the time of the offence. This can occur in either three penalty points towards your licence or being struck with a substantial fine.

Not worth a criminal history or a long-drawn battle in court.

So how can I prevent future cracks from appearing on the windscreen of my Vauxhall Insignia?

Interior shot with steering wheel

Fortunately for you, there are several techniques you can utilise to ensure that you block any cracks from recurring on your windscreen’s beautiful surface. And prevention is simpler, faster, and more economical than repairs or even total replacements.

Provide good shelter for your Vauxhall Insignia

When it’s frosty, utilise the defroster slowly to stop the windscreen from splitting due to rapidly shifting temperatures. If possible, park your Vauxhall Insignia out of the sun whenever feasible. Heat advises the glass to expand, leading to a crack or chip towards becoming more serious, and due to this, continuous sunlight is never suitable for cars. 

The shelter also shields your car glass from force damage due to accidental flying missiles (such as soccer balls and children’s frisbees) or weather pattern projectiles (hailstones and wind-flung tree branches).

Clean your Vauxhall Insignia’s windscreen whenever possible

If you have a chip or crack, you should manage it against getting any grime or dampness into it, as this can erode the crack faster due to tainting. It will benefit you to put a clear piece of tape over it for safekeeping. Windscreen wiper fluid also comprises colourants, smearing the area and leading to unsatisfactory results even after a victorious repair.

Drive carefully on the street

The typical reasons for cracks are road debris and projectiles that beat against your car from the vehicles in front of you. When you’re travelling on a gravelly path, linger a safe distance away from any other car on the street. 

By decreasing your speed during a hail storm, you can decrease the strength of the impact on your windscreen and thus check the damage.

Can I repair damages made to the windscreen of my Vauxhall Insignia myself?

Sometimes you’ll see that you are proficient in repairing minor cracks and dents by your lonesome. Your neighbourhood hardware emporium should have various tools, goods and guides to performing simple DIY windscreen repairs.

But, there are some cases that you will need to be made aware. 

Suppose you spot any of the following within the damage type towards your windscreen. In that case, you need to get your Vauxhall Insignia looked at as soon as possible. And by a respected car glass technician, as these are cases where a simple repair will not suffice:

  • The chip or dent on the windscreen of your Vauxhall Insignia is more significant than a £2 coin in size.
  • If the crack/dent location is less than 3cm away from the side of the car frame pane.
  • When the windscreen chip obscures the driver’s field of vision.
  • If the crack is on the inside side of your Vauxhall Insignia’s windscreen and not on the outside where you typically find it.

How much does a Vauxhall Insignia windscreen replacement cost?

Interior shot with steering wheel and emblem

There are a few factors to consider before the final quote comes onto your lap on how much you will need to pay for a Vauxhall Insignia windscreen replacement.

The year of production

The Vauxhall Insignia has been in production since 2008, and as such, its car parts are available for purchase, and the quality they come in all vary wildly, as will their costs. 

A 2008 Vauxhall Insignia with all its possible windscreen features comes to £487.97

A 2021 production year Vauxhall Insignia Estate with all its possible windscreen features comes to £1074.31

Quite a difference, huh?

The style of your Vauxhall Insignia

The later models of the Vauxhall Insignia come in three distinctive styles; Saloon, Hatchback, and Estate. 

Each unit is magnificent in they’re own way, but each does come with slightly differing costs.

A 2021 Saloon model with all its windscreen features will cost £276.78

A 2021 Hatchback: £1074.31

And a 2021 Estate will also cost £1074.31

And finally, one of the most critical determinants of your windscreen replacement cost will be the number of windscreen features it posses:

What windscreen features does my Vauxhall Insignia have?

These features interact directly with the windscreen and need to be replaced entirely or modified with refined techniques when a windscreen replacement transpires.

Your Vauxhall Insignia might have the following (you will need to check and find out if yours, in particular, has these features, as the glass specialists will need to know):


This handy little device can be found behind the rearview mirror and just following the windscreen of your Vauxhall Insignia. It displays footage from the front and back of the car, supports you in parking & reverse driving, and provides the necessary evidence to prove your honesty in a disputed car accident case.

A noise reduction windscreen

An acoustic windscreen incorporates an extra sheet of a vinyl element between the glass panels that were used to produce your windscreen. This band has soundproofing characteristics that limit the outside worlds noise levels, equipping you with more solace and a sense of peace.

Rain sensor

You’ll find a rain sensor at the back of the windscreen itself. It initiates its function when any rainfall or noticeable amounts of fluid comes into contact with the windscreen. 

It will start the windscreen wipers movement automatically, consequently assisting the operator with any water-type distortions within their field of perception produced by rainfall.

Heads Up Display

The Heads-Up Display transmits a floating image of all the necessary information you’d find extremely helpful when driving your Vauxhall Insignia. 

Many Head-Up displays will showcase everything from your speed levels to helpful directions, along with necessary information.

Heated windscreen

We get an electrically heated windscreen when we triple-glaze the glass panels, allowing them to safely discharge electronically-controlled radiant heat within the windscreen’s surface. 

This method provides you with access to magnified heated luxury to facilitate cosy car rides. It also preserves the structural capabilities by shielding them from erosion due to the cold and any visibility problems associated with cold crystallisation or snowstorms that could damage your Vauxhall Insignia’s windscreen.

Where should I go for a Vauxhall Insignia windscreen replacement?

You can trust UK Car Glass for any and all of your car glass repairs and windscreen replacements.

What we offer you:

Nation-wide coverage

If we can reach your Vauxhall Insignia by land or bridge, we’re there! Our professionals are on the go, and this means no more driving on the road for you with an unreliable car in need of repairs or replacements!

Fair prices

We offer competitive market pricing and repayment plans that most UK insurance policies cover. We have an upfront arrangement that details precisely what you’re paying for, so no scams or underhand costs will you have to deal with!

Raving Reviews

If you don’t want to take just our word for it, examine some of the reviews for UK Car Glass, and you’ll understand we always leave our clients satisfied and delighted with our work!


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