Are you seriously in need of a decent Mazda 6 windscreen replacement? Are you loaded with questions such as:

Why did this befall me?

What on earth could happen now?

Where should I go from here now?

How much is this going to hurt my wallet?

For all the solutions to these problems and more, just keep on reading!

Why did chips and cracks appear on the windscreen of my Mazda 6?

Shiny silver Mazda 6 with new windscreen replacement

There are quite a number of standard and unusual reasons that cracks and chips will start emerging on your windscreen or sections of your Mazda’s car glass. Some of these will result in only minor and otherwise insignificant blemishes, while others could head towards a network of cracks forming or even a wholly shattered glass pane.

Impact Damage 

This reason is the most popular and likely cause for cracks or dents that will develop on your car glass surface. When you ride along a newly paved street or one with plenty of pebbles and stones, small road detritus is stirred up from the ground and might connect with your windscreen with enough violent energy to deliver sufficient harm to the layers of glass that make up your windscreen.

Stress Fractures

When the windscreen of your Mazda 6 faces extreme shifts with fluctuating temperatures, such as hotness from a burning days sunlight and cold from a blistery wind, it runs the risk of producing a stress fracture. This phenomenon is when the dynamic temperatures cause the glass sheets to expand and shrink at too brisk a pace, resulting in extensive damage. Gradual changes will gradually wear and tear at your car’s glass, but an accelerated shift (such as emptying a bottle of boiling hot water on a frosted-over windscreen) can cause it to shatter very suddenly – just ruining your day from that point onwards.

Weather patterns and storm debris

Hailstorms and freezing winds threaten to undermine the integrity of our Mazda 6’s windscreens and car glass. Winds flinging around small objects (tree branches, for example) can hit our cars at the worst feasible time. Slippery roads from iced-over surfaces might lead to minor or major car accidents resulting in extensive damage to our car’s and our will to live.

Collisions or car accidents

Every single driver’s worst nightmare. 

Negligent drivers not paying their due attention, an animal skittering across the road, damaged roadworks – all these elements that can lead to car disasters that can classify from a minor fender-bender to an absolute write-off for your automobile.

Poorly completed car glass replacements

Suppose you hire car glass “professionals” who don’t understand the complexities of how a Mazda 6’s car glass interacts with regards to its various parts, or they utilise shoddy materials. In these events, you’ll find yourself throwing your hands in the air in frustration sooner than you thought possible. 

Cheaper options = costing more long-term.

Can I repair these cracks myself?

Interior shot with mazda steering wheel and windscreen

Sometimes you’ll discover yourself in an ideal position where the chip is miniature in nature, and it’s a circumstance where you are ideally capable of fixing it yourself. Your closest hardware store should have numerous kits, products and guides to the relevant DIY repairs.

But there are a few considerations you need to take into account,

Suppose there are any symptoms of the damage that fall within the classifications below. In that case, you will have to get the damage corrected as soon as possible and by an accredited car glass professional specialist. 

  • The chip or crack on the windscreen of your Mazda 6 is greater than the perimeter of a £2 coin.
  • If the crack or dent’s placement is less than 3cm from the edge of the frame. 
  • Whenever the offending damage is within the driver’s range of sight or obscures their optics in any meaningful way.
  • The crack is on the interior of your Mazda 6’s windscreen and not on the outside as it is in most cases.

What is the car glass of my Mazda 6 made from?

Mazda 6 with new sections of car glass repaired and replaced

We construct your Mazda 6’s car glass from two classes of glass; laminated and tempered.

Your frontal windscreen is made from laminated glass, and every other segment of car glass (Eg. the side windows and rear windscreen) we make from tempered glass. 

But what does this mean? Why are there two different types?

Laminated Glass 

This glass is a little extra complicated to make and consequently more durable than its tempered counterpart. You build it by combining two (or more in some cases) layers of ordinary glass with one synthetic interlayer in between (usually a vinyl type). These panels are driven together by machines using ridiculous strength levels and then exposed to intensive heat levels to fuse them together and create a long-lasting kind of glass that can withstand massive amounts of pressure before finally shattering.

We manufacture front windscreens from this type of glass to restrict any glass shards from coming into contact with the driver and other car occupants if there is a sudden collision. 

We can also repair laminated glass if there are minor amounts of damage that have taken place on its surface, which is an advantageous characteristic for our bank accounts, judging by how costly windscreens some replacements can be.

Tempered Glass – Back Windscreen & Side Windows

This variety of glass is more fragile than its laminated cousin but is still far more robust than your conventional version of glass, known as “annealed glass”. 

You create tempered glass by submitting a standard sheet of glass to vastly high heat levels within a sizable oven-like construction, with levels rising to well over 600 degrees.

This supercharged glass then goes through a brisk cooling system known as quenching, where we pressurise and freeze it down very rapidly. This method ends in your special tempered glass, which, unlike annealed glass, breaks into smaller, rounder and relatively “safer” pieces when broken.

Because of these properties, we always utilise tempered glass in situations where human health and safety is at high risk, such as the side and rear windows in cars during any car mishap. Bad news? We cannot repair this variant of glass, and we must replace it entirely every time it’s broken, which isn’t too serious since it’s much more affordable to make and replace than laminated glass.

How much does a Mazda 6 windscreen replacement cost?

Interior shot of a new windscreen replacement

When we estimate an online quote for a windscreen replacement cost for your Mazda 6, we will need to have some vital information beforehand.

The location and intensity of the damage is critical information, but you always have to make sure the correct glass type is brought along for the replacement. 

And that’s why a professional car glass specialist will need to know the year of production of your Mazda 6, the style you bought it on, and which windscreen features it has.

You must know which features your Mazda 6 has, especially those directly interacting with your windscreen and other car glass sections. These features directly impact the cost of a windscreen replacement.

What windscreen features does my Mazda 6 have?

Noise Reduction 

A noise reduction type of windscreen has this extra sheet of vinyl within the glass layers that make up your Mazda 6’s windscreen. This layer has soundproofing features that profoundly lower any external noise levels, equipping you with a car interior that contains a quiet haven.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is used to recognise rainfall or heavy moisture that comes into connection with your windscreen. Rain Sensors utilise light sensor technology, and the wipers will automatically modify their movement to compensate for the amount it detects.

You can generally find a rain sensor in the car glass just after the windscreen and also near your rearview mirror.


This convenient little tool logs information while you drive and aids you in becoming more aware of the perils of the outside world and react better and faster to them. It’s also quite beneficial for parking without bumping and scratching your Mazda in the process and to provide valuable footage in the event where you need to prove your innocence in the case of a car accident.

VIN notch

VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN notch is normally positioned at the bottom of the windscreen’s passenger side, causing it to be possible to see the VIN from outside of your Mazda. This VIN will have to be correctly recorded and installed onto the next windscreen used as the resultant.

Heated windscreen

We get electrically heated glass when we triple-glaze the glass, which allows them to emit electronically-controlled radiant heat along the windscreen safely. 

This method provides magnified thermal interior luxury for those cosy car rides. It also aids with the structural problems of erosion from the cold and visibility associated with frost crystallisation or blizzards that could damage your Mazda 6’s windscreen.

Not all Mazda 6 cars have every single one of these features. You’ll have to hunker down and look for yourself, or contact a car glass technician and send them various types of images so that they can ascertain this information for you.

How can I prevent cracks from forming on the windscreen of my Mazda 6?

If you’re seeking to overcome the odds of cracks developing, or at least hold off the erosion your car glass will naturally go through, then follow these steps.

Keep your Mazda 6 sheltered at all times

To counter stress fractures and weather debris from making severe impacts on your car’s glass, ensure that you park your Mazda 6 under sufficient shelter throughout the day and night. This way, it won’t be endangered by fluctuating temperatures or random projectiles (frisbees, golf balls, hailstones).

Never use boiling water on frozen windscreens

This “de-thawing” method is a sure-fire way to shatter your windscreen instantly. I’m serious, don’t ever do this.

Ensure your Mazda 6 windscreen cracks aren’t tainted 

If a chip or crack does appear despite your best efforts, make sure to keep all dirt and moisture out of it. These components erode the glass layers faster and hasten along the shattering process. Apply a piece of clear tape over the offending crack or dent (after cleaning and drying it first) to give yourself some time before you can get it to a car glass repair facility.

Drive carefully on the road

Always leave an ample amount of space between yourself and all other cars on the road, and never text while driving and paying close attention while driving could provide you with the split-second you need to avoid a vehicle or pedestrian. Impediments will seem to leap out of nowhere if you don’t pay full attention at all times.

Inspect your windscreen regularly

A casual glance won’t always cut it. Take time out of your hectic schedule every week or so to rigorously inspect your windscreen and other car glass sections for any indications of damage. A predicament caught early means fewer headaches and costs in your future as we can quickly repair some cracks and dents instead of needing to do the costly windscreen replacement.

Go to a reliable car glass repair facility

Always do your research thoroughly and find a business that will treat your Mazda 6 right. Shoddy quality work and the use of cheap materials will mean that you’ll see them sooner than you would like!

Where should I go for windscreen repairs and replacements for my Mazda 6?

Not many cars can hold themselves will in just about any situation, but the Mazda 6 is one of them. Our highest honour is to maintain the safety and preservation of your Mazda 6 with the finest materials and most professional care on the market. 

And at UK Car Glass, that’s exactly what we intend to do.

But there are plenty of other car glass repair companies out there, so why choose us?

We offer nation-wide-coverage 

We travel everywhere within the UK, just so long as we can reach you via land or bridge. No longer will you have to convey yourself somewhere within a dangerously jeopardised vehicle.

An efficient website

Our website has your support implemented in its purpose. Book at a date and time that operates best for your program, and we will have one of our trained professionals come over. No more waiting for weeks or even months; one of our specialists can be there in the next few days!

Our raving reviews

Rather trust others if you don’t want to take our word for it. View our reviews, and you’ll realise that our customer attention, quality of materials, and professionalism goes above what you can expect from anyone else!

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