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Denmark – Ban of Fossil Fuel Car Sales by 2030

Worldwide countries and cities have decided to ban gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles to fight against air pollution. The latest country to join the movement of banning fossil fuel cars is Denmark.

Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said that Denmark will be ready with over 1 million electric and hybrid cars by 2030. He said that he is all for cars, but the cars should not ruin our environment.

Denmark doesn’t have its own car industry and plans to join forces with other European Nations who have the same goal – To make pressure on carmakers to boost the supply of non-polluting vehicles.

In 2017 Volvo became the first major traditional car producer to phase out vehicles powered solely by the internal combustion engine, announcing that all Volvo car models produced after 2019 would be electric or hybrids.

The Ban is not everything Denmark is working on

Another action to help fight the climate change will be to make the electric cars cheaper. This was the promise Energy Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt told the government.

But more affordable prices are not everything Denmark has to offer to make the electric vehicles more attractive. To sweeten the pot even more Denmark will give owners of electric cars access to drive in bus lanes.

Banning fossil fuel cars is a big ambition and it won’t be easy to achieve, but Denmark is ready to work hard for it.

Denmark is one step ahead

To ban gasoline-powered cars is a topic that is going on in many countries at the time. Countries and cities want to help improve air quality. Countries like Britain and France experience bad climate changes and are very concerned with air pollution.

Denmark’s next plan is to ban hybrid vehicles as well. But this plan won’t be official until 2035. It is important to ban vehicles with combustion engines to reduce air pollution and help to fight combat climate change.

Denmark’s goal is it to prohibit the sales of new diesel and petrol cars in only 12 years. In 17 years Denmark wants to set a law that every car on the road must be an electric car or any other car with zero emission, said Rasmussen.

Fighting the climate change worldwide

In the past two years many European countries spoke up and announced their future plans of banning new sales of gasoline and diesel- powered vehicles. These countries who want to fight against air pollution are Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, France and now Denmark.

Another surprise was that even California reported to have planned a similar ban.

During the next weeks, the government will go into specifics and reveal the complete plan against air pollution, explaining how Denmark will cut emissions from various sectors such as transportation and agriculture. Denmark wants to make the electricity sector 100% fossil fuel free by latest 2050 and is ready to work hard to make the plan work out.



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