New windscreen

QUICK SERVICE CAN BE ARRANGED. Our car glass staff members will replace you cars windshield all over UK. You don’t have to spend time away from work or your other responsibilities.

ONLY THE BEST QUALITY CAR GLASS WILL BE USED when you use Uk car glass for replacement

After market glass is made to OEM car glass specifications and fits perfect in the vehicle opening, so it is not likely to be an issue with wind noise, leakage or appearance problems like if you use cheap products of poor quality.

Our attention to detail and rigid quality assurance requirements ensure that you’ll receive a high level of optical quality.

For a fraction of the cost of replacing a windscreen, we can repair windscreen chip and cracks to the same strength as the original car glass

Repairs carried out by UK Car Glass make your windscreen lasts. The repaired windscreen will be strong, resistant and shatterproof.

Car glass repairs can be done on vehicles of all makes and models. Including modern and older cars, vans, trucks and classic cars, as well as vehicles like buses, coaches

Rain Sensor and Camera in Windscreens

Many vehicles are fitted with a rain sensor which automatically turn your wiper blades on and off when it rains, providing the switch is turned on in the vehicle in most cars with rain sensors.

Some vehicles may have light sensors or rear vision or camera.
If your vehicle has a sensor it is located in the area of the windscreen where the rearvision mirror is located (usually)

As the rain disturb the beams in the sensor, the sensor activates either the wipers. Some vehicles also may have camera accessories and heated or arial attachments in the windscreen.

Rain and light sensors can come in many shapes and forms

If your vehicle has a built in Camera mounted to the car glass you may have to have the vehicle re-calibrated and this is included when replacing your windscreen by UK Car glass

You should replace windscreen while it is still legal to drive with crack on windscreen


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