• What is flexleasing In Denmark?

    Often, the term flex leasing is used when renting expensive or special cars, but the flex leasing concept does not really mean so much to the consumer or, in this case, the lessee. What is flex leasing? Flexleasing simply means that the tax on the car is paid in instalments. On new cars for up

  • Tesla launches a new type of battery

    Tesla launches a new type of battery

    Many news came out about Tesla last week. Tesla might have discovered battery energy density.   Everyone knows the story behind Tesla. Fisker created one of the first plug-in hybrid electric cars in 2008. Only a few years later the company crashed. Only last year Fisker made the decision to relaunch his brand. But what

  • Windscreen Replacement in the UK

    Windscreen Replacement in the UK

    Is your windscreen cracked or damaged, then you should see an expert and get it replaced as soon as possible. One of the top places to get this service done is UK Car Glass. The company offers Windscreen replacements and repairs.   But how do Windscreens crack? There are many different reasons that can lead

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