Top WINDSCREEN care tips you Can’t Afford To Miss

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Top WINDSCREEN care tips you Can’t Afford To Miss

Top WINDSCREEN care tips you Can’t Afford To Miss

In designing the automobile as we know it, designers and engineer have had to rethink ceaselessly a couple of components. The windscreen is a component that has evolved gradually over the years and is currently evolving once again.

These hardened glass members serve a very critical function of safeguarding the occupants of the vehicle from all forms of debris and the elements. As with all things, for the windscreen to remain effective, proper maintenance is important. This is the main idea this post would revolve around.

The rising importance given to safety in the automotive industry has led to the increase in safety features for windscreens. These glasses are designed to withstand as much as medium-sized hail stones without shattering. However, adequate maintenance is necessary to reduce the occurrence of scratches and cracks that might affect their structural integrity. We have listed some of the top maintenance tips for windscreens below.

1. Be mindful of deicing:

For those living in the temperate regions of the world, deicing can be a challenge. During the cold season, ice easily forms on all exposed surfaces and the windscreen is no exception. Their slant nature further supports the snow collection and buildup.

For owners and drivers, this proves to be a problem as the windscreen is rendered useless without proper de-icing. While attempting to scrape off the ice from the windscreen, diverse drivers mistakenly damage their windscreens.

Never be tempted to use hot water on your windscreen. Such drastic temperature changes often lead to cracks. Deicer fluids are lifesavers in this regards. However, it is advisable to opt for trigger bottles that spray jets of fluids as opposed to the conventional aerosol spray cans.

Ensure you spray the deicer in line with the manufacturer’s direction and be sure to use the standard scraper. These do not have sharp edges that might damage your windscreen. Moreover, when deicing your windscreen, ensure you have the proper safety gear on such as hand gloves.

2. Improving windscreen vision:

In most states in the UK, driving with an obstructed windscreen is a motoring offence.  Moreover, it poses a safety risk to both the vehicle’s occupants and to pedestrians. Obstruction to a windscreens visibility can occur in various forms. It can be as an inherent fault in the glass or as dirt or substances on it.

As a responsible driver seeking to achieve unobstructed windscreen, it is important to utilize the windscreen washer. The washer works by means of electronic controls but sprays water on the glass to clear it of dirt. So, it is important to constantly top up the water reservoir.

Moreover, it is important to have a packet of screen wipes in your car at all times. This helps drivers easily clean any condensate that may form on the inside of the windscreen, thereby enhancing visibility.

When dealing with cracks or holes, it is important to note that smaller fractures of about 10mm in diameter should be fixed as soon as possible. Windscreen cracks progress gradually. Moreover, the cost of repairing cracks increases with the increasing size of the crack.

3. Know when to use wipers and when not to:

Most drivers think windscreen wipers are an extension of their arms and can be used as they please. This is only partially true. Due to their name and their rubber nature, it is easy to observe that windscreen wipers were designed to remove water from the glass. That is a job in itself.

Drivers however often use the wiper to remove all forms of debris and dead leaves from the windscreen. This often leads to abrasions on the wipers which lead to tears. Cold weather is also detrimental to wiper health. It is important to minimize using wipers for sharp-edged materials such as dead leaves.

Although silicon wiper blades are a drastic upgrade from the conventional rubber blades, it is important to be careful how you use them. Moreover, in the cold season, it is important to park the car with the wiper arms raised. This eliminates direct contact with the windscreen and prevents cracking due to differential expansion of the rubber and the glass when in contact.

Data has shown that the average wiper lasts for six months. Therefore, it is important to replace the blades twice every year.  Various other factors contribute to the damage of the wiper blades and this includes direct sunlight, atmospheric condition, the amount of debris encountered and even wiping speeds.

Efficient wipers are important to drivers because they keep the windscreen in optimum condition by minimizing all forms of debris that might collect of it. Damaged wipers leave radial streaks of dirt in their wake and these might lead to visibility concerns over time.

Other minor windscreen tips include

1. Minimize vibrations:

Micro-cracks occur every single time your car doors are slammed or you drive carelessly through a pothole. These cracks might go undetected to the visible eyes for years but they affect the structural integrity of the windscreen. So, such vibrations such as slamming car doors should be minimized as much as possible.

2. Avoid parking under direct sunlight in hot cities:

It is almost impossible to avoid parking in the sun in cities across the US. However, drivers should strive to park in shaded places whenever available. Windscreens are particularly susceptible to UV radiation from the sun. These radiations shorten their lifespan and even threaten their structural integrity.

3. Shy away from ammonia-based windscreen cleaners:

Different glasses require different cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners are perfect for indoor glasses. They are detrimental to tinted outdoor glasses such as windscreens. For DIY windscreen cleaners, opt for vinegar or alcohol instead of the ammonia-based cleaners common in most homes.

Overall, it is important to note that the state of your windscreen is important in case of accidents. The sturdier windscreens help prevent car roof caving, while also preventing passengers from flying out of the car. This purpose is defeated when the windscreen is dented or cracked and crumbles at the first impact in an accident.

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