Indicators that show that Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Needs Replacement

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Indicators that show that Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Needs Replacement

Indicators that show that Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Needs Replacement

No vehicle is complete without a windscreen wiper. They are invaluable as they help drivers get a clear and unobstructed broad view at vital times. The wiper blades help to swiftly clear off and remove all forms of obstruction which could range from snow, rain, sleet, dust or even leaves from the front and rear windscreen surface enabling one continue with one’s jouney without troubles even during the worst of weather conditions.

Like other car parts which are subject to wears, tears and decrement, windscreen wipers which are somewhat fragile are not an exemption. They are designed from soft rubber material so that they can move smoothly across the surface of the windscreen without damaging its surface. This fragility makes them prone to easy damage as they undergo constant daily use, sometimes for prolonged periods in all seasons. Like some other parts of the vehicle, they have no haven from the high temperatures that  are typical of summer after getting frozen in the winter cold; providing justification for their short lifespan and need for regular replacement.


One major reason why windscreen should be replaced apart from the consideration that worn out wipers lose their effectiveness in effectively cleaning the screen is that the use of worn out wipers could result in one incurring damages to the windscreen which will cost even more than replacing the bad wiper. The use of a bad wiper can result in damages that will obstruct the vision of drivers which could lead to a serious situation such as an accident.


There are quite a no of signs that show that your winscreen wiper needs a replacement. I would mentions they key ones:

Generation of Noises: The first sign to look out for is the release of audible noice from your windscreen wipers. Windscreen wipers are designed to operate while operating in silence or while making minimal sound. Sounds such as, screeches, squeaks or scrapes are indications that the blades are worn out.

Streaking: windscreen wiper blades would in their perfect condition clear the windscreen of water in one complete swipe. However when faulty and unable to make proper contact with the windscreen they lose their ability to properly clean the windscreen leaving streaks of water on the screen after repeated swipes across the surface of the windscreen. This damage could be caused by the forceful contact of any material with the blade

Distorted or Ragged blades: carrying out a visual inspection of the condition of windscreen wipers should be carried out as a weekly routine by all who have a vehicle in their care.Lifting the arms of the wiper helps reveal the condition of the wiper rubber. Observing that there exists ragged, distorted or jagged edges where the blades make contact with the windscreen should prompt a replacement of the blades

Irregular movement: When in proper shape, wiper blades move smoothly across the windscreen surface. However as they wear out with time, blades start to judder while in use and this should be taken as a sign to change the blades.


A number of factors determine the lifespan of a windscreen wipers. The brand of the wiper, the quality of it and the weather conditions are the major factor that affects lifespan. Wipers lifespan can range from as little as 6 months  to as long as 12 months. Weather conditions are the major determinant of the lifespan of windscreen wipers although some are made to last longer than others. The signs described above and not approximate lifespan should serve as triggers for change of wipers.

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